Watwood Fourth Grade

Location:Alabama USA

Stingray Chaser

Free stingrays and remove harmful algae from the ocean. After removing enough debris from the stingrays, you will be asked to select the correct answer to continue.


Vocabulary Pinball Click on the red flipper buttons to keep the ball in play. Try to hit all of the letters with the ball to spell a word. Next, choose the correct definition for the word. A correct answer gives a free ball and an incorrect takes a ball away. Hold down and release the green button to launch the ball! Try all of the lists or register to make your own!

Word Find

Play the classic Word Search and find game.

Word Scramble - Words Only

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!

Word Scramble - Problems and Definitions

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!


Play hangman with your words. Guess letters to form words from the lists that are added by people just like you! Practice your classroom lists.

List Content

Theme 1 Lesson 1

  • venture -- a project that is exciting or even risky
  • foisted -- something given to you whether you want it or not
  • depriving -- someone is keeping you from having something
  • queasy -- when you have a sick feeling in your stomach
  • annoyed -- to be somewhat angry about something
  • pact -- an agreement between people or countries in which they promise to do certain things

Theme 1 Lesson 2

  • legendary -- a person who is exspecially famous for something done a long time ago
  • muttered -- to say something very quietly as not to be heard
  • fluke -- something unusual that happens by accident
  • gaped -- to stare at with open - mouth surprise
  • snickering -- laughing quietly at someone because they did something silly

Theme 1 Lesson 3

  • particular -- one specific kind of a thing
  • sizzles -- something that is very hot and makes a hissing sound
  • surrender -- when you stop fighting or arguing with someone
  • clusters -- small groups of people or things that are close together
  • sparkling -- shining clear and bright
  • stroll -- to walk in a slow relaxed way

Theme 1 Lesson 4

  • interrogation -- to question someone for a long period of time to get information
  • solemnly -- in a serious way
  • fury -- extemely strong anger
  • accusing -- to show that you think someone has done something wrong
  • craned -- to stretch your neck so you can see or hear something better
  • averted -- to look away from something instead of directly at it
  • stern -- very serious and strict
  • cringed -- to move or flinch slightly because of discomfort or fear

Theme 1 Lesson 5

  • culinary -- skills or tools related to cooking
  • vivid -- very brightly colored
  • reminiscent -- something that brings back memories of another time or place
  • commenced -- something has started
  • consternation -- to be upset or worried about what is happening
  • serenely -- done in a quiet, calm way
  • recruit -- to get someone to join a group for a special purpose
  • downcast -- to feel sad like you have no hope
  • extensive -- a large amount of things
  • pensive -- thinking deeply about something

Theme 2 Lesson 10

  • scan -- to look carefully over the entire area for something specific
  • mature -- fully grown and behaves as an adult
  • nurture -- to take care of something while it's growing
  • solitary -- to be alone most of the time
  • exhuberant -- full of excitement, energy, and happiness
  • encircle -- to surround something
  • pliable -- easily moved or bent
  • vulnerable -- weak and unprotected and at a risk of being harmed
  • lumbers -- moving in a clumsy slow way
  • comprehend -- to understand

Theme 2 Lesson 6

  • responsible -- a person can be trusted to do a job
  • swerved -- to turn suddenly to avoid hitting something
  • contradicting -- saying that what another person has said is wrong
  • jostling -- to be pushed or knocked into in a crowd
  • pounced -- to jumo onto something eagerly in order to take it
  • darted -- to move suddenly and quickly in a certain direction
  • attentive -- carefully listening to or watching

Theme 2 Lesson 7

  • surge -- to feel something suddenly and very strongly
  • untangled -- to untie knots or straighten
  • rumpled -- wrinkled or messy
  • taut -- stetched or pulled very tightly
  • lurked -- waited quietly and hidden, usually before doing something bad
  • reluctant -- something someone doesn't want to do
  • inspecting -- to look at very colsely
  • resounded -- to become filled with noise

Theme 2 Lesson 8

  • nimble -- to be able to move quickly, lightly, and easily
  • exist -- a real thing that is really in the world
  • slick -- presented in an attractive way
  • cease -- to stop doing something
  • impressed -- to admire a person
  • fierce -- angry, violent, and ready to attack

Theme 2 Lesson 9

  • infest -- insects or animals in large numbers that cause damage
  • flexible -- easily bent
  • preserve -- to keep something from being harmed or changed
  • unique -- original, one of a kind
  • delicate -- easily broken or hurt
  • inspires -- something that makes you excited about doing something good
  • intervals -- something repeated over and over with a certain amount of time in between
  • bond -- a feeling of interest that unites two or more people

Theme 3 Lesson 11

  • lure -- anything that makes you want it, even if you might get in trouble
  • obvious -- easily seen or understood
  • traits -- particular qualities or characteristics of a person or thing
  • mimic -- trying to act or look like something in particular
  • deceptive -- something that lead you to believe something that isn't true
  • predators -- animals that kill and eat other animals
  • avoid -- to keep away from a person or thing
  • resemble -- to look similar to each other

Theme 3 Lesson 12

  • depths -- the deepest parts
  • contract -- to get smaller by shrinking
  • eruption -- when something bursts through a surface
  • revealed -- something that was hidden but now is seen
  • immediate -- something that happend right away
  • gradually -- slowly and a little at a time
  • constant -- something that happens without stopping

Theme 3 Lesson 14

  • occasionally -- evey once in a while
  • drab -- dull
  • fascinated -- to be very interest in something and pay close attention to it
  • peculiar -- strange or unusual, not in a good way
  • dashed -- to quickly and suddenly run away
  • hermit -- someone who lives alone usually away from a community
  • timid -- shy
  • trembling -- shaking slightly

Theme 3 Lesson 15

  • intrepid -- acting brave because there is not fear
  • undoubtedly -- something will definitely happen
  • delectable -- tastes very good
  • privilege -- a special advantage or right that only certain people can have
  • guidance -- providing advice and help
  • hoist -- to lift something, usually with mechanical help
  • fragile -- easily broken or damaged
  • seasoned -- someone having a lot of experience at something
  • cherish -- to care for something lovingly
  • pristine -- clean and untouched

Theme 3 Lesson13

  • treacherous -- dangerous and unpredictable
  • smoldering -- burning slowly from the inside without any flame
  • skeptically -- to express doubt about the truthfulness of something
  • plunge -- something you rush into suddenly
  • scoffed -- speaking about someone in a mocking or critical way
  • drudgery -- hard, unpleasant, boring work
  • altered -- changed
  • discouraged -- to believe that things are not going to turn out as you had planned

Theme 4 Lesson 16

  • tinker -- to try to fix or adjust something
  • forge -- doing something with great effort in hopes that it will last a long time
  • barriers -- objects or people that keep you from moving ahead
  • trample -- to stomp on something very hard and damage it
  • quest -- a jopurney with a specific purpose
  • hoaxer -- someone who tries to trick
  • perfect -- to improve upon something so that it will be the best it can be

Theme 4 Lesson 17

  • exotic -- unusual and interesting things from another place
  • participate -- to be involved in
  • brilliant -- bright and often shiny
  • mischievous -- to like to play tricks on someone
  • ancestors -- people who came before you in your family
  • graceful -- to move in a smooth way that is nice to watch

Theme 4 Lesson 18

  • relentless -- when someone is trying to do something and will never give up
  • intentions -- plans about what a person means to do
  • stature -- someone's height
  • resourceful -- being good at finding a way to do something
  • vast -- something so wide it would be hard to get across
  • roused -- to wak up or alert a person
  • inadvertantly -- something done accidentally
  • bountiful -- a lgreat amount of something

Theme 4 Lesson 19

  • insisted -- refused to change your mind
  • distressed -- feeling sad and helpless
  • magnificent -- beautiful and impressive
  • confident -- sure about what you are doing
  • anxiously -- waiting and worrying about what will happen
  • declared -- announced in a clear way
  • gloated -- bragged in a mean way

Theme 4 Lesson 20

  • beams -- grins
  • ominous -- a sign of trouble or a warning that something bad is going to happen
  • gracious -- pleasant and polite
  • miserable -- uncomfortable or unhappy
  • self-assurance -- confidence in yourself
  • confound -- to surprise or confuse

Theme 5 Lesson 1

  • intends -- plans to do something
  • recall -- to remember
  • consisted -- made up of several things
  • snatch -- to pull or grab away quickly
  • prideful -- when a person feels satisfied because of something he or she did
  • select -- something that is special or among the best of its kind

Theme 5 Lesson 2

  • opportunities -- chances to do something you want to do
  • recognize -- to know someone when you see them
  • burst -- when a person is excited and they can't wait to say something
  • comfort -- to help a friend feel better about themselves
  • huddle -- to gather closely in a tight group
  • journey -- a long trip from one place to another

Theme 5 lesson 3

  • pathetic -- a person who is sad or lonely, helpless
  • noble -- a person who is honest and unselfish
  • fidget -- to move around restlessly
  • scrounging -- looking around trying to find something
  • suspicion -- when you think someone is guilty of something
  • forlornly -- done in a way that is sad or lonely
  • resolve -- when you make up your mind to do something
  • stingy -- not wanting to share

Theme 5 Lesson 4

  • remarkable -- something that is special in a way that makes people notice
  • extract -- to pull out carefully
  • advantage -- to make good use of something
  • stealthy -- to stay quiet and hidden as it moves about
  • suitable -- something is being used for the thing it was made to be used for
  • withstand -- to be able to stand up to a difficult situation

Theme 5 Lesson 5

  • gorgeous -- a person or thing that is attractive and stunning
  • symbolize -- to represent a certain thing
  • destination -- places people are going
  • reconstruct -- to rebuild something that has been damaged
  • ornate -- decorated with complicated patterns
  • misfortune -- something unlucky or unpleasant happening to someone
  • vigorously -- to do something with energy and enthusiasm
  • festive -- colorful and exciting
  • expectantly -- eagerly waiting for something
  • aspects -- features and elements of a thing

Theme 6 Lesson 1

  • contraption -- a strange looking machine or device
  • submerged -- beneath the surface of the water
  • complicated -- something that has many parts and is hard to understand
  • massive -- huge, heavy
  • obstacles -- things that get in your way of doing something
  • roam -- to wander around
  • elegant -- graceful and pleasing to look at
  • eerie -- something that is strange and makes people feel afraid

Theme 6 Lesson 2

  • sentries -- guards around a camp, fort, or other area
  • cascading -- water falls or rushes downward very fast
  • distant -- far away
  • embed -- stuck firmly to something
  • eroding -- wearing away a little at a time often by wind or water
  • ancient -- very very old
  • glisten -- something that looks wet and shiny
  • weary -- tired from working hard at something and you want to stop

Theme 6 Lesson 3

  • behemoth -- something that is very large
  • fanciful -- something that is not real that comes from the imagination
  • illusion -- something that is not what it appears to be
  • hearty -- a meal that is satisfying with plenty of good food
  • colossal -- huge
  • cordially -- politely, in a friendly way
  • scenic -- a place that has lovely natural features

Theme 6 Lesson 4

  • coddled -- someone who has been treated too kindly and protected too much
  • memorable -- worth remembering
  • dainty -- small and delicate
  • endured -- someone has used personal strength to get through hardships
  • determined -- a person who will do everything possible to accomplish a task
  • pitiful -- so sad and weak that people feel sorry
  • dedicated -- devoting yourself to a purpose

Theme 6 Lesson 5

  • discern -- to be aware of things and be able to tell the differences between things
  • frantically -- to behave in a wild energetic way
  • abruptly -- done very suddenly
  • verify -- to check things out to see if they are true
  • descend -- to move downward
  • vicinity -- nearby
  • distinguished -- to stand out from others in a job or field of work
  • dubious -- doubtful or unsure about something
  • estimate -- make a careful guess about how many things are present
  • scrutinize -- to examine carefully to find out information
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