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School:East Rochester
Location:New York

Stingray Chaser

Free stingrays and remove harmful algae from the ocean. After removing enough debris from the stingrays, you will be asked to select the correct answer to continue.


Vocabulary Pinball Click on the red flipper buttons to keep the ball in play. Try to hit all of the letters with the ball to spell a word. Next, choose the correct definition for the word. A correct answer gives a free ball and an incorrect takes a ball away. Hold down and release the green button to launch the ball! Try all of the lists or register to make your own!

Word Find

Play the classic Word Search and find game.

Word Scramble - Words Only

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!

Word Scramble - Problems and Definitions

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!


Play hangman with your words. Guess letters to form words from the lists that are added by people just like you! Practice your classroom lists.

List Content

Lesson 10 Storytown

  • aghast -- you are shocked and disgusted by something
  • absentminded -- you forget something easily
  • charity -- showing kindness by giving money or gifts to organizations that need them
  • inadequate -- something that is not as good or as large as it needs to be
  • amends -- you make positive changes to something like a list
  • eminent -- a person who is well-known or famous
  • disgruntled -- unhappy because things didn't go your way
  • dismayed -- you are upset about something and unsure of how to deal with it
  • concoction -- is a mix of different things, often put together without much planning
  • modest -- a person who does not brag or show off

Lesson 13 Storytown

  • bellowing -- loud, low pitch sound usually made in distress
  • betrayed -- is when someone you trusted has let you down
  • escapadeds -- are carefree, mischievous or reckless adventures
  • reputation -- is what he or she is known for
  • withered -- when something is dried up and faded
  • outcast -- someone who has been rejected or driven out by others
  • yearning -- the great desire to have something you may never be able to get
  • unfathomable -- something that can not be understood or known

Lesson 18

  • compartments -- something that has separate sections for keeping things
  • invasion -- happens when many people or animals enter a place at once
  • phobia -- being terrified of something without really having a good reason for the fear
  • wispy -- something that is thin, lightweight, and easily broken
  • swayed -- something that is moving back and forth
  • vetoed -- something that someone has rejected

Lesson 6 Storytown

  • wistful -- feel as though your wishes probably won't come true; sad
  • raspy -- a noise that sounds rough and harsh
  • irresistable -- something that is difficult to turn away from; can't resist it
  • grim -- someone or something is serious or frowning
  • revelers -- people who are having fun at a lively party or celebration
  • grateful -- feel thankful for someone or something
  • swarmed -- animals that move quickly and gather in large numbers

Lesson 7 Storytown

  • outlandish -- something that is bizzare, strange, and unusual
  • nudged -- to push or poke at something
  • proclaimed -- to have announced something to a group of people
  • assured -- to make you feel better about something
  • ruckus -- to make a lot of noise or fuss about something
  • fret -- to think about and worry about something

Lesson 8 Storytown

  • crucial -- something extremely important
  • perserverance -- never give up, try try again
  • appealed -- to make a request with a lot of feelings
  • maneuvered -- to move or guide something carefully
  • persuading -- trying to get someone to agree with your plan or opinion
  • crisis -- a situation that suddenly becomes very dangerous or difficult
  • encountered -- to meet someone upexpectedly
  • destiny -- to feel that certain things happen because they were meant to be

Lesson 9 Storytown

  • scholars -- someone who have studied certain topics and know a lot about them
  • proportion -- something that is made with equal parts - nothing too big or too small
  • gesture -- something you do or say to express a feeling to someone
  • envisioned -- something you have pictured in your mind
  • specialized -- someone has given most of his or her time and attention to one specific thing
  • resisted -- someone or something that has been very difficult or impossible to change

NYS SS Review Week

  • Federalism -- sharing the powers between the state and national governments
  • Constitution -- a written document of how our government should work
  • Executive -- branch of government that enforces laws (president)
  • President -- head of our country and executive branch
  • Amendments -- changes made to the constitution
  • Judicial -- branch of government that makes sure laws are fair (supreme and federal courts)
  • Democracy -- form of government that allows citizens to vote for their leaders
  • Checks/Balances -- a system that makes sure no branch of government has all the power
  • Congress -- the House of Representatives and the Senate (legislative branch)
  • Legislative -- branch of government that writes the laws (congress)

Storytown Leeson 23

  • gouges -- to make a deep cut or dent in it
  • fervor -- to speak with great emotion and strong belief
  • bustles -- to move in a busy and energetic way
  • assuage -- to make something less painful and troubling
  • desolate -- a person will feel lonely and sad
  • immaculate -- something that is extremely clean and tidy

Storytown Lesson 11

  • dignified -- when you behave in a calm serious, and respectful manner
  • conducted -- when a person ledsor guided an activity
  • inflammable -- something that can catch fire easily and burns rapidly
  • seldom -- when something hardly happens
  • broached -- when a ship has turned onto its side and is in danger of sinking
  • rowdy -- people who are noisy, rough and out of control
  • shatter -- something that has broken suddenly and violently into small pieces

Storytown Lesson 12

  • pesky -- something that is annoying but not important
  • adjust -- you change your behavior to fit a new situation
  • recoil -- to jerk or jump suddenly
  • debris -- scattered pieces of something that has been destroyed
  • specimens -- examples of things scientists collect in order to study
  • internal -- something that is inside a person, object, or place
  • residents -- the people or animals that live in a place

storytown lesson 14

  • intricate -- something that is complicated or involved and has many small parts or details
  • elastic -- something that stretches easily
  • underlying -- something that is located below or beneath
  • replenish -- refilling or making it complete again
  • elongates -- something that stretches to a longer length
  • accumulate -- something that collects over time
  • vanish -- to disappear suddenly
  • rigid -- something that is stiff and doesn't change shape easily

Storytown lesson 17

  • unimaginable -- something that it is impossible to think could happen to you
  • throng -- crowd of people
  • embarked -- to go on a journey, trip, or new adventure
  • gourmet -- food that is expensive, rare, or carefully prepared
  • hiatus -- break for a period of time between events
  • extravagant -- something that is much more costly or elaborate than what is really needed
  • precarious -- things that are uncertain and can suddenly become dangerous

Storytown Lesson 19

  • tendency -- the habit of doing something in a certain way
  • prestigious -- something that is highly respected and admired
  • irrepressible -- a feeling or action that cannot be controlled or held back
  • industry -- all the people and companies that make a certain type of product or provide a certain service
  • feat -- a difficult act that impresses people
  • device -- an object that was made for a special purpose

Storytown Lesson 20

  • appropriate -- you make the right choice for a situation
  • circulate -- to move freely around an area
  • deduction -- a conclusion that you reach based on information that has been given to you
  • scours -- to search a place thoroughly
  • portable -- can be moved or carried easily
  • boisterous -- an animal or person who is noisy and has a lot of energy
  • measly -- a small amount of something
  • practical -- useful
  • protrude -- sticks out
  • fickle -- people who keep changing their mind about what they want or like

Storytown Lesson 21

  • basking -- exposing yourself to the warmth of the sun
  • damage -- to harm or injure something
  • vital -- necessary for life
  • detect -- you notice or discover it
  • sleek -- smooth
  • analyzing -- to study something closely to figure out how it works or what it's made of

Storytown Lesson 22

  • stammers -- to speak with difficulty, often stopping or repeating yourself
  • enraptured -- a person who is delighted or thrilled about something
  • somberly -- to speak and act in a serious way
  • deflated -- a person who has lost confidence about something may feel this way
  • cumbersome -- something that is large, heavy and difficult to handle
  • monopolize -- to control something to prevent someone from using it
  • enterprising -- people who do new and difficult things in order to achieve a goal

Storytown Lesson 24

  • panic -- a feeling of fear and anxiety that makes a person act unreasonably
  • excursion -- short journeys or outings
  • gleeful -- excited and happy, may be due to someone else's mistake
  • precious -- something that has value and special meaning to you
  • pinnacle -- the tall pointed piece on the top of a building
  • turblulent -- like air and water, has strong currents which change direction
  • giddy -- when you feel happy, in a silly dizzy way

Storytown Lesson 29

  • ignited -- something that is lit or made to burn
  • tranquility -- a feeling of peace and calm
  • jettisoned -- deliberately cast away from a moving object, sometimes to make an object lighter
  • potentially -- something that could possibly happen
  • squinting -- squeezing his or her eyes shut in order to see better
  • cramped -- uncomfortable because there is very little space

Storytown Lesson 3 Vocab.

  • pried -- when something is forced away from a surface
  • indignantly -- tto show irritation because you feel you've been insulted or treated unfairly
  • sneered -- to show with words or expressions that you have little respect for a person
  • grudgingly -- to say or do something without really wanting to
  • desperately -- want something so much, you'll do anything for it
  • urgently -- something that it important and needs to be done right away

Storytown lesson 4

  • faze -- something bother or confuses you
  • disheartened -- when you disappointed and less hopeful
  • relented -- someone has now agreed to something they once said no to doing
  • infuriated -- something has made you feel extremely angry
  • crusaded -- to work hard to maek changes based on one's beliefs
  • eccentric -- a person has habits or opinions seem odd to others
  • impassable -- a road or path that is impossible to travel on

Storytown Lesson 8

  • crucial -- something that it extremely important
  • perserverance -- to try hard and never give up
  • appealed -- you have made a request with a lot of feeling
  • maneuvered -- to have moved something or guided it carefully
  • persuading -- trying to get someone to agree with your plan or opinion
  • crisis -- a situation that suddenly becomes very dangerous or difficult
  • encountered -- to have something happen unexpectedly
  • destiny -- to feel that certain things will happen because they were meant to be
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