Mrs. Allison's Class

School:New Vision International School
Location:6 October Egypt

Stingray Chaser

Free stingrays and remove harmful algae from the ocean. After removing enough debris from the stingrays, you will be asked to select the correct answer to continue.


Vocabulary Pinball Click on the red flipper buttons to keep the ball in play. Try to hit all of the letters with the ball to spell a word. Next, choose the correct definition for the word. A correct answer gives a free ball and an incorrect takes a ball away. Hold down and release the green button to launch the ball! Try all of the lists or register to make your own!

Word Find

Play the classic Word Search and find game.

Word Scramble - Words Only

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!

Word Scramble - Problems and Definitions

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!


Play hangman with your words. Guess letters to form words from the lists that are added by people just like you! Practice your classroom lists.

List Content

Blends: bl pl cl & fl

  • fling --
  • because --
  • please --
  • clean --
  • pluck --
  • blast --
  • work --
  • blue --
  • playful --
  • blend --
  • clog --
  • responsibility --
  • flower --
  • fly --
  • closed --

contractions nt and ou

  • house -- a place to live in
  • work -- a job
  • don't -- do not
  • can't -- can not
  • they'll -- they will
  • out -- the opposite of in
  • responsibility -- doing a job the best you can
  • front -- the opposite of back
  • she'll -- she will
  • didn't -- did not
  • route -- a path to get somewhere
  • connected -- when things need each other to work properly
  • want -- to like to have something
  • I'll -- I will
  • doesn't -- does not

Friendship UOI

  • many -- more than two
  • mat -- a small carpet
  • pat -- to touch softly
  • help -- To do something with someone when they can't do it alone.
  • listen -- To be quiet and hear what someone is saying.
  • her -- belonging to a girl
  • cat -- an animal
  • rat -- an animal like a mouse
  • friend -- Someone who cares about you, and helps you.
  • together -- The opposite of alone.
  • can -- to be able
  • see -- to look at something
  • fat -- opposite of skinny
  • play -- To have fun.
  • a -- one

Week of May 15

  • team -- working together for one reason
  • work -- getting something done
  • function -- to work
  • comic -- funny
  • mouse -- a creepy little animal
  • employment -- working for money
  • manager -- the boss of an office
  • workplace -- a compound word that means business
  • much -- a large amount
  • house -- where we live
  • cooperation -- working together
  • heavy -- the opposite of light to carry
  • but -- a conjunction that shows two things aren't related
  • office -- a workplace where paperwork is done
  • bought -- past tense verb- to have paid for something

Week of May 22

  • light -- opposite of heavy
  • sugar -- tastes sweet
  • effective -- something that works well
  • hisses -- the sound the snake makes
  • importance -- the reason that something must be done
  • night -- opposite of day
  • share -- to have something together
  • lorry -- a large truck
  • wool -- the type of material we get from sheep's fur
  • organized -- having everything ready and in its place
  • altogether -- one word that means everything
  • people -- plural of person
  • picked -- past tense verb that means choose.
  • purpose -- the reason
  • narrow -- opposite of wide

Week of May 29- or and y

  • estimate -- to guess a number that is close to the answer
  • equal -- the same
  • afford -- to have enough money for something
  • quiet -- opposite of noisy
  • common -- happens a lot
  • companies -- more than one business
  • number -- a symbol that tells how much
  • community -- a group of people living together
  • market -- a place where people can shop
  • company -- a business
  • solved -- to find the answer
  • teacher -- their job is to teach
  • money -- what we use to get things
  • noisy -- opposite of quiet
  • responsibility -- doing what needs done when it needs done
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