Puzzles and Skills


It's time to decorate the trees for Christmas!

Teddy's Excellent Adventure

Go on an amazing adventure with Teddy as he works to find his way home!


Marble Blast - Colors  Learn color names while matching. Blast the lines of colored marbles by aiming the cannon ball at the matching colors.


Typing Speed Test  Practice your typing skills. Type the words as fast as you can!  Teachers, Parents and Kids... If you would like to see your own paragraphs in this typing game, you can! Simply send an email to contactus@playkidsgames.com listing the school, the name of the paragraph, the actual paragraph and any credits that you want to give to the author.   

Build a Circut Game  Use a soldering iron to design a pathway for electricity to flow from the battery through the lightbulb and back again.   

Spot the Difference  Identify the differences in the pictures by clicking the picture where they are different!   

Shape and Color Train  Help load the train for a ride. Find the the color or shape. 

Dino Sorting  Sort the dinosaurs by size. Big Dinosars, little dinosaurs! It's Prehistorific! 

Jungle Jigsaw Puzzle  Solve jigsaw puzzles online! Put the Lion family pride back together!

Sliding Space Puzzle  Solve the sliding puzzles. Click on a piece to move to open spot. Rearrange the pieces to solve the puzzle.

Swapping Deep Sea Puzzle  Solve the swapping puzzles. Click on two pieces to have them swap places. Keep swapping until the puzzle is solved.

The Four Seasons  Identify the four seasons. Hint: it's not "Hot, Cold, Warm, and Cool!"

The Tower of Hanoi  A classic problem solving game. How fast can you solve the puzzle with the fewest jumps?

Multi Ball  Hand and eye (or should we say, mouse and eye) coordination put to the test.

3D Maze  Challenging mazes at the click of a button. Don't get lost.