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Stingray Chaser

Free stingrays and remove harmful algae from the ocean. After removing enough debris from the stingrays, you will be asked to select the correct answer to continue.


Vocabulary Pinball Click on the red flipper buttons to keep the ball in play. Try to hit all of the letters with the ball to spell a word. Next, choose the correct definition for the word. A correct answer gives a free ball and an incorrect takes a ball away. Hold down and release the green button to launch the ball! Try all of the lists or register to make your own!

Word Find

Play the classic Word Search and find game.

Word Scramble - Words Only

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!

Word Scramble - Problems and Definitions

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!


Play hangman with your words. Guess letters to form words from the lists that are added by people just like you! Practice your classroom lists.

List Content

Civil War

  • Gettysburg -- After this battle, the South never invaded the North again
  • Vicksburg -- After this battle, the Union controlled the Mississippi
  • nurse -- Role many women played in the Civil War
  • Davis -- President of the Confederacy
  • Emancipation -- This proclamation declared slaves in the South were free
  • Lee -- Led the Confederate army
  • blockade -- The war strategy used by the Union to cut off the South from trading with England
  • factories -- These helped the North supply their troops, while the South had very few.
  • secede -- What the South did when they withdrew from the union
  • Appomattox -- Where Lee surrendered to Grant
  • ironclad -- a new type of ship used during the Civil War
  • Sherman -- Union general who believed in "total war"
  • Antietam -- After this battle, Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation
  • Fort Sumter -- Where the Civil War began
  • Grant -- Leading Union general at the end of the war


  • amendment -- a change in the Constitution
  • warrant -- What the police need to search your home
  • First Amendment -- Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, petition
  • James Madison -- Father of the Constitution
  • Federalism -- The sharing of power between the state and federal governments
  • Bill of Rights -- The first ten amendments to the Constitution
  • double jeopardy -- You can't be charged twice for the same crime

Early Republic

  • Federalist -- the party of Hamilton
  • manufacturing -- what Hamilton wanted the country to be based on
  • judicial review -- an act of Congress can be overturned by the courts
  • Indians -- whose land was taken away in the Land Ordinance
  • Shays Rebellion -- rebellion over taxes and land being taken away
  • West Indies -- where Hamilton was born
  • agriculture -- what Jefferson wanted the county to be based on
  • Rip Van Winkle -- written by Washington Irving
  • whiskey -- the cause of a rebellion
  • military -- Washington warned against a powerful one of these
  • Jefferson party -- Democratic-Republicans
  • Cooper -- wrote about frontier life
  • Marbury Madison -- the court case involving Judicial Review
  • Shays -- led a rebellion of poor farmers
  • political party -- Washington warned about them

Periodic Assessment 1

  • slavery -- The 3/5 Compromise dealt with this issue
  • Hamilton -- The disputes between him and Jefferson helped create political parties
  • taxes -- Congress has the power to collect...
  • Supreme Court -- Judicial Review is the power of them to overturn laws
  • unalienable -- The Declaration of Independence said that people were endowed by their creator with these rights
  • First Amendment -- Protects freedoms of religion, press, assembly, speech, and assembly
  • Federalism -- The practice of sharing power between the states and national governmment
  • money -- Congress has the power to create..
  • Washington -- He warned about political parties
  • Great Awakening -- A period of history that saw in increase in religious tolerance
  • amendments -- Changes in the Constitution are called...
  • taxes -- The 3/5 Compromise counted slaves as 3/5 of a person for the purposes of representation and
  • war -- Congress has the power to declare ...
  • farmers -- Shays’ Rebellion was caused by high taxes on...
  • states -- The Articles of Confederation gave more power to the...

Westward Expansion

  • Polk -- U.S. president during the war with Mexico
  • Alamo -- Name of the fortress where the Texans first battled the Mexicans
  • Gadsden -- This purchase finalized Americas manifest destiny and the Mexican War
  • Madison -- American president during the War of 1812
  • ManifestDestiny -- The Mexican War and Indian Removal are examples of this
  • Texas -- Conflict with Mexico became highly likely following the granting of statehood to
  • citizens -- Mexico wanted settlers to become this
  • impressment -- Main cause of the War of 1812
  • Lewis -- Jefferson asked him to lead the expedition to Louisiana
  • Rockies -- These mountains had to be crossed before reaching Oregon
  • Mormons -- This religious group went to Oregon seeking religious freedom
  • Catholicism -- The government of Mexico wanted the settlers to
  • Louisiana -- the main purpose of the Lewis and Clark expedition was to explore this territory
  • Jackson -- He became a national hero during the Battle of New Orleans
  • Houston -- First president of the Republic of Texas
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