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Play hangman with your words. Guess letters to form words from the lists that are added by people just like you! Practice your classroom lists.

List Content

Conventions 181-190

  • Greeting -- Salutation; "Hello"/"Welcome"/"Dear"/"To Whom It May Concern"
  • Possessive -- Showing ownership
  • Run-on -- Two or more sentences lacking proper punctuation
  • Adverb -- A word that modifies a verb ex. "excitedly"
  • Chronological -- Order by time
  • Expository -- Writing to explain or to inform
  • Superlative -- Adjective of comparison of more than 2 (suffix -est)
  • Proper Noun -- A specific person, place, or thing
  • Action Verb -- A verb that shows action ex. "throw"
  • Bibliography -- An alphabetical listing of resources used by an author
  • Exclamatory Sen -- A sentence expressing excitement
  • Fragment -- part of a sentence; lacks subject or verb
  • Plural -- More than one
  • Autobiography -- A story of a person's life written by that person
  • Compound Sent. -- Two sentences joined by a comma and conjunction

RIT Range 181-190 Part 2

  • Topic -- The main idea of the writing
  • Run-on Sentence -- 2 or more sentences run together without proper punctuation
  • Subj/Verb Agree -- subject and verb agree in form
  • Persuade -- Writing to convince someone of an idea
  • Quotation -- Exact words spoken using quotation marks
  • Singular -- only one
  • Narrative -- writing to tell a story
  • Topic Sentence -- First sentence of the paragraph that states the main idea
  • Proper Noun -- A specific person, place, or thing (capitalized)
  • Salutation -- Greeting in a letter
  • Support. Detail -- specific information to support the topic of a paragraph

RIT Range 191-201

  • Descriptive -- Writing that uses precise word choice to paint a picture in the reader's mind
  • Formal Language -- Proper, or correct language, not slang
  • Clause -- Group of words containing a subject and predicate serving as part of a complex or compound sentence
  • Expository -- Writing to explain or inform
  • Editorial -- Article stating an opinion
  • Imperative -- Sentence giving a command

RIT Range 201-210 Part I

  • Declarative -- A sentence that is a statement
  • Gerund -- phrase where verb contains -ing
  • Infiitive -- phrase beginning with "to"
  • Adj. Phrase -- Phrase that modifies, or describes a noun
  • Antecedent -- The noun that is replaced by the pronoun
  • Conjunction -- a word that joins a compound sentence ex. and, but, so,
  • Direct Object -- Noun that receives the action of the verb
  • Indep. Clause -- Contains a subject and verb and can stand alone as a sentence
  • Adj. Clause -- Clause that modifies, or describes a noun
  • Alliteration -- Repetition of consonants at the beginning of words ex. Fred likes to frolic in the forest.
  • Compd./Complex -- Sentence containing more than one main clause
  • Depend. Clause -- Contains a subject and verb, but can not stand as its own sentence
  • Hyperbole -- exaggerates or emphasizes a point
  • Adv. Clasue -- Clause that modifies, or describes a verb
  • Complex Sent. -- Sentence containing independent and dependent clauses

RIT Range 201-210 Part II

  • Prepositoin -- Shows relationship (to, at, of)
  • Subordinate -- Subject and verb, but not a complete sentence
  • Irregular Verb -- Verb that changes form based on the subject
  • Parody -- Copies another work in a comical or satirical manner to entertain
  • Pl. Possessive -- more than one noun showing ownership
  • Singular Noun -- one person, place, or thing
  • Interrogative -- Sentence that asks a question
  • Parallelism -- Repetition for effect
  • Persona -- Role played
  • Prep. Phrase -- Phrase beginning with a preposition
  • Thesis -- States the focus of teh information. Usually the first or last sentence of the introduction
  • Informative -- Writing that provides knowledge
  • Linking Verb -- Verb that links subject to other words in the sentence (is, are, am)
  • Participial -- Relating back to the subject (adjective)

RIT Range 211-220

  • Journalistic -- like or similary to journalism
  • Participial -- relating back to the subject (adjective)
  • Comma Splice -- Using commas incorrectly
  • Paraphrase -- restate text in other words to simplify
  • Pres Participle -- a word in the present functioning as an adjective
  • Limerick -- poem of 5 lines where lines 1,2,5 rhyme; lines 3 & 4 rhyme
  • Participle -- word functioning as an adjective

RIT Range 221-230

  • Ellipsis -- (...) used to leave out a word or words
  • Plagiarize -- using ideas from other authors without giving due credit
  • Works Cited -- A compilation of reference sources used as evidence
  • Allegory -- Story where characters & events are symbols for truths of human life
  • Diction -- meaning of a word
  • Infinitive -- a verb form
  • Reflexive Prono -- intensive-emphasizes a noun or another pronoun (refers back to sujbect)
  • Dash -- short line before & after comments to show emphasis
  • Epic Poem -- long narrative poem about a hero
  • Predicate Noun -- noun tht follows linking verbs
  • Colloquialism -- informal language (ya'll, gonna, wanna, etc.)

RIT Range 231-240

  • Support Evidenc -- Evidence or proof that supports the main idea
  • Word Choice -- Using precise and vivid vocabulary
  • Obj. Pronoun -- Direct and indirect objects that function as the target of a verb
  • Predicate -- verb and associated words of a sentence
  • Appositive -- a word that comes after anouther tht gives detail about that word (set off in commas)
  • Interjection -- expresses sudden excitement ("Oh no!")
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