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Stingray Chaser

Free stingrays and remove harmful algae from the ocean. After removing enough debris from the stingrays, you will be asked to select the correct answer to continue.


Vocabulary Pinball Click on the red flipper buttons to keep the ball in play. Try to hit all of the letters with the ball to spell a word. Next, choose the correct definition for the word. A correct answer gives a free ball and an incorrect takes a ball away. Hold down and release the green button to launch the ball! Try all of the lists or register to make your own!

Word Find

Play the classic Word Search and find game.

Word Scramble - Words Only

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!

Word Scramble - Problems and Definitions

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!


Play hangman with your words. Guess letters to form words from the lists that are added by people just like you! Practice your classroom lists.

List Content

Lesson 1 Spelling

  • hardship -- difficulty;something that is hard to deal with
  • unaccustomed -- not being to used to
  • jealous -- wanting what someone else has
  • vacant -- not filled; empty
  • desperate -- having little chance for cure or hope
  • qualify -- show that you are able
  • effective -- able to cause some wanted result
  • oath -- saying something that you promise is true; a vow
  • betray -- be unfaithful to; show or reveal
  • civil -- polite or mannerly
  • abandon -- to leave without planning to return
  • tact -- ability to say the right thing

Lesson 10 Spelling

  • numerous -- very many; several
  • excel -- be or do better than
  • compete -- try hard to get something wanted by others
  • menace -- a threat; a nuisance
  • victorious -- having won a victory; conquering
  • mount -- climb up on; get up on
  • oppose -- to be against; act, fight, or go against
  • underestimate -- set too low a value or number
  • flexible -- easily bent; willing to yield or give in
  • sincere -- genuine; real; honest
  • dread -- not looking forward to; causing great fear
  • tendency -- leaning towards; movement in a certain direction

Lesson 11 Spelling

  • discontent -- dissatisfaction; an uneasy feeling
  • glimpse -- a short, quick look or view of
  • hesitate -- not act quickly; be undecided about
  • vocation -- an occupation, business, trade, or profession
  • evidence -- facts or proof
  • frequent -- happening often
  • decade -- a period of ten years
  • conflict -- disagreement
  • vision -- power of seeeing; a sense of sight
  • recent -- done, made, or happening not long ago
  • absurd -- foolish or silly
  • fiction -- something that is made up or imagined

Lesson 12 Spelling

  • urban -- having something to do with cities or town
  • pollute -- make dirty
  • urgent -- demanding immediate attention or action
  • audible -- loud enough to be heard
  • abolish -- do away with
  • frank -- not afraid to say what one thinks
  • prohibit -- to not allow
  • decrease -- to lower in number; amount, or percent
  • ignite -- set on fire
  • population -- the number of people living in a place or doing something there
  • reveal -- make know
  • adequate -- as much as is needed; sufficient

Lesson 13 Spelling

  • migrate -- move from one place to another with the idea of staying there
  • hazy -- misty; smoky; unclear
  • revive -- bring back or come back to life
  • identify -- to name or label; recognize
  • persist -- to continue to do something; continue to believe in something
  • tension -- stress; uneasiness
  • famine -- starvation
  • observant -- quick to notice; watchful
  • advocate -- to work on behalf of someone
  • gleam -- a flash or beam of light
  • journalist -- a person writes for, edits, or produces a newspaper or a magazine
  • commence -- to begin or start

Lesson 14 Spelling

  • thrust -- push with force
  • unruly -- hard to rule or control
  • chaos -- confusion
  • duplicate -- an exact copy; repeat exactly
  • underdog -- person having the worst end of a struggle; one who is expected to lose
  • exclude -- to leave out; to shut or keep out
  • authority -- power; control; person having power or control
  • mediate -- try to settle a dispute or argument
  • bewildered -- completely confused or puzzled
  • plight -- a bad condition
  • opponent -- a person who is on the other side of a fight or game
  • mishap -- an unlucky accident

Lesson 15 Spelling

  • alter -- to make different or change
  • resume -- to begin again
  • pursue -- to go after; to follow
  • pioneer -- one who goes first or prepares the way for others to follow
  • expand -- to grow or increase in size
  • sacred -- worthy of respect; holy; something that is treasured or thought to be important
  • casual -- happening by chance; not formal or fancy
  • fortunate -- lucky; having good luck
  • mature -- grown or developed; ripe
  • pledge -- promise
  • unanimous -- in complete agreement
  • innovative -- clever; having new ideas

Lesson 16 Spelling

  • vast -- very large; wide; taking a lot of space
  • incorporate -- to blend together; a mix of two or more things
  • submerge -- to cover or overflow with water
  • confident -- feeling very certain or sure
  • surpass -- do better than
  • capacity -- the amount or number of items a thing or place can hold
  • accurate -- correct
  • cautious -- careful
  • slender -- slim; narrow
  • doubt -- being uncertain or unsure
  • pierce -- to punture or make a hole in
  • grateful -- to be appreciative; to be thankful

Lesson 17 Spelling

  • wretched -- unfortunate; terrible
  • harsh -- cruel; tough; hard
  • wary -- being uncertain or fearful about
  • avoid -- to ignore or not pay attention to
  • nourish -- to feed
  • opt -- to choose or make a decision about
  • addict -- to devote oneself to or be compulsively attached to something
  • misfortune -- bad luck
  • dismantle -- take apart
  • quantity -- amount; number of things or items
  • appeal -- an attraction; something of interest
  • aware -- knowing about

Lesson 18 Spelling

  • lubricate -- to make a thing easy to move by adding oil or grease
  • tragedy -- a sad or terrible occurrence, action or event
  • budget -- using time or money very carefully
  • reckless -- lacking control
  • economical -- getting a good price for items that you purchase
  • glance -- a quick look
  • manipulate -- handle or treat with skill
  • rave -- talk wildly
  • ingenious -- very clever
  • pedestrian -- a person who travels by foot
  • nimble -- easily movable
  • cope -- being able to handle

Lesson 19 Spelling

  • jagged -- unevenly cut or torn; with sharp points sticking out
  • crafty -- skill in deceiving or tricking others
  • perish -- be destroyed; die
  • prosper -- to be successful; to have good fortune
  • emerge -- come out;come up; come into view
  • ambush -- a surprise attack from a surprise place
  • vigor -- active strength or force
  • captive -- captive - prisoner
  • linger -- stay on; remain longer
  • defiant -- disobedient; openly resisting
  • fragile -- easily broken; delicate
  • devour -- eat up hungrily

Lesson 2 Spelling

  • tempt -- to try to get someone to do something
  • confront -- to meet or deal with a problem or serious situation
  • frigid -- very cold
  • peril -- danger
  • sinister -- evil; wicked; dishonest
  • dismal -- dark and depressing; especially bad
  • numb -- deadened; without being able to feel
  • shriek -- to scream
  • reliable -- something that can be depended on; worthy of trust
  • conceal -- hide
  • inhabit -- to live in
  • essential -- necessary; very important

Lesson 20 Spelling

  • collide -- hit hard against; bump into
  • anticipate -- look forward to; expect
  • merit -- goodness; value; something that deserves reward or praise
  • baffle -- hard for someone to understand or solve
  • weary -- tired; worn out
  • verify -- prove to be true
  • detour -- a road that is used when the direct one cannot be driven on
  • relieve -- make easier; to reduce the pain; help; take over for someone
  • plea -- strong request
  • confirm -- to make certain
  • dilemma -- a difficult problem
  • transmit -- pass along; send over

Lesson 3 Spelling

  • minimum -- the smallest or lowest amount
  • persuade -- to try to convince someone to do something or believe something
  • visible -- able to be seen
  • devise -- think out; plan
  • typical -- usual
  • annual -- once a year
  • blend -- to mix together
  • privilege -- a right granted as a favor
  • scarce -- hard to get; rare
  • accomplice -- someone who helps another person commit a crime
  • expensive -- high priced
  • accompany -- to go or be together with

Lesson 4 Spelling

  • villain -- a very wicked or bad person
  • humid -- moist and damp
  • circulate -- to move around
  • vanish -- to disappear
  • eliminate -- get rid of; remove
  • utilize -- make use of
  • descend -- come down from a higher place to a lower level
  • predict -- to guess what is going to happen
  • coincidence -- something happening at the same time as something else without being planned
  • dense -- thick; close together
  • influence -- having power over
  • enormous -- very great in size

Lesson 5 Spelling

  • explore -- examine; look at closely; go over carefully
  • evade -- try to get away with because of being tricky or clever
  • burden -- a load; a big problem; something that is heavy to carry
  • assemble -- gather together; bring together
  • debate -- a discussion in which reasons for and against something are talked about
  • interpret -- to explain the meaning of
  • rural -- having to do with the country; in the country
  • majority -- more than half; the larger part; the larger number
  • topic -- a subject that people think, write, or talk about
  • probe -- search into; investigate
  • tradition -- beliefs or customs that are handed down from one generation to another
  • guarantee -- a promise to pay or do something if another fails to do it

Lesson 6 Spelling

  • precise -- exact
  • approach -- come near or nearer to; a way of doing something
  • employee -- a person who works for pay
  • undoubtedly -- certainly; beyond doubt
  • client -- a customer; a person for whom a lawyer works
  • defect -- damage; that which is wrong
  • deceive -- make someone believe something that is false to be true
  • thorough -- complete; having all that is needed for something
  • interpret -- to explain the meaning of
  • detect -- find out; discover
  • neglect -- give too little care or attention to
  • popular -- liked by most people

Lesson 7 Spelling

  • consent -- agree; give permission or appproval
  • preserve -- keep safe; protect; keep from harm or change
  • restrict -- keep within limits; confine
  • gloomy -- dark; dim; in low spirits or in a sad mood
  • postpone -- put off until a later time or date
  • impact -- collision; striking of one thing against another
  • unique -- being the only one of its kind; rare; unusual
  • prolong -- make longer; extend; stretch
  • massive -- big and heavy; bulky
  • loyalty -- faithfulness; being true to
  • resent -- to feel or express annoyance at
  • unforseen -- not known beforehand; unexpected

Lesson 8 Spelling

  • mediocre -- neither good or bad; average; ordinary
  • survive -- remain alive after a terrible event; live longer than someone or something else
  • security -- freedom from danger, care, fear; feeling safe
  • obvious -- easily seen or understood; clear to the eye or mind; not to be doubted; plain to see
  • amateur -- person who does something for pleasure, not for money or as a profession
  • valid -- supported by facts or truth
  • prominent -- well-known; important
  • reluctant -- unwilling or unsure about doing something
  • exaggerate -- make something greater than it really is;
  • variety -- a number of different things or types of things
  • weird -- mysterious; strange; unusual
  • bulky -- taking up a lot of space; large and cumbersome

Lesson 9 Spelling

  • resist -- to oppose; to act or be against something
  • challenge -- something difficult to do or handle
  • rage -- violent anger
  • undeniable -- without a doubt; cannot be questioned
  • ignore -- to pay no attention to
  • source -- place from which something is gotten; a place where something comes from
  • century -- 100 years
  • conclude -- to finish or end; to come to a decision
  • lack -- not having enough of something
  • miniature -- something very tiny or small
  • vicinity -- neighborhood; area close to something or someone
  • document -- something handwritten or printed that gives information or proof of some fact
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