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List Content

Chapter 1

  • Vulgar -- Spoken by or using the language spoken by the common people rather than literary, cultured, or learned people; vernacular; lacking taste or delicacy
  • Eponym -- A person for whom something is or is thought to be named
  • Parlance -- Aparticular manner or kind of speech
  • Solecism -- The ungrammatical usage of a word or construction of a sentence; a violation of good manners or good taste
  • Diphthong -- A speech sound that consists of either two vowels or a vowel and a semivowel
  • Neologism -- A newly made-up word, phrase, or expression
  • Polyglot -- Consisting of many groups speaking different languages; speaking or writing several languages; a person who knows several languages
  • Appellation -- A name or title that distinguishes or identifies
  • Linguistics -- The study of human speech, especially its components, structure, and nature, and how it changes.
  • Patois -- A dialect other than the standard dialect of a language

Chapter 10

  • Equivalent -- Equal in quality, meaning, or value
  • Invalid -- Being without force in fact, truth, or law
  • Valedictory -- Bidding farewell
  • Avail -- Use, benefit, or advantage
  • Evince -- To show or exhibit, as an emotion
  • Prevail -- To be greater in strength or influence
  • Ambivalence -- Existence of conflicting ideas; uncertainty as to what course to follow
  • Evaluation -- Act of judging the worth of
  • Invaluable -- Of inestimable use or help
  • Vanquish -- To defeat in a battle or competition

Chapter 11

  • Diminish -- To make smaller or less
  • Prodigious -- Impressively great in size or extent
  • Amplitude -- Greatness of size; magnitude
  • Commensurate -- Of the same size, extent, or duration
  • Modicum -- A small amount or quantity
  • Abound -- To be great in number or amount
  • Brevity -- Briefness or duration
  • Infinitesimal -- Immeasurably tiny
  • Quota -- A proportional share assigned to a group
  • Augment -- To make greater, as in size or quantity

Chapter 12

  • Abnegate -- To deny oneself; renounce
  • Countermand -- To cancel or reverse
  • Renunciation -- The act of giving something up
  • Abdicate -- To relinquish formally
  • Catharsis -- A purifying, cleansing, or release of tension
  • Recoup -- To receive an equivalent for; make up for
  • Waive -- To relinquish or give up voluntarily
  • Absolve -- To pronounce clear of blame or guilt
  • Recant -- To make a formal retraction or disvowal of
  • Rescind -- To make void; repeal or annul

Chapter 13

  • Aggregate -- Gathered together into a mass
  • Ensemble -- Any unit that contributes to a single effect
  • Inherent -- Existing as an essential, natural part
  • Adhere -- To stick fast or together by
  • Egregious -- Outstandingly bad; flagrant
  • Gregarious -- Enjoying the company of others
  • Semblance -- Outward appearance; form
  • Dissimulate -- To conceal under a false appearance
  • Facsimile -- An exact reproduction or copy
  • Segregate -- To isolate or separate from others

Chapter 14

  • Rancor -- Bitter, long-lasting resentment; ill will
  • Affront -- To insult intentionally
  • Bellicose -- Warlike in manner or temperament
  • Dissension -- A difference of opinion
  • Schism -- A separation or division into factions
  • Antagonist -- One who opposes another; adversary
  • Contentious -- Quarrelsome
  • Retribution -- Something demanded in repayment
  • Altercation -- A heated and noisy quarrel
  • Breach -- A breaking up or distruption of friendly relations

Chapter 15

  • Arbitration -- The impartial settlement of a dispute
  • Covenant -- A binding agreement made by two parties
  • Entente -- An agreement between two or more governments
  • Status Quo -- The existing state of affairs
  • Consulate -- The premises occupied by a consul
  • Emissary -- Agent who represents the interests of a group
  • Protocol -- Ceremony and etiquette observed by diplomats
  • Attache -- A person assigned to a diplomatic office
  • Discretion -- Quality of exhibiting a cautious reserve
  • Machiavellian -- A doctrine that denies the relevance of morality in political affairs and holds that craft and deceit are justified in pursuing and maintaining political power

Chapter 2

  • Fatalism -- The view that events are determined by fate
  • Providential -- Resulting from divine will
  • Vagary -- A wild or unpredictable notion or action
  • Capricious -- Characterized by sudden, unpredictable changes
  • Propitious -- Presenting favorable circumstances
  • Serendipity -- Ability to make valuable discoveries by chance
  • Amulet -- An object worn to bring luck or to protect against evil or injury; charm
  • Incantation -- Set of words spoken as a magic charm
  • Quirk -- A peculiarity of behavior
  • Vicissitude -- A change, usually sudden or unexpected

Chapter 3

  • Sequel -- Something that follows; continuation; a result or consequence; A literary work that continues an already existing narrative
  • Terminate -- To bring to an end; conclude
  • Converge -- To approach the same point from different directions
  • Pivotal -- Central or crucial to something; very important; pertaining to a pivot
  • Tangential -- Only superficially relevant or related
  • Continuity -- Condition of being without stop
  • Initiate -- To begin; originate; cause to begin; A beginner, novice
  • Subordinate -- One subject to the authority of another; of a lower class or rank; to make inferior
  • Ultimate -- Last; coming at the end; Farthest; extreme; Greatest possible
  • Crux -- The basic or essential feature of something; a baffling or puzzling point

Chapter 4

  • Deploy -- To station systematically over an area; to spread out (troops) to form an extended front
  • Implicit -- Implied or understood although not expressed; having no doubts, unquestioning
  • Replica -- A copy or reproduction of a work
  • Complicity -- Involvement as an accomplice in a crime
  • Implicate -- To involve or connect incriminatingly
  • Plight -- A condition or situation of difficulty or adversity
  • Supple -- Readily bent; pliant; moving and bending with agility
  • Explicate -- To explain; make meaning clearer
  • Inexplicable -- Incapable of being explained or interpreted
  • Replicate -- To duplicate, copy, or repeat

Chapter 5

  • Deprecate -- To express disapproval of; to belitte, depreciate
  • Ostracize -- To banish or exclude from a group; shun
  • Spurn -- To reject or refuse disdainfully
  • Aspersion -- A damaging or false statement; the act of defaming or slandering
  • Execrable -- Extremely inferior; very bad; detestable; hateful
  • Scurrilous -- Using or expressed in vulgar and abusive language; foul-mouthed
  • Vituperation -- Sustained and bitter attack or condemnation; blame
  • Deride -- To laugh at in scorn; scoff at; mock
  • Rebuke -- To criticize or reprimand sharply and sternly; a scolding
  • Vitriolic -- Bitterly severe; harsh; sharp

Chapter 6

  • Tractable -- Easily managed or controlled; docile
  • Accommodating -- Willing to help; obliging
  • Adamant -- Firm and unyielding in purpose or opinion; inflexible
  • Propitiate -- To prevent or reduce the anger of; soothe; appease
  • Willfulness -- Unreasonable stubbornness; the inclination to impose one's will on others
  • Acquiesce -- To consent or comply passively or without protest
  • Compliance -- An act of doing as another wishes or yielding to a request
  • Volition -- An act of willing, choosing, or deciding; power or capability of determining
  • Accord -- Agreement; harmony; A settlement or compromise of conflicting opinions; to give wholeheartedly
  • Camaraderie -- A spirit of loyalty, mutual trust, and good will between friends

Chapter 7

  • Auspices -- Protection or support; patronage; a portent, omen, or augury
  • Despicable -- Deserving of scorn or contempt; vile
  • Prospective -- Likely to become or be; expected
  • Spectrum -- A broad sequence or range of related qualities, ideas, or activities
  • Circumspect -- Heedful of circumstances or consequences; prudent
  • Perspicuity -- The quality of being clearly expressed or easily understood; the ability to perceive or understand keenly
  • Specter -- A phantom; apparition
  • Auspicious -- Attended by favorable circumstances
  • Introspective -- Self-examining; thinking about one's own thoughts and feelings
  • Specious -- Having the ring of truth but actually false

Chapter 8

  • Deft -- Skillful, adroit
  • Incompetent -- Not capable; not properly or well qualified
  • Propensity -- An innate inclination; tendency
  • Cunning -- Skill or adeptness in performance; dexterity
  • Facile -- Done or achieved with little effot or difficulty; easy; working, acting, or speaking effortlessly; fluent
  • Proficient -- Performing in a given art, skill, or branch of learning with expert correctness and facility
  • Consummate -- Supremely accompished or skilled; complete or perfect in every respect
  • Endowment -- A natural gift or quality; funds or property donated to an institution as a source of income
  • Inept -- Awkward or clumsy; not suitable to the circumstances; inappropriate
  • Acuity -- Acuteness of perception; keenness

Chapter 9

  • Query -- A question; inquiry; a doubt in the mind. To express doubt or uncertainty about.
  • Cajole -- To coax gently and persistently; wheedle
  • Exigent -- Requiring immediate attention or remedy
  • Mendicant -- A beggar; practicing begging
  • Blandishment -- The act of coaxing by flattery or wheedling
  • Enjoin -- To direct with authority and emphasis; command
  • Injunction -- A command, directive, or order.
  • Beseech -- To address an earnest or urgent request to; implore
  • Elicit -- To bring out, evoke; to call forth
  • Imperious -- Arrogantly domineering or overbearing
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