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List Content

Science Ch. 2A-I

  • exoskeleton -- an external skeleton
  • antennae -- a long movable structure on the head of an invertebrate, used to feel, taste smell, or hear
  • molt -- a process in which an insect sheds its external skeleton
  • scientific name -- name of a plant of animal derived from the genus and species name
  • anthropods -- invertebrates that have external skeletons, jointed appedages, and segmented bodies
  • insect -- a large class of anthropoods that have three distinct body regions, three pairs of jointed legs, and one or more pairs of legs
  • metamorphosis -- the change in form that occurs during the life of an insect
  • classification -- the process of arranging things into groups according to similarities
  • invertebrates -- an animal without a backbone
  • chitin -- a tough material that helps make up an anthropod's external skeleton
  • spiracle -- a tiny opening in an insect's abdomen through which air enters the body
  • nocturnal -- describing an animal that is active at night
  • entomologist -- scientist that studies insects
  • vertebrates -- an animal with a backbone

Science Ch. 2A-II

  • cephalothorax -- a body region of a spider or crustacean that is like a head and thorax combined
  • ballooning -- the method by which young spiders sail through the air
  • Arachnids -- an arthropod with two distinct body regions, eight legs, simple eyes, no wings, no wings, and a book lung
  • book lung -- an organ in a spider in which several thin sheets of tissue filled with blood vessels are stacked like pages in book
  • setae -- sentsitive hairs responsible for a spider's sense of touch
  • spinnert -- the special tubelike structure in a spider that excretes liquid silk

Science Ch. 2A-III

  • house spider -- often weaves webs in the corners in the corners of a house and destroys tiny household pests
  • spitting spider -- a spider that spits out a pair of strong sticky threads to catch insects
  • water spider -- lives its entire life underwater
  • tarantulas -- includes the largest spiders in the world
  • mite -- the smallest arachnids
  • funnel weaver -- shapes it's web like a funnel with the broad opening facing upward and the narrow opening pointing down
  • trapdoor -- digs a hole, lines it with silk, builds a silk trap door, over the hole, and lies in wait for passing insects
  • fishing spider -- can easily move across the surface of the water to catch insects and small frogs
  • brown recluse -- poisonous to humans and is recognizable by its dark violin-shaped mark on top of its body
  • tick -- an arachnid that feeds on the blood of living
  • platform spider -- a spider that blankets a small section of ground with a sheet web
  • ogre-faced -- a spider that uses its silk to make a tiny net to catch insects
  • jumping spider -- uses extaordinarily keen eyesight to skillfully hunt and pounce on insects
  • scorpion -- a dangerous arachnid characterized by a long tail with poisonous, needlelike point on the end.
  • harvestman -- an arachnid with eight legs and only one body section
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