Mrs.Valent's Third Grade

School:Chesterbrook Academy
Location:Oaks PA

Stingray Chaser

Free stingrays and remove harmful algae from the ocean. After removing enough debris from the stingrays, you will be asked to select the correct answer to continue.


Vocabulary Pinball Click on the red flipper buttons to keep the ball in play. Try to hit all of the letters with the ball to spell a word. Next, choose the correct definition for the word. A correct answer gives a free ball and an incorrect takes a ball away. Hold down and release the green button to launch the ball! Try all of the lists or register to make your own!

Word Find

Play the classic Word Search and find game.

Word Scramble - Words Only

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!

Word Scramble - Problems and Definitions

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!


Play hangman with your words. Guess letters to form words from the lists that are added by people just like you! Practice your classroom lists.

List Content

Blue/Green - May 16-20

  • auctioneer -- a person whose business is conducting auctions
  • girth -- a strap or band that keeps the saddle in place on a horse
  • saddle -- a seat for a rider on a horse's back
  • tractor -- a heavy vehicle that moves on wheels usually found on a farm
  • auction -- a public sale in which each thing is sold to the person who offers the most money
  • dust -- fine dry earth
  • pony -- a kind of small horse
  • swift -- moving fast
  • chores -- small tasks or easy jobs usually done regularly
  • pasture -- a grassy field or hill
  • sturdy -- strong

Blue/Green - Oct 18-22

  • backboard -- the upright surface where the basket is attached
  • courts -- places marked off for a game
  • playground -- a place for outdoor play
  • aimed -- pointed or directed something at a goal or target
  • bounced -- caused to bounce
  • gift -- something given, present
  • shoot -- to send a ball toward the goal while trying to score
  • basketball -- ball used in playing the game of basketball
  • dribbled -- move a ball along by bouncing it
  • professional -- of or having to do with a profession

Blue/Green Dec.6-10

  • burrows -- make a hole or tunnel in the ground
  • hatch -- eggs: break open so baby can come out
  • underground -- below the surface of the ground
  • stranded -- left somewhere and unable to leave
  • cliff -- area of high land with steep sides
  • searching -- to look at someone very carefully or to look for something
  • puffin -- black and white bird with brightly colored beak
  • cardboard -- stiff thick paper used for making boxes
  • island -- piece of land surrounded by water
  • confused -- unable to think clearly about something

Blue/Green Group Feb 7-11

  • trophy -- an award given as a sign of victory
  • jokes -- things said or done to make somebody laugh
  • prize -- a reward won after a trying against others
  • serious -- thoughful; grave
  • congratulate -- to express pleasure at the hapiness or good fortune of others
  • neighborhood -- poeple living near one another
  • prove -- to try out; test
  • compete -- to try hard to win or gain something wanted by others
  • milling -- moving about in a confusing way
  • problem -- a question; difficult question

Blue/Green Group May 9-13

  • learning -- gaining knowledge or skill
  • saltworks -- a plant where salt is made on a commerical scale
  • barrels -- contains with round tops and bottoms with curved sides
  • lantern -- a portable lamp with a case to protect light from rain or wind
  • newspaper -- sheets of paper printed every day or week, telling the news
  • alphabet -- the letters of a language, arranged in the usual order, not as they are in words
  • coopers -- people who make or repair barrels
  • magic -- done by magic or as if by magic
  • tales -- stories
  • cabin -- a small, roughly built house

Blue/Green Group Sept. 13

  • cowhand -- someone whose job is to take care of cows on a ranch in the U.S.
  • stampede -- a sudden scattering of frightened herb of cattle
  • wrangler -- a person who takes care of the saddles and horses
  • cowboy -- a man whose job is to take care of horses and cattle on a ranch in the U.S.
  • imagination -- ability to think of clever ideas, original ideas, possibilities, or solutions
  • visit -- go to spend time with someone
  • fantastic -- very good or quick
  • stubborn -- not giving in to arguments or requests

Blue/Green Group- Jan. 3

  • information -- knowledge given of some fact or event
  • suggestions -- ideas brought to mind
  • publisher -- people or companies whose business is to produce and sell printed material
  • difficult -- hard to do or understand
  • museum -- buildings or rooms in which collections of objects are kept or displayed
  • persistence -- refusing to stop or give up
  • authors -- people who write books, poems, stories, or articles
  • libraries -- collection of books, films, and magazines
  • manuscript -- a handwritten or typed book or article
  • rejection -- a refusal to take, turn down

Blue/Green Group- March 7

  • luscious -- very pleasing to taste, smell, hear, see, or feel
  • thunder -- the loud noise that accompanies or follows a flash of lightning
  • bolt -- a flash of lightning
  • lightning -- a flash of electricity in the sky
  • recipe -- a set of directions for preparing something to eat
  • bellowed -- made a loud deep noise
  • horizon -- the line where Earth and sky seem to meet
  • measured -- found the size or amount of anything
  • weather -- the condition of the air at a certain place and time
  • distance -- a place far away

Blue/Green Group- May 2-6

  • dressmaker -- a person who makes women's or children's clothing
  • snatched -- seized suddenly
  • whipped -- moved, pushed, or pulled quickly and suddenly
  • cherished -- cared for dearly
  • howling -- a loud, long mournful cry
  • trudge -- to walk wearily or with great effort
  • wind -- air in motion
  • duchess -- a wife or widow of a duke
  • stumble -- to walk in an unsteady way
  • whirled -- moved or carried

Blue/Green Group- Nov 1-5

  • pitcher -- container with handles for serving drinks
  • collect -- get and keep things
  • insects -- very small animal that has six legs
  • chemicals -- substance produced by process involving chemistry
  • hinge -- metal object that fixes door to frame
  • carnivorous -- an animal that eats another animal
  • dissolve -- mix substance into liquid completely

Blue/Green Group- Nov. 15

  • detect -- to discover
  • satellites -- an object that orbits around the Earth
  • warnings -- notices given in advance
  • destory -- to spoil, ruin, do away
  • noise -- a sound that is not pleasant or musical
  • tornado -- a powerful and destructive wind storm
  • damage -- to harm or injure so as to lessen the value
  • funnel -- a thing that is narrow at the bottom with a cone and a wide mouth
  • storms -- strong winds, with heavy rain, snow, or hail
  • wrecked -- destroyed or ruined

Blue/Green Group- Nov. 29

  • glacier -- a large mass of ice formed from snow
  • breaks -- comes apart
  • thousand -- ten hundreds
  • iceberg -- a large mass of floating ice
  • alert -- watchful
  • ocean -- a great body of salt water
  • lifeboat -- strong, open boat with oars used to save people at sea
  • melt -- turns from solid to liquid by heating

Blue/Green Group- Nov.8

  • breathe -- to take air into and out of the lungs
  • planet -- large round object that moves around a star
  • switches -- something that controls electrical supply to equipment
  • basement -- part of a buliding below ground
  • heroes -- someone who has done something brave
  • scary -- making you feel frightened
  • dream -- something experienced in the mind during sleep
  • plastic -- strong light substance produced by chemical process

Blue/Green Group- Sept 20

  • forest -- large area of land covered by trees
  • porridge -- hot food of oatmeal and milk or water
  • explanation -- reason you give for doing something
  • naughty -- a child behaving badly and refusing to obey
  • cozy -- warm, comfortable, and making you relaxed
  • gobbled -- eat something quickly and often noisily
  • smithereens -- to smash into many pieces
  • comfortable -- feeling relaxed, without unpleasant feelings

Blue/Green Group-3-21

  • spied -- to watch in secret
  • cruel -- ready to give pain to others
  • excitement -- an excited condition
  • shone -- was lit and bright
  • compassion -- pity; feeling for another's sorrow or hardship that leads to help
  • dignity -- a sense of pride and self respect
  • respect -- honor
  • astonished -- greatly surprised
  • despair -- the loss of hope
  • refuge -- shelter or protection from danger or trouble

Blue/Green Group-April 25

  • avenue -- a street, sometimes wide or bordered with trees
  • dori -- Japanese for street or avenue
  • encourage -- to get someone to do something
  • vendors -- someone who sells something not in a store
  • commotion -- a violent movement; confusion; disturbance
  • ducklings -- young ducks
  • traffic -- people, cars, trucks, or other like things coming and going in travel
  • brooded -- sat on eggs in order for them to hatch
  • dozed -- to sleep for a short time
  • proceeded -- went on after having stopped

Blue/Green Group-Jan 24

  • guide -- someone or something that shows the way
  • obedience -- doing what one is told to do
  • correcting -- setting right by punishing; finding fault with something
  • easily -- in an easy manner, without trying hard
  • introduce -- to make known
  • bounded -- leaped or sprang lightly along
  • direction -- any way in which one may face or point
  • harness -- the leather strips, bands, and other pieces used to hitch a horse or animals
  • patient -- having patience; showing you can wait
  • attachment -- connection
  • diagonally -- slanting

Blue/Green Group-Oct 4-8

  • rodeo -- a contest of roping and cattle riding skills
  • favorite -- liked better than others
  • Mexican -- of or having to do with Mexico
  • prepare -- to make ready
  • exhibition -- a public show or event
  • holidays -- days off to enjoy not working or no school
  • practice -- an action done over and over
  • tourist -- a person who travels
  • charro -- a Mexican cowboy
  • grandfather -- male parent of mother or father
  • performers -- a person who performs/ acts, sings, or does a talent

Blue/Green Jan. 10

  • risky -- dangerous
  • cheated -- did business or played in a way that was not honest
  • harvesting -- reaping and gathering food crops
  • profit -- to make a gain(money) from business
  • business -- work done to earn a living
  • debt -- something owed to another
  • partners -- members of a company or firm who share the risks and profits of the business
  • wealth -- a large quantity; riches
  • clever -- bright; intelligent; having a quick mind
  • lazy -- not willing to work or be active

Blue/Green- April 11-15

  • compass -- instruments for showing directions, having a needle that points north
  • flight -- a trip in an aircraft
  • route -- a way to go
  • cockpit -- the place in an airplane where the pilot sits
  • engine -- the part of a machine that uses energy to make the machine run or move
  • navigate -- to sail, manage, or steer a ship, aircraft, or rocket
  • attempt -- to try
  • destination -- the place to which a person or thing is going or being sent
  • instruments -- devices for measuring, recording, or controlling
  • soars -- flies at great heights


  • dragon -- a huge fierce animal in old stories
  • lucky -- having or bringing good luck
  • worthless -- not good for anything
  • devoured -- ate hungrily
  • firecrackers -- paper roll containing powder and a fuse
  • scolded -- suddenly frightened
  • appreciate -- to be thankful for
  • exploding -- blowing up
  • rustling -- a light soft sound of things gently rubbing together


  • double -- twice as much
  • palaces -- a very large house, especially the offical house of the king or queen
  • single -- one and no more
  • decreed -- made an official law or order
  • grain -- the smallest amount
  • reward -- a return made for something done
  • thief -- a person who steals
  • famine -- lack of food in a place
  • raja -- a ruler or chief in India and in some other Eastern countries
  • storehouse -- places where things are stored

Orange Group

  • chattering -- talk fast about unimportant subject
  • hesitate -- paste before doing something or do it slowly
  • bandanna -- colored cloth worn around head or neck
  • haul -- pull or carry something heavy with effort
  • slendid -- impressive and beautiful to look at
  • duplex -- house joined to another house
  • honorable -- deserving respect

Orange Group - May 16-20

  • affair -- things relating to your personal life
  • fortune -- a very large amount of money
  • melancholy -- feeling of sadness and being without hope
  • downpour -- a large amount of rain that falls quickly
  • lozenge -- medicine shaped like candy, that you suck while you have a cough or a cold
  • arrested -- taken to the police station because you are believed to have committed a crime
  • frill -- a narrow piece of cloth with many folds
  • sensation -- a feeling, especially strange one, caused by a particular experience

Orange Group - Oct 4-8

  • antique -- valuable old object
  • fad -- something popular or fashionable for a short time
  • logbook -- book containing official record of a journey
  • alfalfa -- plant used as food for animals
  • conversation -- private and informal talk between people
  • juke box -- a machine that plays music when you put in money
  • tourist -- someone visiting a place on vacation
  • burglar -- someone who enters illegally and steals things
  • fictitious -- not real or true
  • scowl -- make face have angry expression

Orange Group May 9-13

  • convince -- make someone believe that something is true
  • faint -- not strong or clear or feeling that you are going to become unconscious
  • routine -- usual way of doing things
  • bald -- with little or no hair on head
  • escape -- get away from dangerous place or get away from prison
  • meantime -- from now until future time or event
  • criminal -- someone who has committed a crime
  • imitate -- copy something or copy someone's behavior for fun
  • trot -- animal; move slightly faster than walking- person; speed of a person's walk

Orange Group Sept 13

  • cautious -- having or showing care, thoughtfulness, restraint, and lack of haste
  • insulate -- to prevent or reduce the passage of heat, electricity, or sound into, from, or through something, especially by surrounding it with some material
  • snoop -- somebody who pries into other people's lives
  • Cab -- the part of a large vehicle such as a truck, a locomotive, or a large crane where the driver or operator sits
  • handy -- skillful at doing a number of different things
  • prose -- writing or speech that is ordinary or matter-of-fact, without embellishment
  • halyard -- a rope used to raise or lower something such as a sail or flag
  • loner -- somebody who prefers to work or be alone
  • wrath -- strong anger, often with a desire for revenge

Orange Group Sept. 20

  • fussy -- only satisfied if things are exactly right
  • reserve -- supply of something for use when needed
  • blubber -- try to say something while crying
  • feedlot -- area or building in which livestock are kept while being fattened
  • prowl -- move around an area quietly
  • bay -- area for putting or storing
  • diorama -- miniture copy of a scene
  • grove -- group of trees of particular type
  • sagebrush -- bush with white flowers from western United States
  • cater -- provide food and drinks at an event

Orange Group- 2/28-3/4

  • crisis -- a period of time which things are very uncertain
  • radiant -- expressing joy, energy, or good health in a pleasing way
  • aeronaut -- someone who flies in a blimp or balloon
  • ordinary -- not special in anyway
  • sensational -- outstanding; exceptionally good
  • adjourned -- to stop business or a meeting
  • gullible -- tending to trust and believe people; easilt tricked
  • scuttle -- a small hatch door; to destroy or bring something to an end

Orange Group- 3-14

  • hazelnut -- a nut from a hazel tree
  • snag -- problem or disadvantageyou did not expect
  • vanish -- to disappear in a sudden and mysterious way
  • enticing -- making you want to have it
  • lumber -- to walk slowly because of being large and heavy
  • trundle -- to move slowly with regular heavy steps
  • heroine -- main female character of a book; does something brave or good
  • territory -- an area of a land controlled by a particular leader or country

Orange Group- April 25-29

  • charm -- a personal quality that attracts people to you and makes you like you
  • missionary -- someone sent to teach people particular religion
  • terrorize -- frighten people by threatening or harming them
  • attention -- the interest or thought that you give something you are listening to or watching
  • intend -- to have a plan in your mind to do something
  • rumble -- make a continuous deep sound,
  • whimper -- make a small sound of pain, fear, or sadness
  • crept -- move somewhere quietly and slowly
  • normal -- something that is how you expect it to be, it is not unusual or surprising in any way
  • tremble -- body; shake for example because of fear

Orange Group- Feb. 7-11

  • scoff -- to laugh or say things to show that you think someone or something is stupid or deserves no respect
  • astounding -- extremely surprising or shoking
  • flustered -- feeling confused, embarrassed, or nervous, especially because you have too much to do or too little time to do something
  • petition -- a document signed by many people wanting something
  • compassion -- a feeling of sympathy for someone who is in a bad situation because you understand and care about them
  • lingering -- lasting for a long time
  • elation -- a feeling of great hapiness and excitement
  • generosity -- kindness, especially in giving things to poeple

Orange Group- Jan. 10-14

  • muzzle -- object put around a dog's mouth to stop biting
  • elegant -- attrative because of being beautiful and simple
  • inconspicuous -- not easily seen or not attracting attention
  • consensus -- argeement among all people involved
  • extravagant -- spending or costing a lot of money
  • armor -- metal clothing that soldiers wore in the middle ages to protect their bodies
  • evidence -- facts that help to prove something

Orange Group- Jan. 3-7

  • corpuscle -- white or red cell in blood
  • sprite -- small creature in stories, living near water
  • amassed -- collect money or information gradually
  • mastaba -- ancient Egypt, a brick tomb built with a flat base and sloping sides and a flat roof
  • topaz -- a clear yellow stone used for making jewelry
  • abrasion -- injury caused by rubbing skin
  • cupid -- Roman god of love
  • stealthily -- quiet and not noticed by people

Orange Group- Jan.24-28

  • brazen -- person; behaving in immoral or shocking
  • frailty -- weak physical condition and bad health
  • perch -- narrow or small place where someone sits or area or object a bird rests on
  • bolt -- metal bar for locking door or window or run quickly, especially because you are frightened
  • enraptured -- enjoying something very much
  • rake -- tool for making soil level and removing leaves
  • avenge -- punish someone who does you harm
  • doe -- female deer
  • luscious -- food; looking, smelling, and tasting especially good

Orange Group- March 7-11

  • scorn -- a strong feeling of dislike
  • blunt -- not sharp or very straightfoward
  • idiotic -- showing a lack of good sense or intelligence
  • bewilderment -- to confuse or puzzle somebody completely
  • exasperate -- to make somebody very angry or fustrated
  • stammered -- to speak or say something with many quick hesitations
  • barricade -- a barrier that protects defenders or blocks a route
  • disposed -- having a particular attitude towards somebody of something

Orange Group- May 2-6

  • arrange -- to make plans for something to happen
  • holler -- shout very loudly
  • peculiar -- strange, often in an unpleasant way
  • furious -- extremely angry
  • palmetto -- a low growing plam plant with fan shaped leaves
  • charmer -- someone who is good at making people like them, especially in order to gain abd advantage
  • installment -- one of several payments of a larger amount
  • roundabout -- not direct, simple, or short

Orange Group- Nov. 15-19

  • glorification -- make someone or something seem more impressive
  • accumulation -- amount collected over time
  • mimicked -- copy voice, behavior, or appearence of someone
  • stifled -- stop something from developing
  • mutual -- shared by two people or done in the same way
  • sarcophagus -- stone box for putting a dead body in
  • urn -- large attractive container for flowers or plants

Orange Group- Nov. 29

  • embalm -- to preserve a dead body
  • inconspicuous -- not easily seen or noticed
  • matinee -- an afternoon showning of a movie or play
  • orthopedic -- relating to bones
  • tyrannies -- cruel use of power
  • tycoon -- someone powerful and with great wealth
  • complemented -- completing part, one of two
  • imposter -- someone who pretends to be another

Orange Group-2-28/3-4

  • wrenching -- pull and twist something away, injure something by twisting
  • anxious -- feeling nervous, worried, or afraid
  • mission -- a special task given to a person to complete
  • turbulent -- moving suddenly and violently in different directions
  • deftly -- quick, clever, and skillful
  • scamper -- to run quickly or playfully
  • crouched -- to bend down low, to squat down
  • ricochet -- to hit a surface and bounce

Orange Group-3-21

  • excruciating -- causing extreme physical pain
  • kernel -- the soft part of a nut or seed; seed of a plant grown as a crop
  • contentment -- happiness that comes from enjoying your life
  • humiliate -- to make someone feel very embarrassed and ashamed
  • vicious -- extremely violent
  • compromise -- an agreement with both people giving up something as to solve a problem
  • foliage -- the leaves of a plant or tree
  • taunt -- cruel remarks intended to make someone angry

Orange Group-Dec. 6-10

  • acquistion -- the process of buying something or obtaining it in some other way
  • curator -- someone who takes care of musuem objects
  • hodgepodge -- group of things not belonging together
  • orlon -- man-made fabric
  • pagan -- relating to ancient religion
  • boodle -- a large amount of money that has been acquired or used in a corrupt way
  • theatrics -- behavior intended to make people notice you
  • emitted -- to send something out into the air; especially gas, light, or heat

Orange Group-Nov.1-5

  • percolator -- equipment used for making coffee
  • chauffeur -- to drive a rich or important person in a car
  • calculated -- done deliberately to have a particular effect
  • monotony -- bored feeling because nothing changes
  • venture -- to do something that is a risk
  • kaleidoscope -- a toy showing changing colored patterns
  • chancellor -- official leader of an university or a leader of a government
  • exchequer -- the government dept. responsible for collecting taxes
  • spigot -- a faucet on an outside water pipe
  • jostled -- to push someone as you move past or compete for something

Orange Group-Nov.8-12

  • essence -- the most important part of something
  • forceps -- medical tool for holding things in operations
  • vow -- a serious promise
  • cheapskate -- someone who hates to spend money
  • fiscal -- relating to money and financial matters
  • mohair -- soft wool from a goat
  • anemia -- when blood contains too few red blood cells
  • expenditures -- money spent
  • fussbudget -- someone who worries about unimportant things

Orange Group-Oct 12-14

  • jackrabbit -- a wild animal like a large rabbit that lives in open areas of the US
  • quiver -- shake with short quick movements
  • typewriter -- a machine with keys for typing onto paper
  • dim -- light that is not bright
  • pretend -- try to make someone believe something
  • tournament -- series of games producing one final winner
  • patrol -- move around a place to prevent trouble
  • silence -- period of time when no one speaks
  • villian -- an evil person or criminal

test list

  • recess -- to take a break
  • auto -- a car
  • exit -- to leave
  • halt -- to stop
  • August -- a month in a year

Yellow Group - Feb. 7-11

  • consideration -- careful thought before making a decision
  • morals -- relating to right and wrong and the way that people should behave
  • compunction -- feeling that you should not do something because it is wrong
  • excitement -- the feeling of being excited
  • untenable -- impossible to continue because of serious problem
  • anicent -- very old; relating to periods very long ago
  • decency -- behavior that is moral, good, or reasonable
  • scruples -- a moral principle that prevents you from doing something that you think is bad

Yellow Group - Nov. 8-12

  • scholar -- a learned person
  • eager -- very excited about doing something
  • rhinestones -- small fake gem that looks like a diamond
  • baggage -- packed suitcases and bags
  • obedient -- doing as told or well behaved
  • spectacles -- eyeglasses
  • arithmetic -- basic math
  • nimble -- fast and light in movement

Yellow Group - Sept. 20

  • freckle -- small brown spot on skin
  • sensible -- reasonable and practical
  • vinegar -- sour liquid for adding flavor to food
  • blur -- difficult to see clearly
  • poke -- push something quickly with finger or object
  • study -- process of learning
  • ambulance -- a vechicle for taking people to the hospital
  • overdo -- do, say, or use something too much
  • speck -- a very small spot or mark

Yellow Group May9-13

  • reassure -- make someone feel less worried about something
  • immense -- extremely large
  • opinion -- attitude you have towards something
  • pounce -- quickly jump on or hold
  • burglar -- someone who enters illegally and steals things
  • labyrinth -- place with many paths or passages
  • poised -- about to do or achieve something or waiting in position to move immediately
  • recite -- say a poem or story to audience
  • irritate -- make someone feel annoyed or impatient
  • panic -- sudden very strong feeling or fear or worry

Yellow Group Sept. 13

  • waste -- unwanted or unusable items
  • appendictis -- inflammation of the appendix, causing severe pain
  • inspect -- to examine something carefully in order to judge its quality or correctness
  • recipe -- a list of ingredients and instructions for making a food dish
  • allowance -- a small sum of money paid regularly by parents to a child so that the child can make his or her own purchases
  • deal -- an agreement, arrangement
  • manners -- the way in which something is done or happens
  • whisper -- to speak or say something very softly
  • combination -- a series of numbers or letters needed to open a combination lock
  • manage -- to survive or continue despite difficulties

Yellow Group- 3-21

  • burly -- strong and with a broad strudy frame
  • genie -- a spirit with magic powers in ancient times
  • turban -- a long piece of cloth wrapped around the head; worn as a hat
  • acoustic -- relating to sound and the way people hear things
  • custodian -- a person who cleans and takes care of a building
  • peculiar -- strange or especially true
  • crutch -- a stick that fits under your arm so that you can walk when your leg is injured
  • mannequin -- a model of a human body in a store window

Yellow Group- April 25-29

  • meek -- quiet, gentle, and easily persuaded by other people to do what they want
  • squinted -- to close your eyes slightly and try to see something
  • genuine -- real, rather thane false or pretend
  • sheath -- a cover used for carving knife or sword
  • engraved -- to cut words or pictures into a hard surface such as stone, metal, or glass
  • saliva -- watery fluid, in the mouth by the salivary glands, that helps in tasting, chewing, and swallowing
  • wolfed -- eat something very quickly
  • ability -- fact that you can do something

Yellow Group- Dec. 6-10

  • frolic -- play happily with lots of energy and movement
  • certainly -- used for saying something is definitely true
  • absolutely -- completely
  • trough -- long open container for animals' food
  • occasionally -- sometimes
  • bitterly -- in very angry, or disappointed way
  • cautiously -- in a careful way
  • endure -- suffer something unpleasant over a long period
  • mention -- say something during a conversation without many details

Yellow Group- Jan. 10-14

  • hullabaloo -- lot of excitement about an event or noise made by angry or excited people
  • loft -- the upper floor in a farm building used for storing hay
  • commotion -- noise and confused activity
  • dazed -- not thinking clearly because of a head injury
  • captivity -- situation where someone is being kept prisoner
  • orchard -- area for growing fruit trees
  • instructions -- statement about something that must be done
  • scythes -- tool for cutting long grass or grain

Yellow Group- Jan. 3-7

  • enchanted -- to charm, delight, or capitivate somebody
  • amused -- to make somebody laugh or smile
  • perspiration -- fluid lost from the body by sweating
  • vanished -- to disappear suddenly
  • manure -- fertilizer made from animal waste
  • relieved -- stop something unpleasant
  • delightfully -- very pleasing
  • patient -- capable of waiting

Yellow Group- Jan.24-28

  • approximately -- used when something is not exact
  • gnawing -- keep biting something
  • reconsider -- think again about decision
  • appealing -- attractive and interesting
  • gloomily -- feeling sad and without hope
  • praise -- express strong approval or admiration
  • disgust -- very strong feeling of not liking something
  • honestly -- in honest and moral way
  • steadily -- held firmly without moving or shaking

Yellow Group- March 7-11

  • daintily -- delicate and pretty
  • inconvenient -- causing difficulties or unwanted extra effort, work or trouble
  • sentiments -- thought or idea based on a feeling or emotion
  • audience -- a group of people gathered to watch and listen to a show, concert, movie, or speech
  • garrulous -- talking too much or using too many words
  • reputation -- views that are generally held about somebody or a high opinion about somebody
  • distinguish -- recognize differences between people or things
  • monotonous -- uninteresting or boring, speaking in a boring tone
  • versatile -- many uses, or able to move easily from one thing to another

Yellow Group- May 16-20

  • formula -- list of exact amounts of something's ingredients
  • plantation -- a large farm where crops such as tea, coffee, cotton, and sugar are grown
  • vial -- a small bottle for storing medicine or perfume
  • elixir -- liquid that people believe have magical powers
  • orchard -- an area of land where fruit trees are grown
  • solemn -- involving serious behaior or serious attitudes
  • gawk -- to look at someone or something for a long time in a rude or stupid way
  • precise -- always careful to be accurate and correct

Yellow Group- May 2-6

  • bleat -- to make the sound that a sheep or gaot makes
  • hesitate -- to pause before doing something, or to do something very slowly, usually because you are nervous, embarrassed, or worried
  • peculiar -- strange, often in an unpleasant way
  • embarrass -- to make someone feel nervous, ashamed, or stupid in a social situation
  • nuisance -- something that is annoying and is a continuing problem
  • contemplate -- to consider doing something in the future
  • nimble -- able to move quickly and easily

Yellow Group- Nov. 1-5

  • collision -- two or more objects crashing together
  • notions -- small items such as buttons
  • underprivileged -- someone not having the same opportunities as others
  • abdominal -- the stomach area
  • episode -- an event or period of time
  • shrill -- a loud piercing sound
  • anxious -- very nervous or excited

Yellow Group- Nov. 29

  • budge -- to move, or move something with great effort
  • distribute -- to give something out
  • promptly -- done immediately
  • runt -- smallest or weakest animal
  • specimen -- an example of its kind, such as an animal
  • injustice -- not treating someone fairly
  • miserable -- very unhappy or unpleasant
  • appetite -- wanting food, hunger

Yellow Group- Oct 12-14

  • referee -- an official who oversees the play in a sport
  • rumpled -- to make or become messy- like clothing or hair
  • comfortably -- without problems
  • diminutive -- very small-small size
  • trousers -- clothing that covers the body fron waist down
  • ethusiasm -- excited interest in something
  • gait -- a way of walking or running

Yellow Group- Oct 18

  • sauntered -- a way of walking
  • slimy -- slippery, moist, offensive
  • faucet -- something used to turn on a stream of water
  • uncertainly -- doubting, not sure
  • idiotic -- acting stupidly
  • temperament -- personality or attitude

Yellow Group-April 11-15

  • flounced -- to walk quickly in an impatient way, because you are angry
  • extraordinary -- very unusual and surprising
  • offend -- do or say something that upsets someone
  • werewolf -- an imaginary creature who is human during the day but becomes a wolf at night when there is a full moon
  • fond -- liking and caring about someone very much
  • flabbergast -- to amaze or astonish somebody completely
  • sinister -- threatening to do harm or to do something evil
  • waddled -- move from side to side while walking

Yellow Group-Oct 4-8

  • consternation -- a shocked or worried feeling, often caused when something unexpected happens
  • inconvenience -- annoying problem or situation
  • togs -- old fashioned clothes
  • bellowed -- to shout very loudly
  • impossible -- unable to be done or happen
  • ruinous -- causing severe damage or loss
  • garbage -- waste material that you are throwing away
  • ominous -- making you think something bad will happen
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