Freshmen Vocabulary

School:Mountain Ridge High School
Location:Glendale Arizona
Comments:These games will help you learn the 9th grade vocabulary words for Mountain Ridge High School.

Stingray Chaser

Free stingrays and remove harmful algae from the ocean. After removing enough debris from the stingrays, you will be asked to select the correct answer to continue.


Vocabulary Pinball Click on the red flipper buttons to keep the ball in play. Try to hit all of the letters with the ball to spell a word. Next, choose the correct definition for the word. A correct answer gives a free ball and an incorrect takes a ball away. Hold down and release the green button to launch the ball! Try all of the lists or register to make your own!

Word Find

Play the classic Word Search and find game.

Word Scramble - Words Only

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!

Word Scramble - Problems and Definitions

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!


Play hangman with your words. Guess letters to form words from the lists that are added by people just like you! Practice your classroom lists.

List Content

9th grade Lesson 1

  • mandatory -- required; obligatory
  • scoff -- to show derision or mocking contempt
  • diatribe -- a bitter and abusive criticism
  • garrulous -- very talkative
  • munificent -- very generous in giving; lavish
  • ambulatory -- able to walk; up and about
  • diffident -- timid, shy; lacking in confidence
  • morbid -- preoccupied with gruesome or gloomy matters; grisly; horrible
  • abstinence -- the practice of abstaining; doing without
  • didactic -- intended to instruct, guide or teach

9th grade Lesson 12

  • implausible -- not believable or acceptable
  • pretentious -- making an exaggerated show of dignity or self importance; extravagantly showy
  • sycophant -- someone who attempts to win favor through flattery of a superior; a "yes man"
  • vicarious -- imagined participation in another's experience
  • celestial -- of or related to the sky or universe; heavenly
  • impartial -- favoring no side or party more than another; without bias
  • ponderous -- very heavy; massive; unweildy because of weight
  • profusion -- great in quantity or amount; abundance
  • vanguard -- the front or leading position in an army or movement
  • clairvoyance -- the alleged power to see things not present to the senses
  • inadvertent -- accidental; unintentional; not on purpose
  • prodigious -- wonderful; amazing; of great size, power or extent; huge
  • tawdry -- cheap and gaudy; showy; sleazy
  • vicissitude -- a sudden or unexpected change in one's life
  • chronic -- lasting for a long time or recurring often; continuing

9th grade Lesson 13

  • incorrigible -- not capable of being corrected or reformed
  • querulous -- given to complaining
  • thwart -- to prevent something from taking place; to block, hinder
  • vulnerable -- open to danger or to attack; easily hurt or influenced
  • commiserate -- to feel or to express sorrow; to sympathize
  • incontrovertibl -- not capable of being disputed or disproved
  • pugnacious -- eager to fight; quarrelsome
  • tentative -- not definite or permanent; indicating hesitancy or uncertainty
  • virtuoso -- a musical performer of exceptional excellence
  • colloquial -- used in or suitable to spoken language or to writing that seeks the effect of speech; conversational
  • incipient -- in an initial or early stage of development
  • prolific -- producing offspring or fruits in great abundance; turning out many products of the mind
  • tedious -- something tiresome because of the slowness or length of it
  • vilify -- to use abusive or slanderous language about or of; to defame
  • compatible -- able to live or perform in agreement with others

9th grade Lesson 14

  • quell -- to calm down; to put down or suppress; to put an end to
  • tirade -- a long, angry, or vehement speech
  • urbane -- suave; having the refined manners of polite society
  • cryptic -- mysterious; puzzling; having a hidden or ambiguous meaning
  • lackluster -- lacking brightness; dull; lacking energy or vitality
  • quip -- a clever or witty remark; a sarcastic reply
  • turbulent -- marked by unrest or disturbance; wild disorder
  • volition -- the power of being able to choose
  • criterion -- a rule or standard on which judgments can be based
  • insipid -- lacking flavor; bland; dull
  • quibble -- a minor criticism or objection
  • trepidation -- a state of alarm or dread; fearful uncertainty
  • volatile -- changing quickly; fickle; unstable; explosive
  • conciliatory -- having the effect of soothing anger or distrust
  • ingratiate -- act in a way to make oneself agreeable/acceptable to others

9th grade Lesson 15

  • rebuff -- to refuse bluntly; to snub
  • ungainly -- awkward, clumsy
  • wanton -- recklessly or arrogantly ignoring justice, decency, morality
  • cursory -- hasty and superficial; not thorough
  • languid -- lazily, slowed or relaxed
  • raze -- to destroy or tear down completely
  • unassailable -- not able to be attacked and conquered
  • voracious -- very eager; greedy for food
  • debilitate -- to make feeble; to weaken
  • lavish -- characterized by excessive or imprudent spending
  • recluse -- a person who lives a secluded, solitary life
  • voluminous -- having great volume or size
  • wrath -- intense anger; rage; fury
  • dearth -- a lack or scarcity of supplies
  • lassitude -- a condition of listless weakness

9th grade Lesson 16

  • repudiate -- disavow; to reject as untrue; to deny
  • uncouth -- not refined; crude or boorish
  • zenith -- the highest point; the peak
  • derogatory -- disparaging; belittling
  • loquacious -- very talkative
  • relic -- an old object of historic or religious significance
  • unbridled -- unrestrained, uncontrolled
  • zealot -- a person who is intensely or fanatically devoted to a cause
  • denunciation -- the act of denouncing or openly condemning a person or thing
  • loathe -- to regard with intense dislike, disgust, or hatred; to detest
  • refurbish -- to brighten or to freshen up
  • residual -- left over, as at the end of a process; remaining
  • unscathed -- not harmed or injured
  • deter -- to prevent or discourage from doing something
  • luscious -- very appealing to the senses

9th grade Lesson 17

  • resilient -- springing back to original shape; recovering its strength, spirit
  • ultimatum -- a final demand or offer
  • devoid -- completely lacking; being without
  • haggard -- appearing worn and exhausted because of worry or suffering
  • malicious -- having malice; spiteful; intentionally harmful
  • sagacious -- shrewd and wise
  • utopia -- any society thought, or designed, to be perfect
  • devious -- in an underhanded manner; not in a straight path; round about
  • ferment -- a state of unrest; agitation
  • lucid -- easily understood; clear to the mind
  • reticent -- hesitant or disinclined to speak out; reserved
  • usurer -- person who lends money at excessively high interest rates
  • aberration -- an act or condition deviating from what is normal or typical
  • felicity -- great happiness; a pleasing manner
  • laudable -- deserving praise; praiseworthy

9th grade Lesson 2

  • assimilate -- to take in, or to be taken in by a larger group
  • diminution -- the act or process of diminishing or decreasing
  • malignant -- having an evil influence; very harmful; likely to cause death
  • acquiesce -- to agree or consent quietly without protest, but without enthusiasm
  • diffusion -- the process of widely spreading or scattering
  • magnanimous -- noble in heart and mind; rising about pettiness or meanness
  • acclaim -- to greet with loud approval or praise
  • delirious -- to be in a temporary state of extreme mental confusion or excitement
  • disdain -- aloof contempt or scorn; look down upon
  • meander -- to wander aimlessly and idly; ramble

9th grade Lesson 3

  • dismantle -- to take apart; disassemble; to strip furnishing or equipment
  • maim -- to disable; to cripple
  • narcissism -- excessive admiration of one's self; self-love
  • analogous -- similar or parallel in certain ways
  • dormant -- a sleep-like condition during which life processes slow down; inactive
  • murky -- not clear; foggy, hazy; dark or gloomy
  • alleviate -- to make more bearable; to ease the pain
  • distraught -- extremely troubled or agitated; worried
  • meticulous -- extremely to excessively careful about details
  • squabble -- to engage in a minor quarrel; to argue noisily over a small matter

9th grade Lesson 4

  • nonchalant -- carefree and casually unconcerned or seeming so
  • anonymity -- the condition of being anonymous; unknown
  • effervescent -- high-spirited; lively
  • nepotism -- favoritism shown by people in high places to relatives or close friends
  • animosity -- hatred or hostility that is shown openly
  • ebb -- to flow or fall back, as the tide does
  • nemesis -- anyone or anything which seems to be the cause of someone's downfall or defeat
  • solicitude -- the state of showing care or concern
  • bibliophile -- one who loves books
  • elusive -- tending to avoid; hard to capture

9th grade Lesson 5

  • ardent -- warm or intense in feeling; passionate
  • embellish -- to decorate or improve by adding details; dress up
  • menagerie -- a collection of animals that peoplecan view
  • antagonism -- the state of being opposed or hostile to another
  • assuage -- to make less burdensome or less painful; to ease, relieve
  • enigma -- someone or something that is hard to figure out; a mystery
  • obliterate -- to do away with completely; to destroy
  • arid -- having little or no rainfall; very dry
  • engender -- to give rise to; to cause; to bring about
  • nostalgia -- a bittersweet longing for the things of the past

9th grade Lesson 6

  • eulogy -- a speech or written tribute praising a person or thing, especially someone who has recently died
  • onomatopoeia -- the use or sound of a word that imitates or resembles what it stands for or describes
  • atrophy -- the wasting away of the body, it's organs or tissue
  • esoteric -- intended for for understood by only a small group of people
  • officious -- to be so excessively forward in offering ones' services that one becomes annoying
  • scrupulous -- conscientious; attentive to details
  • equivocate -- to speak ambiguously in order to mislead or deceive
  • obstrusive -- intruding and offensive
  • overt -- not concealed, not hidden; open
  • aversion -- a strong dislike for; repugnance

9th grade Lesson 7

  • bedraggled -- wet, limpy, messy
  • evanescent -- lasting only a short time; vanishing
  • opaque -- not letting light pass through; not transparent; not reflecting light
  • opulent -- having or showing great wealth; very wealthy or rich
  • euphemism -- an inoffensive term substituted for one that is offensive
  • exemplary -- worthy of imitation; commendable
  • sequester -- to set off or apart, separate; segregate (as a jury); to go off by oneself
  • behoove -- to be necessary, right or proper for
  • exacerbate -- to increase the severity of; to aggravate
  • ornate -- made with elaborate or lavish decorations

9th grade Lesson 8

  • bequeath -- to leave something in a will to another
  • fledgling -- a young, inexperienced person; a young bird just ready to fly
  • parsimonious -- stingy; tight with money; miserly
  • solemn -- impressive; serious; grave; observed or done according to ritual or tradition
  • fervor -- intensity of emotion, passion
  • occult -- of or dealing with magic or the supernatural; mysterious
  • serene -- peaceful and untroubled; calm
  • blasphemous -- disrespectful and impious of God or sacred things
  • forlorn -- miserable; deserted; forsaken; abandoned; in pitiful condition
  • partisan -- a strong supporter of a cause

9th grade Lesson 9

  • glutton -- a person who eats to excess
  • perceptive -- having ability to see or understand what is beneath the surface
  • stoic -- seemingly indifferent to pain, grief or pleasure
  • bravado -- a show or pretense of defiance or courage
  • gibe -- a derisive remark; a jeer or taunt
  • peerless -- without equal; matchless
  • squalid -- sordid; miserable; very poor and run-down
  • stymie -- to block or stop; to hinder
  • bludgeon -- (N) a short heavy club with one end loaded or thicker than the other; (V) to beat or strike with a club
  • ghastly -- terrifying; dreadful; horrible to look at
  • paucity -- in short supply; scarcity of ideas or objects
  • sporadic -- having no pattern or order; happening from time to time
  • stupor -- to be in a daze; mental dullness or apathy
  • blatant -- unpleasantly loud; glaringly obvious or conspicuous
  • buffoon -- a clown or jester; a person who is always trying to be funny

9th grade vocab lesson 10

  • perfidy -- a deliberate breach of faith; treachery
  • succinct -- clearly expressed in a few words; to the point
  • tactless -- lacking in tact; inconsiderate of another's feelings
  • cacophony -- a harsh, jarring sound
  • gruff -- stern, surly, hoarse; brusquely rude
  • heretic -- a person who holds opinions opposed to established beliefs or doctrines
  • philistine -- a person with views that are regarded as shallow or narrow-minded
  • tacit -- implied from one's actions but not spoken or written
  • carp -- to find fault and complain constantly; to nag or fuss
  • haphazard -- lacking any definite plan or order
  • peripheral -- of, or located on the outside or edge away from the center; outer
  • sullen -- morose; sulky; somber
  • unfathomable -- too difficult to understand; too deep to measure
  • callous -- lacking feeling, mercy, etc.; unfeeling
  • gullible -- easily fooled or tricked

9th grade vocab lesson 11

  • catalyst -- a substance that alters the rate at which a physical or chemical reaction takes place, usually by making it go faster
  • homogeneous -- having or consisting of the same parts; similar
  • capitulate -- to surrender
  • hierarchy -- a group of persons arranged in order of rank
  • caustic -- able to burn, eat away, or destroy by chemical action; sarcastic or cutting in speech; corrosive

Use this one-Lesson 11

  • hierarchy -- a group of persons arranged in order of rank
  • iconoclast -- a person who attacks and seeks to overthrow popular ideas
  • pompous -- acting with an air of great dignity; full of high sounding words
  • surreptitious -- acting in a secret way; stealthy
  • caustic -- able to burn, eat away, or destroy by chemical action; sarcastic or cutting in speech; corrosive
  • hypocritical -- insincere, false; pretense of being better than one is
  • placid -- calm; peaceful
  • surmise -- to reach a conclusion in slight evidence; to guess, presume
  • validate -- to confirm or support; to verify; to make official
  • catalyst -- a substance that alters the rate at which a physical or chemical reaction takes place, usually by making it go faster
  • homogeneous -- having or consisting of the same parts; similar
  • piety -- a pious act or thought; devotion to religious duties and practices
  • sumptuous -- a size or splendor suggesting great expense
  • susceptible -- easily influenced or affected by; disposed to
  • capitulate -- to surrender
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