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Stingray Chaser

Free stingrays and remove harmful algae from the ocean. After removing enough debris from the stingrays, you will be asked to select the correct answer to continue.


Vocabulary Pinball Click on the red flipper buttons to keep the ball in play. Try to hit all of the letters with the ball to spell a word. Next, choose the correct definition for the word. A correct answer gives a free ball and an incorrect takes a ball away. Hold down and release the green button to launch the ball! Try all of the lists or register to make your own!

Word Find

Play the classic Word Search and find game.

Word Scramble - Words Only

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!

Word Scramble - Problems and Definitions

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!


Play hangman with your words. Guess letters to form words from the lists that are added by people just like you! Practice your classroom lists.

List Content

3rd Benchmark Vocabulary

  • vaccinations -- shots to prevent illness
  • eager -- excited; ready
  • start -- beginning
  • setting -- where or when a story takes place
  • argument -- disagreement, fuss, quarrel, spat
  • wares -- things to buy or sell
  • flair -- special skill or talent
  • footnote -- a note at the bottom of the page to explain something

A Trip to the Firehouse

  • firefighters -- people who work at putting out fires
  • valves -- parts that control the flow of liquid
  • chief -- a leader of a group
  • fire engine -- a truck used to help put out fires
  • examine -- to look over carefully
  • emergencies -- things that happen without warning and require a quick response
  • gear -- equipment used to do certain things
  • dispatch -- to send a message quickly

Ant List 1

  • carpenter -- a person who builds things from wood
  • cocoons -- coverings of silky thread that larvae live in as they change and grow
  • larvae -- the worm-like forms of very young ants or other insects
  • stalks -- the main stems of plants
  • log -- a piece of tree that has been cut
  • antennae -- a pair of long, thin feelers on the head of an insect
  • fungus -- one of a large group of plants, such as mushrooms or mold,that do not have leaves of flowers
  • nearby -- a short distance away
  • sawdust -- the dust-like material that falls from wood when it is sawed or chewed
  • colonies -- groups of insects of the same kind that live together
  • tunnels -- long holes under the ground

Ant List 2

  • parasol -- an umbrella used for protection from the sun
  • stiff -- not easily bent
  • tending -- caring for
  • teamwork -- working together as a team to do something
  • fastening -- attaching or joining together
  • aphids -- tiny insects that suck juices from plants
  • munching -- chewing noisily
  • weaver -- a person or insect that laces together strings or fibers to created things such as cloth, webs, or cocoons
  • herd -- a group of animals
  • tropical -- having to do with the tropics, or areas around the equator
  • experts -- people (or ants) who know a lot about a certain thing

Around the Pond

  • shallow -- not deep
  • terrapin -- a kind of turtle
  • mussel -- a creature that lives in a shell and burrows in the sand or mud of lakes or streams
  • crater -- a large hole in the ground caused usually caused by a meteorite
  • path -- a track made by footsteps
  • dangles -- hangs loosely while swinging
  • squishy -- soft and wet like a sponge
  • bank -- the land around a body of water
  • moss -- a type of green plant
  • containers -- things like cans or jars that are used to hold or carry things
  • scolds -- fusses at
  • edge -- the line or place where something ends

Big Bushy Mustache

  • soldiers -- people who are in the army and are trained to fight to protect their country
  • retraced -- went back over carefully
  • disguise -- a costume or make-up someone wears so no one will know who it really is
  • mustache -- thick hair that grows above a man's lip
  • fist -- a hand that is closed tight
  • apron -- something that covers the front of your clothes to keep them from getting dirty
  • solve -- to figure out what to do to fix a problem to make it right
  • costume -- a set of special clothes you might wear in a play
  • mirror -- a piece of glass you can see yourself in
  • sword -- a long knife used by soldiers in battle
  • tough -- strong; does not scare or give up easily
  • creation -- something you imagine and then make
  • bushy -- fluffy or thick like a bush
  • handsome -- good-looking
  • sarape -- a colorful blanket people in Mexico sometimes wear over their shoulders

Chinatown List 1

  • sizzles -- makes hissing sounds, usually when cooking
  • apartment -- a room or group of rooms to live in
  • restaurant -- a place where people go to eat meals
  • clang -- make a metallic ringing sound
  • develop -- to help in the growth of; make stronger
  • handcarts -- small wagons, usually with 2 wheels, that are pushed or pulled by hand
  • celebrations -- activities carried out to honor a special day or a special event
  • furious -- very angry
  • crackle -- to make cracking or snapping sounds
  • delivery -- used to carry or take something to a place or a person
  • market -- a place or store where food and other goods are sold
  • barely -- only just; hardly at all

Chinatown List 2

  • graceful -- smooth or beautiful in motion
  • cobbler -- someone whose job it is to make or repair shoes
  • medicinal -- used to cure pain or illness
  • seafood -- fish or shellfish from the sea used for food
  • woks -- metal pans with rounded bottoms used for frying or steaming
  • tai chi -- an ancient kind of exercise
  • favorite -- one that is liked best
  • herbs -- plants valued for their use in medicine or cooking
  • kung fu -- a Chinese system of self-defense, similar to karate
  • arrive -- to come to a place
  • musty -- damp or moldy

Dragon Gets By

  • diet -- the usual food and drink of a person
  • shopping -- going to the store to buy things
  • doughnuts -- small, ring-shaped fried cakes
  • downed -- eaten and swallowed quickly
  • dairy -- foods made from milk or cream
  • shopper -- a person who buys things
  • steep -- rising or falling sharply
  • rinds -- the chewy or crunchy outside layer on fruit, cheese, or meat
  • balanced -- even; not too much of one thing
  • hungry -- wanting food
  • vegetables -- roots, stems, leaves, and flowers of plants used as food
  • catsup -- a thick, red, spicy sauce made from tomatoes; ketchup
  • excitement -- great activity; confusion; commotion

Feb. 16

  • us --
  • were --
  • take --
  • did --
  • than --

Jamaica Louise James

  • token -- a piece of metal, like a coin, used to get into a certain place
  • worry -- to feel that something bad may happen
  • blending -- mixing together
  • station -- a stopping place; a subway station is where the subway train stops
  • subway -- an underground train
  • tile -- a smooth material that is cut into pieces and used to cover walls and floors
  • swoosh -- move quickly
  • plaque -- a flat plate or slab with words and decorations that is displayed on a wall
  • mayor -- the man or woman in charge of a city
  • halfway -- a point exactly between two other points
  • collection -- a group of things that are alike in some way
  • booth -- a small room or compartment, usually with an opening


  • noise -- any kind of sound
  • imitation -- a copy of something else
  • spread -- to push and move apart
  • crumbs -- tiny pieces of bread, cake, cracker, or cookie
  • slurped -- ate or drank in a noisy way

Julius 2

  • crumbs -- tiny pieces of bread, cake, cracker, or cookie
  • slurped -- ate or drank in a noisy way
  • felt -- a kind of fabric
  • noise -- any kind of sound
  • records -- disks on which music or other sounds are recorded to be played
  • protect -- to keep safe
  • imitation -- a copy of something else
  • spread -- to push and move apart
  • straw -- dried parts of some plants

Mrs. Brown Went to Town

  • prepared -- put together or made
  • feathers -- the soft, flat parts of the outer covering of birds
  • wearing -- having something on the body
  • x-rayed -- had pictures made of the inside of the body
  • pantry -- a small room where food is kept
  • cozy -- providing warmth and comfort
  • delivered -- handed over to someone
  • tire -- to lose strength and energy
  • terrier -- a type of small dog
  • chimes -- the music from a set of bells
  • make-up -- lipstick, powder, or other materials that change one's looks
  • commotion -- noisy excitement
  • released -- set free
  • yak -- a type of ox that has very long hair
  • voted -- decided by agreement

Officer Buckle and Gloria

  • banner -- a strip of cloth or paper with writing or a picture on it
  • expression -- a way of speaking that shows feeling
  • auditorium -- a building where an audience sits to watch a performance
  • accident -- something you did not want or expect to happen
  • commands -- orders given to someone
  • swivel chair -- a type of chair that rotates
  • stared -- looked long and hard at something
  • imagination -- the ability to make up stories that are not real
  • audience -- a group that listens and watches a performance
  • safety -- having to do with freedom from danger or harm
  • obeys -- follows a rule, law, or command
  • enormous -- unusually large; huge
  • applauded -- showed approval by clapping the hands
  • attention -- looking and listening with care
  • officer -- a person who helps enforce the law

Ranger Dockett

  • habitat -- the place where a plant or animal normally lives or grows
  • tours -- short trips for seeing someplace
  • statues -- forms, usually of people or animals, made from stone, metal, or wood
  • exploring -- studying or looking into
  • ranger -- a person who takes care of a forest or park
  • tasks -- work done as part of one's duties or jobs
  • protect -- to keep from harm, attack, or injury
  • urban -- having to do with or located in a city
  • wades -- walks in or through shallow water

Starry Night

  • tender -- gentle and loving
  • backpack -- a bag worn on the back to carry things
  • hike -- noun; a long walk for pleasure or exercise
  • tent -- a place to sleep when camping
  • drooled -- let saliva drip from the mouth
  • fawn -- a baby deer
  • camping -- living outside, often in a tent
  • lantern -- a light, often with clear sides, that can be carried around
  • shivered -- shook
  • doe -- a female deer
  • snuggled -- stayed close together; cuddled
  • campfire -- an outdoor fire used for heat or cooking
  • hike -- verb; to take a long walk
  • guitar -- musical instrument with strings, played by strumming the strings
  • climbed -- used the hands or feet to move up or down

Text Features

  • graph -- pie, bar, or picture that shows information in a visual way
  • subheading -- comes under a heading; chunks the information into smaller pieces
  • caption -- words next to or under a picture to tell what it is about
  • bold print -- darker print that calls attention to new or important words
  • sidebar -- additional information usually on the side of a page
  • photograph -- a picture taken with a camera
  • italic print -- slanted text
  • title -- the name of a book or selection

Text Features 2

  • bullets -- round dots that are used to organize information in a list
  • illustration -- a hand-drawn picture
  • map -- a picture that shows the location of things or places
  • diagram -- a drawing that uses labels to show the parts of something
  • heading -- the name or title of a section in a book; tells what it will be about
  • bibliography -- list of books and their authors used to get information for a report
  • timeline -- a chart that shows events in the order they happened
  • table -- a chart of information that helps the reader compare things
  • glossary -- a list of words and their definitions found at the end of some books
  • index -- alphabetical listing of all subjects, people, or places found in the text
  • parentheses -- curved marks that are used to give additional information
  • fact box -- additional information written in a box somewhere on the page

The Great Ball Game

  • argument -- a disagreement
  • quarrel -- a disagreement
  • horizon -- the point where the earth or water seems to meet the sky
  • advantage -- something that gives a benefit; something helpful
  • penalty -- a punishment for breaking the rules
  • pity -- feeling sorry for the troubles of others
  • accept -- agree to
  • guarded -- protected; took care of
  • jeered -- made fun of
  • dim -- not bright; only a little light
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