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Stingray Chaser

Free stingrays and remove harmful algae from the ocean. After removing enough debris from the stingrays, you will be asked to select the correct answer to continue.


Vocabulary Pinball Click on the red flipper buttons to keep the ball in play. Try to hit all of the letters with the ball to spell a word. Next, choose the correct definition for the word. A correct answer gives a free ball and an incorrect takes a ball away. Hold down and release the green button to launch the ball! Try all of the lists or register to make your own!

Word Find

Play the classic Word Search and find game.

Word Scramble - Words Only

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!

Word Scramble - Problems and Definitions

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!


Play hangman with your words. Guess letters to form words from the lists that are added by people just like you! Practice your classroom lists.

List Content

3 Lesson 1

  • cylinder -- An object in the shape of a tube or pipe. It may be solid or hollow.
  • feature -- 1. an important or special part of something 2. Any part of the face
  • marine -- Having to do with the ocean
  • vessel -- 1. a ship or large boat 2.anything hollow that can be used to hold liquids
  • fatal -- Causing death
  • jet -- 1. a stream of liquid or gas thta is forced at high speed through a small opening. 2. an airplane that is powered by a jet engine.
  • tentacle -- a long, thin part that grows out from the head of some sea animals
  • examine -- To look at closely
  • grasp -- 1. to take hold of something tightly with the hands 2. to understand something
  • scar -- A mark on the skin that is left after a cut or other wound has healed

3 Lesson 10

  • landmark -- 1. a building or natural feature that is easy to see and can be used as a guide 2. and important event
  • shaft -- 1. a long open tunnel that runs straight up and down 2. a bar that connects with other moving parts of a machine 3. the long narrow part of an arrow or other object
  • catherdral -- a large and important church
  • freight -- goods carried from place to place, as by plane, boat, truck, or train
  • rod -- a thin, straight piece of wood, metal, or other material
  • cable -- 1. a thick steel rope made of strands of wire twisted together 2. a bundle of wires covered by rubber or plastic along which an electric current can pass
  • device -- something made or invented for a particular use
  • method -- a way of doing something
  • structure -- something that is built, as a building or bridge
  • convery -- 1. to carry or move from one place to another 2. to make an idea or feeling known

3 Lesson 2

  • crew -- a group of people working together, especially one that runs an airplane or large vessel
  • event -- something that happens, especially something important
  • reverse -- 1. to go backward or in the direction one just came from 2. back to front
  • attraction -- something that draws attention
  • drift -- 1. a pile of sand of snow created by moving air or water 2. to be carried along by moving air or water
  • opposite -- 1. very different from 2. facing or moving away from each other
  • steer -- 1. a young bull 2. to guide the direction of
  • attractive -- pleasing tot he eye or mind
  • dangle -- to hang loosely
  • launch -- 1. an open motorboat that is used for short distances 2. to put a boat or vessel in the water 3. to get started or to make a move
  • signal -- 1. an object, action, or sound that gives a messae or warning 2. to do something that gives a message or warning
  • attract -- to bring or draw closer

3 Lesson 3

  • resident -- a person who lives in a certain place
  • currant -- small red or black sour berry that is used to make jams and jellies
  • ambition -- a strong wish to be good at something or to have something
  • current -- 1. a flow of air, water or electricity 2. of the present time
  • novel -- 1. a long story about people and events that are imagined by the author 2. new and different
  • volunteer -- a person who offers to do a job, usually without pay 2. to choose to do something or to give help
  • coast -- 1. the land beside the sea 2. to move without power or effort
  • intelligent -- able to learn, think, and understand quickly and easily
  • starve -- to be very hungry or to suffer because of not eating any food
  • auction -- a public sale. Each item is sold to the person who offers the most money
  • frail -- weak, not very strong

3 Lesson 4

  • cocoon -- the silky case that a caterpillar makes to protect itself for a time before it becomes a moth
  • moist -- damp or slightly wet
  • span -- 1. the distance or section between two objects or supports 2. a period of length of time 3. to stretch from one side to the other
  • border -- 1. a dividing line between two states or countries 2. the edge of something 3. to be next to
  • moisture -- a small amount of water or other liquid, often in the form of small drops
  • process -- a number of steps that one takes in order to do or make something
  • timber -- 1. wooded areas with trees that can be used for wood products 2. tree trunks that can be cut into planks or boards
  • average -- 1. the usual amount or kind of something 2. the result of adding a set of numbers and then dividing by the total by the number of the set 3. no special or unusual; ordinary
  • flutter -- to wave or flap quickly but not regularly
  • nectar -- a sweet liquid produced by many flowering plants. It is used by bees to make honey
  • suitable -- fit or right for some purpose or event

3 Lesson 5

  • amazing -- causing wonder or surprise
  • court -- 1. an open, flat area marked off for a game or sport 2. the home of a kin, queen or other royal person 3. the place where a judge holds trials and decides matters of law
  • league -- 1. a group of people that works together for a common purpose 2. a group of sports teams that play each other to see which is best
  • recreation -- anything a person does to relax or have fun
  • amaze -- to surprise or cause wonder
  • Arctic -- an area around the North Pole
  • interval -- 1. a period of time between events 2. a space between two things
  • milestone -- 1. stone marker that gives the distance in miles to another point 2. an important event
  • arctic -- very cold
  • elect -- 1. to choose by voting for 2. to make a choice
  • limit -- 1. a line or point beyond which one may not go 2. to keep from going beyond a certain point
  • tackle -- 1. to grab or get in the way of a player in a game to stop the player or take the ball away 2. to do or try to do something 3. the tools needed for some activity or sport

3 Lesson 6

  • gust -- a sudden increase in the strength of the wind
  • rig -- 1. to make or do something by using whatever is nearby 2. to set up sails on a boat 3. a machine or construction that is used for a special purpose
  • continent -- one of the seven great land areas of the world
  • foul -- 1. having an unpleasant taste or smell 2. stormy with strong winds and heavy rain 3. In sports, a move or play that is against the rules
  • plateau -- a broad, flat area of high ground
  • fowl -- a bird such as a chicken, turkey or duck that is raised or hunted for food
  • chasm -- a deep crack or opening in the earth
  • enable -- to make possible; to give the means to bring about
  • ordeal -- an unpleasant, painful, or difficult experience or test
  • schedule -- 1. a plan that gives expected times for different things to happen 2. a list of times when trains, busses and airplanes arrive and leave
  • credit -- 1. honor or praise; a way of expressing thanks 2. a way of buying things and paying for them later

3 Lesson 7

  • advise -- offer help or suggestions
  • act -- 1. somerhing that is done 2. a show that is put on 3. one of the main parts of a play 4. to do something
  • crumple -- to crush together; to bend or press into creases or wrinkles
  • mystify -- to confuse or puzzle someone
  • vanish -- to go out of sight; to disappear
  • advice -- ideas or suggestions offered to help someone with a problem or situation
  • memorize -- to fix in one's memory exactly; to learn by heart
  • transparent -- allowing light to pass through freely so that one can see clearly
  • crumble -- break something apart into little pieces
  • additional -- added or extra
  • fan -- 1. something that causes air to move in order to cool whatever it blows on 2. someone who closely follows a group, team or person 3. to move air with an open fan or something similar 4. to spread i
  • pause -- 1. to stop for a short time before going on 2. a short break or rest from what has been going on

3 Lesson 8

  • container -- a jar, box, or other object used for holding something
  • habit -- 1. something that a person does so often that is is done without thinking 2. a special kind of clothing worn by certain groups
  • marshy -- soft and moist underfoot
  • reliable -- trustworthy; not likely to fail
  • contain -- to hold; to have within itself
  • finicky -- hard to please; fussy
  • marsh -- a low-lying area, often covered with tall grasses, where the ground is soft and wet
  • rely -- to count on; to look to for support
  • thrive -- to do well; to grow strong and healthy
  • digest -- to chage food after it has been eaten into simpler forms that the body can use
  • hinge -- a joint in a lid or door that allows it to swing open or shut
  • nursery -- 1. a room or other place set aside for the use of babies and small children 2. a place where plants are grown for sale
  • spine -- 1. the backbone 2. a thin, sharp, stiff part that sticks out on certain plants and animals

3 Lesson 9

  • confess -- to say or admit that one has done something wrong
  • hint -- 1. information given to help someone to answer a question 2. to suggest something without saying directly what one means
  • malicious -- done with a wish to harm or cause pain
  • solution -- 1. the answer to a problem or puzzle 2.a mixture formed when a liquid and some other stuff are mixed together
  • attitude -- a way of thinking or feeling about certain things
  • gradual -- happening slowly; taking place little by little
  • malice -- the wish to hurt others on purpose
  • miserable -- 1. very unhappy or unpleasant 2. very bad; of poor quality
  • defend -- 1. to keep from being attacked; to protect 2. to speak for; to argue in favor of
  • individual -- 1. a single perosn, apart from others in a group 2. meant for just one
  • misery -- feeling of great unhappiness
  • survey -- 1. to look over; to examine 2. a study designed to gather information about a subject

Lesson 9

  • Story -- report of something that happened; 2) tale that is made up; 3) space or rooms that make up one level of a building.
  • Blast -- 1)strong wind or movement of air; 2) loud noise; 3)to blow something up; 4) blast off is to go up in the air or into space
  • Girder -- large, strong piece of metal or wood. It is used to support bridges or parts of buildings.
  • Rotate -- turn in a circle around a center; 2) take turns in a certain order
  • Tower -- building or a part of building that is taller than it is wide; 2) to rise high in the air.
  • Aboard -- in or on a ship, train or airplane.
  • Cautious -- careful in order to avoid mistakes, trouble,or danger.
  • Invent -- make up something for the first time.
  • Strand -- one of the threads that are twisted together to make string, yarn, or rope; 2) to leave ina difficult or helpless position.
  • Career -- kind of work a person does for many years
  • Inventor -- person who thinks up or makes something for the first time.
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