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Play the classic Word Search and find game.

Word Scramble - Words Only

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Word Scramble - Problems and Definitions

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!


Play hangman with your words. Guess letters to form words from the lists that are added by people just like you! Practice your classroom lists.

List Content

Across the Wide Dark Sea

  • plucked -- snatched, pulled out
  • survive -- to stay alive
  • desperate -- driven by a great need
  • miraculously -- amazing like a miracle
  • shuddred -- trembled or shivered suddenly
  • cramped -- crowded
  • lurked -- stay hidden
  • seeping -- leaking slowly
  • unit -- a single thing or a group og things thought of a one
  • faith -- trust or belief, even without proof

Anthony Reynoso

  • mariachis -- members of a mexican band
  • expert -- people who have great knowledge or traing in a special area
  • pitch in -- to help out
  • charro -- a mexican cowboy
  • exhibition -- a public show for display
  • petroglyphs -- old rock carvings
  • celebrity -- a famous person
  • ceremonies -- sets of acts that are carried out to honor a special event
  • performers -- people who present a special talent or skill to an audience
  • rodeo -- a public display of roping and horseback riding skills

Ballad of Mulan

  • sigh -- long, deep breaths exhaled by a person, often because of sadness
  • triumphant -- to be successful
  • comrades -- companions who share one's activities
  • ravaged -- violently destroyed
  • summoned -- ask to come
  • astonished -- very surprised
  • harsh -- extremely unpleasant
  • sorrowful -- very sad
  • victorious -- having won be defeating another person or group
  • endured -- lasted through

Dancing Rainbows

  • ancestors -- people ones family comes from
  • illegal -- against the law
  • powwow -- gatherings or meetings of native americans
  • yelp -- short, sharp yell
  • honor -- to show respect for someone or something
  • plaza -- an open area in a town or city where people gather
  • respect -- showing care, honor, or admiration for someone or something
  • elder -- a person who is older than you are
  • imitating -- copying what someone does
  • tassels -- strings or threads tied at one end and held loosely at the other


  • heroic -- very brave
  • terrifying -- causing much fear
  • confident -- felling sure of oneself
  • etched -- clearly or firmly fixed
  • monstrous -- extremely large, huge or enormous
  • ancient -- old
  • dreadful -- very unpleasant
  • irresistible -- to difficult to stay away from
  • tremendous -- very great in size
  • creature -- a living being or animal

Garden of Abdul

  • blurted -- said suddenly without thinking
  • discovered -- to find out something that was not known before
  • ignored -- paid no attention to
  • awesome -- causing wonder, fear, and respect
  • disappered -- out of sight : vanished
  • galloped -- ran fast like a horse
  • incredible -- to unlikely to be believed
  • convinced -- made to believe
  • exhausted -- to be very tired
  • impossible -- not able to happen


  • caribou -- a deer found on the artic
  • earth lodge -- a round shelter made of earth and trees built over a deep pit
  • igluviak -- a house of tighlty packed snow; igloo
  • seed beater -- woven netting made of willow used to knock seed into a basket
  • wampum -- strings of beads used in clothing and for trade
  • buckskin -- a strong leather made from deerskin
  • cornhusk bag -- a bag used to carry food and supplies
  • hominy -- corn that is soaked and mashed
  • potlatch hat -- a hat worn at a ceremony
  • totem pole -- a pole carved and painted with symbols that represent a family's history
  • chickee -- an open sided wooden hut on stilts with hust a roof and floor
  • fry bread -- a flat bread made of wheat and baked in a clay oven
  • longhouse -- a shleter with a wooden frame covered with bark
  • tipi -- cone shaped shelter covered with buffalo hide

Mysterious Giant

  • dumbstruck -- so shocked that one can't speak
  • pedestal -- a base or support in which something stands
  • statue -- an image of something usually made of stone, metal, and wood
  • bellowed -- spoke loudly
  • mysterious -- hard to explain
  • square -- an open area in a town's center
  • weakling -- a person who is physically weak
  • hailed -- greeted by signaling out to
  • scurried -- moved quickly
  • strode -- walked with long steps

Night of the Pufflings

  • speckled -- covered with spots or dots
  • uninhabited -- habing no people living there
  • frank -- open and honest
  • release -- let go
  • stray -- wandering and lost
  • flutter -- to wave or flap rapidly
  • nestle -- to lie down in a snug way
  • stranded -- left in a helpless or difficult position
  • venture -- to set out to do something even though it's dangerous
  • launching -- sending up in the air

Pepita Talks Twice

  • ducked -- lowered one's head and body quickly to avoid being seen by others
  • nuzzled -- to rub gently with your head and nose
  • lavish -- give or spend very freely
  • nuzzled -- to rub gently with your head and nose
  • darted -- moved suddenly and very quickly
  • language -- spoken or written human speech
  • darted -- moved suddenly and very quickly
  • mumbled -- said soflty and unclearly
  • language -- spoken or written human speech
  • tortilla -- a round, flat, Mexican bread
  • mumbled -- said soflty and unclearly
  • tortilla -- a round, flat, Mexican bread
  • grumble -- to complain
  • mimic -- to imitate or copy closely
  • grumble -- to complain
  • tiptoed -- walked quietly
  • mimic -- to imitate or copy closely
  • tiptoed -- walked quietly
  • ducked -- lowered one's head and body quickly to avoid being seen by others
  • lavish -- give or spend very freely


  • Mayflower -- The name of the ship that the Pilgrims used to come to America
  • native -- A person who lives in the same place that they were born
  • tradition -- a way of doing something based on how it was done in the past
  • harvest -- The time of year to collect the crops
  • community -- a neighborhood where people live, work, and play
  • shore -- The land along the edge of an ocean, a sea, or a lake
  • voyage -- a journey made by air, sea, or through space
  • Pilgrims -- Th small group of people who came from England and landed in America in 1620
  • rules -- A guide for how we should behave
  • visitor -- when you go to a place that is not your home

Poppa's New Pants

  • rustling -- a quick, soft, fluttering cound
  • crouched -- sat low to the ground
  • compile -- to collect and put together
  • limbs -- arms and legs
  • hem -- to fold back and sew down the edges
  • rustling -- a quick, soft, fluttering cound
  • pattern -- a repeated design or decoration
  • compile -- to collect and put together
  • hem -- to fold back and sew down the edges
  • wheezed -- to breathe hard with a whistling, breathy sound
  • pattern -- a repeated design or decoration
  • compile -- to collect and put together
  • wheeezed -- to breathe hard with a whistling, breathy sound
  • hem -- to fold back and sew down the edges
  • draped -- hung loosely in folds
  • pattern -- a repeated design or decoration
  • mended -- repaired by sewing
  • wheeezed -- to breathe hard with a whistling, breathy sound
  • uproar -- noisy excitement and confusion
  • draped -- hung loosely in folds
  • mended -- repaired by sewing
  • uproar -- noisy excitement and confusion
  • draped -- hung loosely in folds
  • crouched -- sat low to the ground
  • mended -- repaired by sewing
  • limbs -- arms and legs
  • uproar -- noisy excitement and confusion
  • rustling -- a quick, soft, fluttering cound
  • crouched -- sat low to the ground
  • limbs -- arms and legs

Raising Dragons

  • perch -- a place to sit and rest
  • appetite -- a strong desire for food
  • departing -- go away or leave
  • hitched -- tied on or fastened by a knot, ring, or hook
  • tended -- took care of
  • chores -- everday jobs
  • harvested -- picked and brought in a crop
  • sown -- planted seeds
  • atlas -- a book of maps
  • farewell -- another way to say goodbye

Ramona Quimby Age 8

  • concise -- something that is brief and short
  • emerged -- come out of
  • omission -- something that has been left out
  • bustle -- lots of noise and activity
  • dispute -- an argument between two or more people
  • genuine -- real
  • seething -- being very angry inside
  • corss -- in a bad mood
  • feeble -- weak
  • relented -- given in

Seal Surfer

  • dissolved -- disappeared
  • reflection -- a picture made by a mirror or smooth water
  • wrenched -- ripped ot torn away with great force
  • concentrated -- focused on
  • panic -- to feel sudden fear
  • sensation -- something that is felt
  • buffetted -- struck against powerfully
  • mountainous -- huge
  • segment -- divide or split up into sections
  • basked -- rested in pleasant warmth

The Keeping Quilt

  • threaded -- passed through the eye of a needle
  • threaded -- passed threas through an eye of a needle
  • bouquet -- a bunch of flowers cut and gathered together
  • bouquet -- a bunch of flowers, cut, and gathered together
  • needle -- s mall thin tool for sewing
  • needled -- a small, thin tool for sewing
  • poverty -- having little or no money
  • sewn -- fastended with stitches using a needle or thread
  • border -- a part that forms the outside edge of something
  • border -- a part that forms the outside edge of something
  • hauling -- to carry or move something
  • hauling -- to carry or move something
  • scraps -- leftover bits of cloth that are sometimes used to make quilts
  • scraps -- leftover bits of cloth that are sometimes used to make quilts
  • artificial -- fake
  • artificial -- fake
  • gathering -- a coming together or people
  • gathering -- a coming together of people
  • sewn -- fastened with stiches using a needle and thread
  • poverty -- having little or no money

The Lost and Found

  • dismay -- a feeling of upset and worry in the face of trouble
  • plunged -- fell quickly and suddenly
  • unusual -- not usual, common, or ordinary
  • armor -- a metal covering worn to protect a knight in battle
  • furious -- really angry
  • suggested -- offered as something to think about or do
  • worried -- concerned or anxious
  • examined -- looked at or studied carefully
  • rumpled -- wrinkled or creased
  • visible -- able to be seend

The Talking Cloth

  • royalty -- members of a royal family including kings, queens, princes, and princesses
  • collection -- a group of objects with something in common, often gathered and displayed
  • flourish -- a showy way of doing something
  • pinstripe -- cloth fabric that has narrow stripes
  • wealth -- plenty of money or other valuable belongings
  • dirty -- grubby
  • embroidered -- decorated by sewing designs with a needle and thread or yarn
  • symbol -- a design that stands for other things or ideas
  • collector -- A person who gathers things or has a collection
  • offend -- to hurt or make someone feel bad

The Waterfall

  • clung -- held tightly to
  • rustle -- a soft flutterinng sound
  • sheer -- very steep
  • canyon -- a valley that is deep with very steep sides
  • lugged -- carried with great difficulty
  • scrawny -- thin and bony
  • anxious -- feeling nervous or afraid
  • ledges -- flat spaces like shelves on he sides of cliffs
  • scouted -- observed or explored carefully for inormation
  • snuggled -- curled up in

Theme 1 Review

  • effect -- cause to happen or occur
  • litter -- paper, cans, and other trash left on the ground
  • scenery -- the general apperance of a place
  • collection -- a group of special items collected by someone over time
  • friendly -- being nice, kind, and sweet to another person
  • prepared -- to be ready for anything
  • assisting -- give help or assistance
  • fossils -- the remains of something that lived a long time ago
  • mountain -- a high are of land with steep sides and a sharp peak
  • actions -- Something done or that you do

Theme 2 Review

  • details -- sentences which contain facts to help support the main idea
  • ingredients -- things that make up a mixture
  • remember -- something that is recalled from the past
  • describe -- give a description of something
  • important -- something that matters alot
  • probably -- something that is very llikely to happen
  • support -- to help and encourage someone
  • headings -- the bolded words above the text
  • mentioned -- talked about something in a quick way
  • topic -- a subject or idea that people talk about

Theme 3 Review

  • agony -- extreme feeling of suffering or pain
  • gauze -- a thin see-through cloth used for bandages
  • punched -- to hit hard with a closed fist
  • spring -- the act of leaping in one quick movement
  • chopped -- cut up into pieces
  • mystery -- something that can not be explained
  • smashed -- break into pieces
  • atone -- to make up for a wrong
  • kicked -- striked with a foot
  • recipe -- directions for making something

Theme 4 Review

  • friendly -- Being nice, kind, and sweet to another person or persons
  • hopeful -- to look forward to something with a feeling of confidence
  • smiled -- facial expressions often to signal pleasure
  • bear -- a large animal with shaggy fur
  • helper -- a person who helps people or institutions
  • scare -- to make someone afraid or alarmed
  • babies -- more than one baby, two or more
  • grinning -- a huge smile
  • pair -- two items of the same kind
  • unhurt -- free from injury not hurt

Theme 5 Review

  • sails -- a large piece of fabric that helps a ship sail
  • train -- Railroad cars that are connected and run on tracks
  • wood -- Parts of a tree that are used to make things and build things
  • sailor -- any member of a ship's crew
  • track -- the rails that a track runs on
  • water -- The liquid that is found over the earth in the form of oceans, lakes, rivers, and pinds
  • pilot -- a person whose job it is to fly a plane
  • ship -- a large boat that carries goods and people
  • traveler -- someone who visits various places to see the sights
  • airplane -- a vehicle with wings and a jet engine that can fly

Theme 6 Review

  • conclude -- to come to an answer
  • generalization -- an idea formed from facts
  • silently -- free from noise, totally quiet
  • unsure -- not believing you can do something
  • difficult -- hard to do
  • problem -- something that has to be solved
  • thrilled -- excited, very happy, pleased, delighted
  • decision -- to make up your mind about something
  • prepared -- to be ready for something
  • solution -- how to solve a problem

Trapped by Ice

  • tidal -- having to do with the rise and fall of the sea
  • grueling -- very tiring
  • perilous -- very dangerous
  • terrain -- land, ground, or earth
  • current -- the path or flow of moving water, such as a river or sea
  • impassible -- not able to be crossed or traveled through
  • stern -- the rear part of a ship or boat
  • barren -- having litlle or no plant life
  • horizon -- the line where earth and sky appear to meet
  • rations -- supplies, usually food that are limited

Two Days in May

  • wobbled -- moved unsteadily
  • detect -- to discover
  • hushed -- quiet
  • wander -- to move from place to place without a reason
  • appreciate -- to enjoy and understand
  • habitat -- a place where an animal or plant lives
  • recognized -- identified as knowing before
  • anxiously -- worried or very eager to do something
  • gasped -- caught your breath suddenly
  • index -- An alphabetical listing, in the back of a book, of names and topics along with the page numbers where you can find them.

Yumni and Halmoni

  • embraced -- hugged
  • outskirts -- areas away from the center of town
  • ushered -- led by someone
  • custom -- a traditional way of doing something that many people follow
  • nation -- an area of land with its own people and its own laws
  • selfish -- being mainly interested in yourself rather than others
  • ashamed -- feeling sorry for doing something wrong
  • foreigners -- people who come form a diferent country or place
  • passport -- a government document taht allows a person to travel to foreign countries
  • vendor -- someone who sells something
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