Derby Hills 4th grade

School:Derby Hills Elementary
Location:Derby KS

Stingray Chaser

Free stingrays and remove harmful algae from the ocean. After removing enough debris from the stingrays, you will be asked to select the correct answer to continue.


Vocabulary Pinball Click on the red flipper buttons to keep the ball in play. Try to hit all of the letters with the ball to spell a word. Next, choose the correct definition for the word. A correct answer gives a free ball and an incorrect takes a ball away. Hold down and release the green button to launch the ball! Try all of the lists or register to make your own!

Word Find

Play the classic Word Search and find game.

Word Scramble - Words Only

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!

Word Scramble - Problems and Definitions

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!


Play hangman with your words. Guess letters to form words from the lists that are added by people just like you! Practice your classroom lists.

List Content

Adelina's Whales

  • lagoon -- a pond or small lake, especially one connected with a larger body of water
  • tropical -- of or like the regions twenty-three point forty-five degrees north and south of the equator where the sun can shine directly overhead
  • bluff -- a high, steep slope or cliff
  • rumbling -- making a deep, heavy, continuous sound
  • exhaling -- breathing out
  • biologist -- scientist who studies living things, including their origins, structures, activities, and distributiuon
  • massive -- big and heavy; bulky
  • encounter -- an unexpected meeting

Amelia and Eleanor

  • outspoken -- not reserved; frank
  • miniatures -- things represented on a small scale
  • brisk -- keen; sharp
  • elegant -- having or showing good taste; gracefully and richly refined; beautifully luxurious
  • escorting -- going with another to give protection, showing honor, providing companionship
  • aviator -- person who flies an aircraft; pilot
  • daring -- bold; fearless; courageous
  • solo -- without a partner, teacher, etc., alone
  • cockpit -- place where the pilot sits in an airplane

Antarctic Journal

  • convergence -- act or process of meeting at a point
  • heaves -- rises; rises and falls alternatively
  • exposure -- condition of being without protection; condition of being uncovered
  • continent -- one of the seven great masses of land on Earth.
  • forbidding -- casuing fear or dislike; looking dangerous or unpleasant
  • abundance -- quanity that is much more than enough
  • anticpation -- act of anticipating; looking forward to; expectation
  • depart -- to go away; leave
  • icebergs -- large masses of ice detached from glaciers and floating in the sea.
  • slendor -- magnificent show; glory

Because of Winn-Dixie

  • memorial -- helping people to remember a person, thing or event
  • prideful -- overly proud of oneself
  • grand -- excellent; very good
  • positive -- without doubt; sure
  • selecting -- picking out; choosing
  • peculiar -- strange; unusual
  • recalls -- calls back to mind; remembers

Coyote School News

  • dudes -- people rasied in the city, especially easterners who vacation on a ranch
  • mesquite -- any of several trees or bushes common in southwestern United States and Mexico, which often grow in dense clumps or thickets
  • coyote -- a small, wolflike mammal living in many parts of North America
  • spurs -- metal points or pointed wheels, worn on a rider's boot heels for urging a horse on
  • bawling -- crying out in a noisy way
  • roundup -- the act of driving or bringing cattle together from long distances
  • promoted -- raised in rank, condition, or importance


  • glimpses -- short, quick views or looks
  • destination -- place to which someone or something is going or is being sent
  • aquarium -- building used for showing collections of live fish, water animals, and water plants
  • flexible -- easily bent; not stiff; bending without breaking
  • surface -- the top of the ground or soil, or of a body of water or other liquid
  • teem -- to be full of; abound; swarm
  • enchanted -- delighted greatly; charmed
  • pulses -- regular, measured beats
  • submerged -- put under water; covered with water
  • dolphins -- any numerous sea mammals related to the whale, but smaller. Dolphins have beaklike snouts and remarkable intelligence.

Encyclopedia Brown

  • reference -- used for information or help
  • stumped -- puzzled
  • specimen -- one of a group taken to show what the others are like
  • amphibians -- cold-blooded animals with backbones and moist scale-less skins.
  • lizards -- repites with long bodies and tails, movable eyelids, and usually four legs.
  • salamanders -- animals shaped like lizards, but related to frogs and toads. They have moist, smooth skin and live in water or in damp places.
  • frustration -- a feeling of anger and helplessness
  • exhibit -- act of displaying; public showing
  • reptiles -- cold-blooded animals with backbones and lungs, usually covered with horny plates or scales
  • confided -- told as a secret
  • crime -- activity of criminals; violation of law

Eye of the Storm

  • destruction -- great damage; ruin
  • inland -- in or toward the interior
  • potential -- something possible
  • forecasts -- statements of what is coming; predicitons
  • surge -- a swelling motion; sweep or rush, especially of waves
  • wreckage -- what is left behind after destruction
  • expected -- thought something would probably come or happen
  • shatter -- to break into pieces suddenly
  • withstand -- to stand against; hold out against; resist; endure

Grace & the Time Machine

  • awkward -- not graceful or skillful in movement or shape; not easily managed
  • mechanical -- like a machine; automatic; without expression
  • vehicle -- device for carrying people or things, such as a car, bus, airplane, etc.
  • atlas -- books of maps
  • chant -- to call over and over again
  • reseats -- sits again
  • pantomime -- to express by gestures
  • aboard -- on board; in or on a ship, train, bus, airplane, etc
  • capable -- having fitness, power, or ability; able ; effecient; competent
  • miracle -- a wonderful happening that is contrary to, or independent of, the known laws of nature
  • contraption -- device or gadget

Grandfather's Journey

  • bewildered -- completely confused; puzzled
  • sculptures -- works of art created by carving, modeling, casting, etc.
  • seacoast -- land along the sea; seaboard
  • amazed -- surprised greatly; struck with sudden wonder; astounded
  • longed -- wished very much; desired greatly
  • towering -- very high
  • homeland -- country that is your home; your native land
  • still -- to make or become calm or quiet
  • steamship -- ship moved by engines that work by the action of steam under pressure

How Night Came from Sea

  • brilliant -- shining brightly; sparkling
  • gleamed -- flashed or beamed with light
  • reigns -- rules, as over a kingdom
  • coward -- person who lacks courage or is easily made afraid; person who runs from danger, trouble, etc
  • dwells -- makes your home; lives
  • chorus -- anything spoken or sung all at the same time
  • shimmering -- gleaming or shining faintly

How Tia Lola Came

  • quaint -- strange or odd in an intersting, pleasing, or amusing way
  • landlord -- person who owns buildings or land that is rented to others
  • colonel -- a military rank below general
  • palettes -- thin boards, usually oval or oblong, with a thumb hole at one end, used by painters to lay and mix colors on
  • embarrassment -- shame; an uneasy feelign
  • affords -- gives as an effect or a result; provides; yeilds
  • lurking -- hiding or moving about in a secret and sly manner
  • resemblance -- similar appearance; likeness
  • glint -- a gleam; flash

Jim Thorpe's Bright Path

  • boarding school -- school with buildings where the pupils live during the school term
  • manual -- done with the hands
  • inconsolable -- not able to be comforted; brokenhearted
  • endurance -- power to last and to withstand hard wear
  • society -- the people of any particular time or place
  • dormitory -- a building with many rooms in which people sleep. Many colleges have these for students whose homes are elsewhere.
  • reservation -- land set aside by the government for a special purpose
  • recruiter -- a person who gets new members, who gets people to join or come

Letter Home from Yosemite

  • impressive -- able to impress the mind, feelings, conscience
  • slopes -- land that goes up or down at an angle
  • altitudes -- heights above Earth's surface
  • glacier -- a great mass of ice that moves very slowly downa mountain or along a valley, or spreading very slowly over a land area
  • preserve -- to keep from harm of change; protect
  • wilderness -- a wild region with few or now people living in it
  • reservoir -- a place where water is collected and stored for use
  • naturalist -- a person who studies living things
  • species -- a set of related living things that share certain characteristics and that can interbreed
  • formations -- things that are formed

Lewis and Clark and Me

  • docks -- platforms built on the shore or out from the shore; wharves; piers
  • scent -- a smell
  • consult -- to seek information or advice from
  • scan -- to glance at; look over hastily
  • yearned -- felt a longing or desire
  • mutal -- done, said, or felt by each toward the other
  • migrating -- going from one region to another with the change in seasons
  • wharf -- platform built on the shore or out from the shore beside which ships can load or unload
  • leisurely -- without hurry; taking plenty of time

Lost City

  • granite -- a very hard gray or pink rock that is formed when lava cools slowly underground
  • thickets -- bushes or small trees growing close together
  • rugged -- covered with rough edges; rough and uneven
  • glorious -- magnificent; slendid
  • terraced -- formed into a flat, level land with steep sides; often made in hilly areas to create more space for farming
  • remote -- out of the way; secluded
  • curiousity -- an eager desire to know or learn
  • ruins -- what is left after a building, wall, etc., has fallen to pieces
  • torrent -- a violent, rushing stream of water
  • ventured -- dared to come or go (to a new or unknown place)

Marven of Great N Woods

  • cord -- measure of quanity for cut wood, equal to one hundred twenty-eight cubic feet. A pile of wood four feet wide, four feet high and eight feet long.
  • immense -- very large; huge; vast
  • silhouettes -- dark images outlined against a lighter background
  • grizzly -- a large, gray, or brownish bear of western North America
  • lumberjack -- person whose work is cutting down trees and sending the logs to the sawmill; woodsman; logger
  • dismay -- sudden helpless fear of what is about to happen or what has happened
  • payroll -- list of persons to be paid and the amount that each one is to receive


  • runt -- animal, person, or plant that is smaller than the usual size.
  • taunted -- jeered at; mocked; reproached
  • conscious -- aware of what you are doin; awake
  • rille -- a long, narrow valley on the surface of the moon
  • summoning -- stirring to action; rousing
  • trudged -- walked wearily or with effort
  • rift -- a split; break; crack
  • loomed -- appeared dimly or vaguely as a large, threatening shape
  • staggered -- became unsteady; wavered
  • trench -- any ditch; deep furrow
  • feebly -- weakly; without strength

My Brother Martin

  • confronted -- faced bodly; opposed
  • ancestors -- people from who your are descended, such as your great-grandparents
  • minister -- member of the clergy
  • shielding -- protecting; defending
  • nourishing -- keeping well-fed and healthy; producing health and growth
  • generations -- periods of about thirty years, or the time from the birth of one generation to the birth of the next generation
  • pulpit -- platform or raised structure in a church from which the minister preaches
  • injustice -- lack of justice; fairness, lawfulness
  • avoided -- kept away from; kept out of the way of
  • numerous -- very many

Sailing Home

  • plush -- luxurious; expensive; stylish
  • celestial -- of the sky or outer space
  • navigation -- skill or process of finding a ship's or aircraft's position and course
  • nautical -- of or about ships, sailors, or navigation
  • cargo -- loads of goods carried by a ship, plane or truck
  • dignified -- having dignity; noble; stately
  • stern -- the rear part of a ship or boat
  • bow -- the forward part of a ship, boat, or aircraft
  • conducted -- directed; managed
  • quivered -- shook; shivered; trembled

Seeker of Knowledge

  • scholars -- learned people; people having much knowledge
  • translate -- to change from one language into another
  • decipher -- to change something in cipher or code to ordinary language; decode
  • link -- anything that joins or connects, as a loop of a chain does
  • temple -- building used for the service or worship of God or gods
  • uncover -- to make known; reveal; expose
  • spellbound -- too interested to move; fascinated
  • ancient -- of times long past
  • seeker -- one who tries to find; one who searches
  • triumph -- victory; success
  • hieroglyphs -- pictures, characters, or symbols standing for words, ideas, or sounds. The ancient Egyptians used these instead of an alphabet like ours.

The Great Kapok Tree

  • wondrous -- wonderful, marvelous; remarkable
  • canopy -- the uppermost layer of branches in forest trees
  • fragrant -- having or giving off a pleasant odor; sweet-smelling
  • slithered -- moved with a sliding motion
  • lulled -- soothed with sounds or caressess; caused to sleep
  • dappled -- marked with spots; spotted
  • pollinate -- to carry pollen from anthers to pistils; bring pollen to
  • gash -- a long, deep cut or wound
  • dangle -- to hang and swing loosely
  • pollen -- a fine, yellowish powder released from the anthers of flowers. Grains of pollen carried by insects, wind, etc. to the pistils of flowers to fertilize the flowers.

The Horned Toad Prince

  • suspiciously -- without trust, doubtfully
  • favor -- act of kindness
  • prairie -- large area of level or rolling land with grass but few or no trees
  • sassy -- rude; lively, spirited
  • bargain -- an agreement to trade or exchange; deal
  • offended -- hurt the feelings of someone; made angry
  • shrieked -- made a loud, sharp ,shrill sound
  • twang -- to make a sharp, ringing sound
  • lassoed -- roped; caught with a long rope with a loop on the end
  • riverbed -- channel in which a river flows or used to flow

The Houdini Box

  • appeared -- was seen; came in sight
  • escape -- to get out and away; to get free
  • vanished -- disappeared, especially suddenly
  • crumbled -- fell to pieces; decayed
  • monument -- something set up to honor a person or an event. A monument may be a building, pillar, arch, statue, tomb, or stone
  • unexplainable -- unaccountable; without apparent cause or reason
  • bustling -- being noisily busy and in a hurry
  • magician -- person who entertains by art or skill of creating illusions, especially a sleight of hand
  • engraved -- cut deeply in; carved in; carved in an artistic way

The King in the Kitchen

  • treasury -- money owned; funds
  • duke -- nobleman of the highest title, ranking just below aa prince
  • genius -- person having very great natural power of mind
  • peasant -- farmer of the working class in Europe, Asia, and Latin America
  • inferior -- not very good; below most others; low in quality
  • furiously -- with unrestrained energy, speed, etc.
  • noble -- high or great by birth, rank, or title
  • exiled -- forced to leave your country or home, often by law as a punishment; banished
  • dungeon -- a dark underground room or cell to hold prisoners
  • majesty -- title used in speaking to or of a king, queen, emperor, empress, etc.
  • porridge -- food made of oatmeal or other grain boiled in water or milk until it thickens

The Man Who Went

  • horizon -- line where the Earth and sky seem to meet; skyline
  • quarantine -- detention, isolation, and other measures taken to prevent the spread of an infectious disease
  • transmission -- passage of electronic waves from a transmitter to a receiver
  • hatch -- a trapdoor covering an opening in an aircrafts's or ships deck
  • module -- a self-contained unit or system within a larger system, often designed for a particular function
  • sphere -- ball or globe
  • capsule -- the enclosed front section of a rocket made to carry astronauts into space.
  • lunar -- of, like, or about the moon
  • impact -- action of striking one thing against another; collision
  • astronauts -- pilots or members of the crew of a spacecraft

The Stranger

  • hypnotized -- put into a condition resembling deep sleeep, but more active, in which the person acts according to the suggestions of the person who brought about the condition
  • fascinated -- interested greatly; attracted very strongly; charmed
  • terror -- great fear
  • hermit -- person who goes away from others and lives alone
  • etched -- engraved; a design or drawing on a metal plate, or glass
  • parlor -- formerly. a room for receiving or entertaining guests; sitting room
  • drab -- not attractive; dull; monotonous
  • draft -- current of air
  • frost -- moisture frozen or or in a surface; feathery crystals of ice formed when water vapor in the air condenses at a temperature below freezing
  • timid -- easily frightend; shy

To Fly

  • flex -- to bend
  • rudder -- a flat piece of wood or metal hinged vertically to the rear end of an aircraft and used to steer it.
  • resistance -- thing or act that resists; opposing force; opposition
  • drag -- the force acting on an object in motion, in a direciton opposite to the object's motion., procduced by friction. To pull or move along heavily or slowly; pull or draw along the ground.
  • hangars -- buildings for storing aircraft
  • aviation -- science or art of operating and navigating aircraft
  • cradle -- a frame to support weight
  • glider -- aircraft without an engine
  • stalled -- stopped or brought to a standstill, usually against your wish

What Jo Did

  • rim -- an edge, border, or margin on or around anything
  • unbelievable -- incredible; hard to think of as true or real
  • dunk -- to shoot a basketball by leaping, so that the hands are above the rim, and throwing the ball down through the netting
  • fouled -- in sports, made an unfair play against
  • marveled -- was filled with wonder; was astonished
  • swatted -- hit sharply or violently
  • dribbling -- moving a ball by bouncing it
  • jersey -- a shirt that is pulled over the head, made or a soft, knitted cloth
  • speechless -- not able to talk
  • backboard -- in basketball, the flat, elevated surface of wood, glass, or plastic on which the basket on a basketball court is fastened
  • hoop -- a ring or round, flat band

You Want to be President

  • Constitution -- the written set of fundamental principles by which the United States is governed
  • politics -- the work of government; managment of public business
  • vain -- having too much pride in your looks, ability, etc
  • humble -- not proud; modest
  • solemnly -- seriously; earnestly; with dignity
  • howling -- very great
  • responsibility -- the act or fact or taking care of someone or something; obligation
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