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Stingray Chaser

Free stingrays and remove harmful algae from the ocean. After removing enough debris from the stingrays, you will be asked to select the correct answer to continue.


Vocabulary Pinball Click on the red flipper buttons to keep the ball in play. Try to hit all of the letters with the ball to spell a word. Next, choose the correct definition for the word. A correct answer gives a free ball and an incorrect takes a ball away. Hold down and release the green button to launch the ball! Try all of the lists or register to make your own!

Word Find

Play the classic Word Search and find game.

Word Scramble - Words Only

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!

Word Scramble - Problems and Definitions

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!


Play hangman with your words. Guess letters to form words from the lists that are added by people just like you! Practice your classroom lists.

List Content

Lesson 1

  • foisted -- unwanted; to have no choice
  • deprive -- to keep away
  • queasy -- to feel sick in your stomach
  • annoyed -- to feel angry or upset
  • pact -- an agreement or deal between two people
  • venture -- a risky project or adventure

Lesson 10

  • solitary -- to be alone most of the time
  • exuberant -- full of excitement, energy, and happiness
  • encircle -- to surround something
  • pliable -- easy to move or bend without breaking
  • vulnerable -- weak and unprotected; at risk of being harmed
  • lumbers -- to move slowly and in a clumsy way
  • comprehend -- to understand
  • scan -- to look carefully over an area for something specific
  • mature -- fully grown; to behave like an adult
  • nurture -- to care for something while it is growing and developing

Lesson 11

  • obvious -- easily seen or understood
  • traits -- qualities or characteristics of a person or thing
  • mimic -- to act like or try to look like a person or thing
  • deceptive -- to make someone believe something that is not true
  • predator -- animals that kill and eat other animals
  • avoid -- to keep away from a person or thing
  • resemble -- to look similar to a person or a thing
  • lure -- to make you want to go near something even if it is dangerous

Lesson 12

  • erupt -- to burst through a surface
  • revealed -- something that was hidden but can now be seen
  • immediate -- something that happens right away
  • gradually -- something that happens slowly over time
  • constant -- something that happens without stopping
  • depths -- the deepest part; such as the ocean
  • contract -- to get smaller by shrinking

Lesson 13

  • skeptical -- to express doubt that something is true
  • plunge -- to rush into suddenly
  • scoff -- to speak in a critical way; to mock
  • drudgery -- hard, unpleasant, and boring work
  • alter -- to change
  • discouraged -- to not believe things will turn out as you hoped
  • treacherous -- dangerous and unpredictable
  • smolder -- to burn slowly from the inside without flames

Lesson 14

  • fascinated -- to be very interested or attentive to someone or something
  • peculiar -- stange and unusual
  • dash -- to suddenly run away
  • hermit -- a person who lives alone away from other people
  • timid -- shy and unsure of oneself
  • tremble -- to shake
  • occasionally -- to happen once in a while
  • drab -- something that is dull and lacks color

Lesson 15

  • delectable -- food that tastes really good; delicious
  • privilege -- special right that certain people can have
  • guidance -- to provide help and advice
  • hoist -- to raise something up
  • fragile -- easily broken or damaged
  • seasoned -- to have a lot of experience
  • cherish -- something that means a lot; to care for it lovingly
  • pristine -- clean and untouched
  • intrepid -- to be brave and have no fear
  • undoubtedly -- something that will definitely happen

Lesson 16

  • trample -- to step on something and damage it
  • quest -- a journey with a specific purpose
  • hoaxer -- someone who tries to trick other people
  • perfect -- to improve something to the best it can be
  • tinker -- to try to fix or adjust something
  • forged -- to use great effort to form something
  • barriers -- objects that keep others from moving ahead

Lesson 17

  • participate -- to be involved in something
  • brilliant -- very bright and shiny (like a diamond)
  • mischievous -- someone who likes to play tricks on others
  • ancestors -- people who lived before you in your family
  • graceful -- to move in a smooth way
  • exotic -- something that came from a faraway place and is unusual and interesting

Lesson 18

  • stature -- the height of a person
  • resourceful -- a person who is good at finding ways to solve a problem
  • vast -- wide; large; great in size
  • rouse -- to wake or startle a person
  • inadvertently -- to do something without trying to do it
  • bountiful -- to have a lot of something
  • relentless -- to refuse to give up
  • intention -- purpose; what a person plans to do

Lesson 19

  • magnificent -- beautiful and impressive
  • confident -- to be sure about oneself or what you are doing
  • anxious -- to worry
  • declare -- to announce in a clear way
  • gloat -- to brag in a mean way
  • insist -- to demand in a firm way; to refuse to change your mind
  • distressed -- to feel sad and unhappy

Lesson 2

  • gape -- to stare with an open mouth; surprised
  • glare -- to stare in an angry way
  • mutter -- to whisper under your breath
  • snicker -- to laugh in a mean way
  • fluke -- something unusual; to happen once
  • legendary -- someone who is famous
  • flinch -- to move quickly
  • stunned -- to be shocked by something

Lesson 20

  • ominous -- warning; a sign something bad is going to happen
  • gracious -- to be pleasant and polite
  • monitor -- to check progress on a regular basis
  • looming -- something that is likely to happen
  • miserable -- to feel uncomfortable or unhappy
  • self-assurance -- self-confident and secure
  • install -- to put something into place so it can be used
  • confound -- to surprise or confuse someone
  • beam -- to grin or smile
  • exposed -- uncovered and unprotected

Lesson 21

  • intend -- a plan to do something
  • select -- to be among the best; special quality
  • prideful -- to be full of pride; to feel really good about something
  • recall -- to remember
  • consisted -- to be made of
  • snatch -- to grab or pull away

Lesson 22

  • burst -- to be excited and want to share
  • comfort -- to help someone feel better
  • huddle -- to gather together in a group
  • journey -- a trip; usually takes a long time
  • opportunities -- chances to do something you want to do
  • recognize -- to know someone

Lesson 23

  • forlorn -- to feel sad and lonely
  • resolve -- to make up your mind to do something
  • stingy -- a person who doesn't share
  • pathetic -- a person or thing that is sad or helpless
  • noble -- a person who is honest and unselfish
  • fidget -- restless; to move around
  • scrounging -- to look around trying to find something
  • suspicion -- to think someone is quilty

Lesson 24

  • advantage -- to make good use of something
  • stealthy -- to be quiet and hidden
  • suitable -- just right
  • withstand -- able to get through something; usually something difficult
  • remarkable -- something that is special so others may notice
  • extract -- to carefully remove something

Lesson 25

  • vigorously -- to do something wiht energy
  • festive -- colorful and exciting
  • expectantly -- eager; look forward to it
  • aspects -- the features of something
  • gorgeous -- beautiful; attractive
  • symbolize -- to represent something
  • destination -- a place someone is going to
  • reconstruct -- to rebuild
  • ornate -- overly decorated
  • misfortune -- unlucky or unpleasant

Lesson 3

  • sizzle -- hot ; to make a hissing sound
  • surrender -- to stop fighting; give up
  • cluster -- a tight group; grapes, people
  • sparkling -- to shine clear and bright
  • stroll -- to walk slowly; to wander
  • particular -- to like one thing; something specific

Lesson 4

  • fury -- strong anger
  • accusing -- to think or say someone is guilty
  • crane -- to stretch to see or hear better
  • avert -- to look or move away
  • stern -- to be serious or strict
  • cringe -- to move or flinch slightly because of fear or pain
  • interrogation -- to get information by asking a lot of questions
  • solemnly -- to speak in a serious way

Lesson 5

  • reminiscent -- to think about memories in the past
  • commence -- to begin
  • consternation -- when a person feels upset or worried
  • serenely -- to be calm and quiet
  • recruit -- to get someone to join a group
  • downcast -- to feel sad; to be hopeless
  • extensive -- a large amount
  • pensive -- to think deeply about something
  • culinary -- skills or tools related to cooking
  • vivid -- very bright colors

Lesson 6

  • jostle -- to push or knock against someone or something
  • pounce -- to eagerly jump on something in order to take it
  • dart -- to move suddenly and quickly
  • attentive -- to carefully listen or watch
  • responsible -- able to be trusted
  • swerve -- to turn suddenly to avoid hitting something
  • contradict -- to express the opposite side or idea

Lesson 7

  • untangle -- to untie knots or straighten a twist
  • rumpled -- messy or wrinkled
  • taut -- to stretch or pull tightly
  • lurk -- to wait quietly hidden before doing something bad
  • reluctant -- to not want to do something
  • inspect -- to look at closely
  • resound -- to fill with sound
  • surge -- to feel something suddenly or strongly

Lesson 8

  • slick -- a smart, clever way to present something
  • cease -- to stop
  • impressed -- to admire someone or something
  • fierce -- angry, violent, or ready to attack
  • nimble -- to move quickly, lightly, and easily
  • exist -- something that is real and present in the world

Lesson 9

  • preserve -- to keep from being harmed or damaged
  • unique -- one of a kind
  • delicate -- something that can break easily; to be done with care
  • inspire -- excited about doing something good
  • intervals -- to repeat over and over with a certain amount of time in between
  • bond -- to unite two or more people or groups
  • infest -- large numbers of insects or animals that usually cause damage
  • flexible -- to bend easily
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