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Play hangman with your words. Guess letters to form words from the lists that are added by people just like you! Practice your classroom lists.

List Content


  • court -- Everyone stood when Judge Jurgen entered the __ and took her place on the bench.
  • recreation -- Zane's favorite __ is wake surfing and wake boarding.
  • amazing -- It is __ that people can travel to the moon.
  • tackle -- the tools needed for some activity or sport
  • amazed -- Zane's parents where __ when he made a 100!
  • interval -- Zane does his homework in __ because it is too much at one time.
  • league -- Third baseman Ellis has the best batting average in our __.
  • limit -- There is a __ on the number of people who can fit in a boat.
  • elect -- The people in the United states __ Obama for president.


  • foul -- a BLANK smeall of chemicals cam from the jewelry polishing factory.
  • rigs -- Oil BLANK pump oil form a thousand feet deep.
  • schedule -- The BLANK says that the last bus for Los Angeles leaves at midnight.
  • credit -- The Simpsons bought their car on BLANK and will make car payments of three hundered dollars a month for several years.
  • rigged -- Sawyer and I wanted a shady place to sit in the backyard, so we BLANK up a tent using two broom handles and an old blanket.


  • gust -- The BLANK of wind broke our trampoline.
  • fouls -- When you get more than four BLANK in baksetball you are pulled out of the game.
  • foul -- With dark cloiuds above and a rising wind in our face, we biked as fast as we could to reach home before the BLANK weather hit.
  • credit -- I gave Zane the BLANK for finding my phone.
  • rigged -- Mom BLANK the sails while we loaded the picnic basket, towels and life jackets on the boat.


  • digest -- Because Janine cannot blank milk , her parents give her soy drinks.
  • hinge -- Roger oiled the steel blank on our front gate from time to time so they would not rust.
  • nursery -- on our visit to the hopsital we stopped by the blank to take a look at our new cousin .
  • spine -- The blank protects the nerves that run from the brain to every part of the boday
  • containers -- Marina and Sam loved visiting the bead shop where samll square blank hel beads of many different colors, sizes, shapes.
  • habit -- Katie's blank of saying " you know" after every sentence is annoying
  • marshy -- Reeds and cattails grow in the blank area near the lake
  • reliable -- Until he could repair the brakes, Dad said our car was not blank for a trip from Houston to Minneapolis.
  • contains -- A drop of pond water Blank thousands of tiny living creatures.
  • finicky -- Adriana knew her parents would think she was being blank, but she was just not hungry.
  • marshes -- The blank near long island sound provide a home for many snails, crabs, and minnows
  • rely -- When they asked Diane if they could blank on her to deliver the secret message to the right person, she said "of course".
  • thrive -- Lavender plants blank in sunny spots without too much water.


  • spine -- a think , sharp, stiff part that sticks out on certain plants and animals
  • nursery -- a place where plants are grown for sale
  • reliable -- trustworthy; not likely to fail
  • habit -- a special kind of clothing worn by a certain group
  • thrive -- to do well; to grow stong and healthy


  • habit -- A very important part of riding blank is the hard helmet to protect the head in case of a fall
  • rely -- I blank on my mom to pick me up and drop me off at school everyday.
  • spine -- The one inch long blank on a prickly pear cactus have been used to make toothpicks and needles.
  • nursery -- Aunt Ruby went to the blank to choose tow locust trees to plant in front of her house.
  • finicky -- I am a blank eater becuase I do not like a lot of things my parents cook.

Lesson .2

  • acts -- During the interval between BLANK one and two, we can walk outside for some fresh air.
  • fanned -- As Garcie BLANK herself with a folded newspaper, the children built sandcastles at the edge of water
  • act -- Giving clothes and food to the family who lost everything in the house fire was a generous BLANK
  • fans -- Some BLANK are made of folded sitff material and can be spread open for use.
  • acted -- Ellie BLANK at once when I asked her to help me move the sofa
  • pause -- After a short BLANK to catch her breath, Alexis set off for the top of the hill.

lesson 11

  • diagram -- a plan or drawing that shows how something works or how different parts fit together.
  • graduate -- a person who has finished a course of study
  • frutrating -- causing one to be upset or discouraged
  • frustrate -- to keep from carrying out a plan or reaching a goal
  • graduated -- to finish a course of study and recieve a diploma

Lesson 11.4

  • primary -- When we finish Blank school, we will go on the the middle school
  • urge -- a stronge feeling of wanting something; a strong wish
  • stress -- Although Renee enjoys being on the swim team, she also feels blank before each race
  • risk -- We put on sunscreen to lowe the blank of skin cancer
  • frustrate -- to keep from carring out a plan or reaching a goal

Lesson 3

  • fanned -- the students BLANK out over the park , picking up any paper trash or empty bottles they found.
  • crumple -- Sue's shirt was BLANK after she stuffed it into the bottom of her bag and forgot about it.
  • fan -- On hot summer days, the ceiling BLANK keeps the living room very comfortable.
  • advice -- Gary asked Selena for BLANK about training his frisky dog peanuts.
  • act -- One BLANK in the springn festival will be a Guatemalan folk dance.
  • acted -- In the wizard of oz, Bert Lahr BLANK the part of the cowardly lion.

Lesson 4

  • nectar --
  • suitable --
  • cocoon --
  • cocoon -- silky case that a caterpillar makes to protect itself before becoming butterfly
  • moist --
  • span --
  • border --
  • border -- dividing line between 2 states or countries
  • moisture --
  • average -- result of adding a set of numbers and then dividing by total number in that set
  • process --
  • average --
  • average -- usual amount or kind of something
  • flutter --
  • flutter -- to wave or flap quickly but not regularly

Lesson 4 correction

  • average --
  • flutter --
  • nectar --
  • timber --
  • coccon --
  • moist --
  • span --
  • suitable --
  • border --
  • moisture --
  • process --

Lesson 4.1

  • suitable -- fit or right for some purpose or event
  • moist -- damp or slightly wet
  • process -- a number of steps that one take in order to do or make something
  • span -- stretch from 1 side to the other
  • average -- not special or unusual; ordinary
  • moisture -- small amount of water or other liquid, often in form of small drops
  • nectar -- a sweet liquid produced by many flowering plants
  • span -- period or length of time
  • timber -- wooded areas of trees that can be used for wood products
  • timber -- tree trunks that can be cut into planks or boards
  • span -- the distance or a section between 2 objects or supports

Lesson 5 voc

  • arctic -- very cold
  • elect -- to choose by voting for
  • amaze -- to surprise or cause wonder
  • amazing -- causing wonder or surprise
  • court -- an open,flat area marked off for a game or sport
  • interval -- a period of time between events

Lesson 5.2

  • limit -- a line or point beyond wich one may not go
  • tackle -- to grab or get in the way of a player in a game inorder to stop them or take the ball
  • interval -- a space between 2 things
  • arctic -- many people could not start their cars during las week's ___ weather.
  • league -- a group of people that works together for a common purpose
  • recreation -- anything a person does to relax or have fun; play
  • elect -- to make a choice
  • amazing -- It is ____ but true that time would slow down aboard a space ship travelign at high speed.
  • milestone -- a stone marker that gives the distance in miles to another point
  • court -- the home of a king,queen, or other royal person
  • amazed -- Freddy ___ his parents by tidying his room without being told.

Lesson 5.3

  • tackle -- to do or try to do something
  • elect -- this year Sui Lu ___ to go to summer camp closer to home
  • limit -- to keep from going beyond a certain point
  • Arctic -- the area around the North Pole,
  • league -- a group of sports teams to see which is best
  • court -- the place where a judge holds trials and decides matters of law.
  • interval -- The announcer explained that there would be a ten minute __before the next race began.
  • milestone -- an important event

Lesson 5.4

  • elect -- The 4th grade studens __ the class president.
  • limit -- At our library, the __ to the number of books a person can borrow at one time is 10.
  • tackle -- Just as I caught the ball, Ian __ me
  • recreation -- Sally's favorite __ is ice-skating.
  • milestone -- On our hike we rested by a __ that said"Camden 26 miles."
  • interval -- the row of old oak trees, bordering the road, had been planted at __ of forty feet.
  • court -- After school, my friends and I met at the basketball __ to practice different shots.
  • league -- The__ began in 1993 to protect the wild lands in Alaska.
  • Arctic -- Polar bears, caribou and snowy owls are some of the animals that live in the ___.

lesson 5.5

  • limit -- Because teh party will be in the park, we will not __ the number of people who can attend.
  • league -- a group of sports teams that play each other to see who is best
  • tackle -- Dad told my brothers and me that after cleaning our rooms, we could __ the basement.
  • court -- Each spring, knights and ladies gathered at the __ of Queen Eleanor of France, for contest, food and dance.
  • milestone -- Sending humans to the moon and bringing them back to Earth was an important __ in history of space travel.

Lesson 6

  • continent -- One of the seven great land areas of the world(Africa,Antarctica, NA, SA, Asia, Eruope, Austraila)
  • foul -- having an unpleasant taste or smell
  • plateau -- a braod, flat area of high ground
  • chasm -- a deep crack or opening in the earth
  • enable -- to make possilbe; to give the means to bring about
  • ordeal -- an unpleasant, painful, difficult experience or test
  • schedule -- a plan that gives expected time for different things to happen
  • credit -- Honor or praise; a way of expressing thanks
  • gust -- a sudden increase in the strength of the wind
  • rig -- to make or do something by using whatever is nearby

Lesson 6.2

  • schedule -- A flat tire put Lillian a half an hour behind BLANK. on her bike trip across Michigan.
  • foul -- in sports, a move or paly that is against the rule
  • ordeal -- an unpleasant, painful, or difficult experience or test
  • rig -- a machine or construction that is used for a special purpose
  • credit -- After the kitten was rescued, eveyone gave the BLANK to marcia, who had quickly climbed teh tree to get it.

Lesson 7

  • additional -- added or extra
  • fan -- something that causes air to move inorder to cool whatever it blows on
  • pause -- to stop for a short time before going on.
  • act -- something that is done
  • crumple -- to cursh toghether; to bend or press into creases or winkles
  • mystify -- to confuse or puzzle someone
  • vanish -- to go out of sight; to disappear
  • advice -- ideas or suggestions offered to help someone with a problem or situation
  • memorize -- to fix in one's memory exactly; to learn by heart
  • transparent -- allowing light to pas through freely so that one can see clearly

Lesson 7.1

  • crumple -- Sue's shirt was BLANK after she stuffed it into the bottom of her bag and forgot about it
  • mystified -- how Colleen was able to find the right card BLANK all of us
  • transparent -- Several kinds of fish swam past us in the BLANK waters of the lake.
  • act -- a show that is put on
  • advice -- Gary asked Selena for BLAND about training his frisky dog Peanuts
  • memorize -- It amazes me how quickly Jerrard can BLANK the words of a song he has heard
  • pause -- a short break or rest from what has been going on
  • additional -- Andres brought an BLANK bottle of water to the tennis court because the day was quite warm
  • fan -- someone who closely follows a group, team, or person
  • paused -- ms Bonnaire BLANK to see if we had questions and then finished giving us the directions for the game.
  • vanish -- As the ship headed out into the channel, the land BLANK udner a layer of early morning fog.
  • acted -- to do something

lesson 8

  • thrive -- to do well; to grow strong and healthy
  • digest -- to change food after it has been eaten into simpler forms that the boday can use
  • hinge -- a joint on a lid or door that allows it to swing open or shut
  • nursery -- a room or other place set aside for the use of babies and small children
  • spine -- the backbone
  • container -- a jar, box or othe object used for holding something.
  • habit -- something that a person does so often that it is done without thinking
  • marshy -- soft and moist underfoot
  • reliable -- trustworthy; not likely to fail
  • contain -- to hold; to have within itself
  • finicky -- Hard to please; fussy
  • marsh -- a low lying area often covered with tall grasses, where the ground is soft and wet
  • rely -- to count on; to look to for support

Lesson 9

  • misery -- a feeling of great unhappiness
  • confess -- to say or admit that one has done something wrong
  • hint -- information given to help somone to answer a question; a clue
  • malicious -- done with a wish to harm or cause pain
  • attitude -- a way of thinking or feeling about certain things
  • gradual -- happening slowly; taking place little by little
  • malice -- the wish to hurt others on purpose
  • miserable -- very unhappy or unpleasant
  • defend -- to keep from being attacked; to protect
  • individual -- a single person, apart from others in a group

lesson 9.2

  • hint -- to suggest something without saying directly what one means
  • attitude -- Complaining and grouchy before lunch, Tina had quite a different Blank after she had eaten something.
  • malice -- Although Camilla felt no blank toward whoever stole her wallet, she was going to be angry if it was not returned.
  • defend -- to speak for; to argue in favor of
  • miserable -- very bad; of poor quality
  • gradual -- The rising sea level is caused by the blank melting of the ice cap in Antarcitca.
  • misery -- The flash flood brought blank to hudnerds of families whose homes were not standing in four feet of water
  • individual -- meant for just one
  • confessed -- When my older sister accused me of getting spots on her best sweater, I blank that I had, but by accident.
  • malicioius -- Everyone agreed that spray painting words on the side of the new store was a blank thing to do

lesson 9.3

  • individual -- At the kennel, all the animals were kept in blank cages.
  • defend -- to speak for; to argue in favor of
  • hinted -- Rosa had blank so often about receiving a puppy for her birthday that her parents felt they could not disappoint her.
  • miserable -- We discovered what a blank job the roofer had done when we foudn a leak in the attic after the next rainstorm.
  • hint -- to suggest something without saying directly what one means
  • misery -- The flash flood brought blank to hundreds of families whose names were now standing in four feet of water
  • defended -- My cousin blank me when my bother complained that I never helped with the dishes.


  • diagram -- Ahmad quickly made a BLANK of the stockroom showing us where he wanted each box placed.
  • graduates -- The BLANK proudly walked up on stage to recieve their diploma
  • primary -- first in importance
  • stress -- to pay special attention to
  • vigourous -- demanding strength or energy
  • frustrating -- seeing his favorite ball on the dresser just out of reach was very BLANK to Yves.
  • prank -- a playful trick or joke
  • risky -- likely to cause harm or damage; dangerous
  • vacant -- having nothing or no one in it; not filled; empty
  • frustrated -- The foul weather today BLANK our plan to visit the zoo.
  • graduated -- After Sarah BLANK from high school, she worked for a year to save money for college
  • risk -- to take a chance on being hurt or losing something
  • urge -- to speak strongly for something; to argue in favor of something


  • stress -- special force put on a work or part of a word
  • primary -- first in order
  • stress -- A strain or pressure put on a person or thing
  • vacant -- As the children explored teh second floor of the old castle, they found room after room completely BLANK.
  • risk -- You BlANK being thrown from the car in an accident if you do not wear a seat belt.
  • urge -- Annabel felt an Blank to walk straight through the mud puddle in her good shoes.
  • prank -- For a BLANK, Melanie put a rubber snake in Mr. Donne's desk drawer.
  • risky -- Mike did not think it was a BLANk to ride his bike without his helmet until he fell and hit his head
  • urge -- a strong feeling ow wanting to do something; a strong wish
  • Primary -- After the fire, the family's Blank need was a place to stay
  • urged -- Because we liked the play at the children's theater so much we Blank our cousins to see it.
  • risk -- the chance of getting hurt or suffering loss or failure
  • stressed -- The dentist BLANK the importance of burshing our teeth daily to keep them healthy
  • vigourous -- My Grandparents enjoyed their BLANK hike in the White Mountains.


  • gust -- As the hurricane got closer, the BLANK of wind shook the house.
  • credit -- a way of buying things and paying for them later
  • schedule -- a list of times when trains, buses and airplanes arrive and leave
  • enable -- Living for a year in Greece BLANK eveyone in my family to learn to speak some Greek.
  • plateau -- After a thousand-foot climb, the explores reached the BLANK.
  • rig -- to set up sails on a boat
  • continent -- Because Antarctica is very cold, it is the BLANK with the fewest people.
  • ordeal -- Leana's visit to the dentist was not the BLANK she had feared it would be.
  • foul -- Stormy, with stong winds and heavy rain
  • chasm -- When we came to the BLANK , we sawthat the only way across was an old rope bridge.
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