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Stingray Chaser

Free stingrays and remove harmful algae from the ocean. After removing enough debris from the stingrays, you will be asked to select the correct answer to continue.


Vocabulary Pinball Click on the red flipper buttons to keep the ball in play. Try to hit all of the letters with the ball to spell a word. Next, choose the correct definition for the word. A correct answer gives a free ball and an incorrect takes a ball away. Hold down and release the green button to launch the ball! Try all of the lists or register to make your own!

Word Find

Play the classic Word Search and find game.

Word Scramble - Words Only

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!

Word Scramble - Problems and Definitions

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!


Play hangman with your words. Guess letters to form words from the lists that are added by people just like you! Practice your classroom lists.

List Content

History C 15 part 2

  • Robert Fulton -- man who developed the first successful steamboat
  • Thomas Watson -- Alexander Graham Bell's assistant
  • Robert Goddard -- man who launched the 1st successful liquid-fuel rocket ever built
  • J Rockefeller -- John- man who organized the oil industry in American
  • Alexander Bell -- teacher of deaf mutes who invented the telephone in 1876
  • Wright brothers -- Orville & Wilbur. built and flew the first airplane in 1903
  • Garrett Morgan -- black inventor who made the gas mask, traffic signal with red, yellow and green lights
  • Henry Bessemer -- Englishman who developed method of turning iron ore into steel
  • Samuel Morse -- invented the telegraph and developed the code used. 1st message sent in 1844
  • Thomas Edison -- invented the light bulb, phonograph and many other things
  • Jan Matzeliger -- black inventor who designed the first shoe-lasting machine

History C 16

  • James Cook -- a english explorer who was a Captain and discovered Hawaii
  • T. Roosevelt -- Theodore- leader of the Rough riders during the Spanish-American War. later became president
  • San Juan Hill -- place where the most important land battle of the Spanish-American War was fought
  • territory -- area of landowned by U.S. that isn't a state. people who live there can't vote
  • Seward's icebox -- name given to Alaska by those who thought Alaska was a worthless frozen land
  • George Dewey -- an Admiral. sent to the Philippine Islands to destroy a fleet of Spanish ships during the Spanish-American War
  • William Gorgas -- colonel- army doctor who destroyed the disease-carrying mosquitoes in Cuba and Panama Canal Zone
  • Willam Seward -- secretary of state who purchased Alaska from Russia for $7,200,000.
  • Maine -- U.S. battleship that was sunk while stationed in Cuba; the event led to Spanish-American war
  • Rough Riders -- group of soliers led by T Roosevelt which became famous for thier part in winning the battle of San Juan Hill
  • canal -- man-made waterway
  • Russian America -- name for Alaska when Russia owned it

History C. 15 part 1

  • Billy Sunday -- babseball star who became a famous evangelist
  • industry -- the manufacturing business, a kind of work that uses factories to make things
  • Morse code -- system of short and long dots and dashes to be clicked over telegraph wires
  • Kitty Hawk, NC -- place where the Wright brothersmade their first successful airplane flights
  • Andrew Carnegie -- man who built the steel industry in America
  • Dwight L Moody -- America's most famous evangelist at the end of the 1800's; founder of Moody Bibile Institute
  • immigrant -- person who leaves his country to live in another country
  • telegraph -- machine that sends messages over long distances through wire by electricity
  • Menlo Park, NJ -- location of the laboratory where Thomas Edison did his experiments
  • George Liele -- America's 1st missionary to a foreign land. probably the first ordained black preacher in America
  • Charles Finney -- Lawyer who became one of America's greatest revival preachers
  • pony express -- mail service which used horses to carry the mail from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California
  • assembly line -- method of production where each worker has his own special job to do
  • Adoniram Judson -- missionary who served many years in Burma. Known as the Father of American Missions
  • Clermont -- Robert Fulton's first successful steamboat

List Vocab

  • cancel -- to stop
  • anthem -- a hymn of praise to God or a country
  • prior -- preceding in time
  • perturb -- to disturb greatly
  • import -- to bring in from another country to sell
  • proverb -- a short, wise saying
  • poise -- calmness; self-control
  • maneuver -- to change movement
  • unique -- being the only one of its kind
  • visual -- pertaining to the sense of sight

List 25 Vocab

  • tranquil -- peaceful; quiet
  • conscience -- an inner feeling that tells you when you are doing right or wrong
  • peril -- danger; chance of harm
  • conscious -- aware
  • security -- freedom from danger
  • political -- relating to government
  • poultry -- birds such as chickens, raised for their meat or eggs

List 30

  • annex -- an added part
  • essential -- necessary
  • elevate -- to raise
  • magnify -- to cause to look larger than the real size
  • drought -- a long period of dry weather
  • notable -- remarkable
  • martyr -- a person who is killed or tortured for his beliefs
  • vary -- to make or become different
  • previous -- coming or being before; earlier
  • justified -- cleared of blame or guilt

List 31 vocab

  • capitol -- the building in the state captial where lawmakers meet
  • thrifty -- careful in spending; saving
  • descend -- to go down
  • captial -- the city that is the seat of government of a state, nation, or province
  • charity -- love; generous giving to the poor and the sick
  • vicinity -- the region near a place
  • observant -- quick and careful to notice
  • collide -- to crash together
  • partial -- not complete or total
  • mature -- fully grown or developed

List 33 vocab

  • accountable -- having to answer for one's actions
  • eliminate -- to get rid of
  • possession -- ownership; property
  • hazard -- a source of harm
  • strenuous -- requiring much energy
  • horizon -- the line where earth and sky seem to meet
  • participate -- to take part
  • biography -- the written story of a person's life
  • fundamental -- basic
  • heritage -- a tradition or belief handed down from the past

Vocab List 25

  • tranquil -- peaceful; quiet
  • conscience -- an inner feeling that tells you when you are doing right or wrong
  • origin -- source; beginning
  • peril -- danger; chance of harm
  • conscious -- aware
  • haughty -- showing too much pride in self and scorn for others
  • security -- freedom from danger or fear
  • political -- relating to government
  • poultry -- birds such as chickens, raised for their meat or eggs
  • frequently -- often

Vocab List 26

  • pageant -- an entertainment with scenes from history; a splendid show
  • vicious -- fierce; spiteful
  • character -- what a person is when no one is looking
  • excess -- extra
  • artificial -- imitation; not real
  • precede -- to come before
  • strait -- a narrow waterway connecting 2 large bodies of water
  • antique -- something made long ago
  • responsibility -- duty
  • etiquette -- the rules of polite behavior
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