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Stingray Chaser

Free stingrays and remove harmful algae from the ocean. After removing enough debris from the stingrays, you will be asked to select the correct answer to continue.


Vocabulary Pinball Click on the red flipper buttons to keep the ball in play. Try to hit all of the letters with the ball to spell a word. Next, choose the correct definition for the word. A correct answer gives a free ball and an incorrect takes a ball away. Hold down and release the green button to launch the ball! Try all of the lists or register to make your own!

Word Find

Play the classic Word Search and find game.

Word Scramble - Words Only

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!

Word Scramble - Problems and Definitions

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!


Play hangman with your words. Guess letters to form words from the lists that are added by people just like you! Practice your classroom lists.

List Content

A Boy Called Slow

  • determination -- the quality of being firm in carrying out one's plans
  • raid -- an attack for the purpose of taking property
  • triumph -- a great victory
  • custom -- usual way followed by people of a particular group
  • inherited -- received something from an ancestor
  • respect -- feelings of admiration and approval
  • travois -- a sledge used by the Plains Indians consisting of a platform supported by two long poles, the forward ends of which were fastened to a dog or horse
  • extended -- enlarged; made to include more
  • reputation -- what others think about the character and behavior of someone
  • coup stick -- a long stick used to strike the enemy in battle

Black Cowboy WIld Horses

  • bluff -- a high cliff or bank
  • milled -- moved around in confusion
  • remorse -- the unhappiness that comes along with wishing one had not done something
  • reared -- stood on two hind legs
  • mares -- female horses
  • ravine -- a narrow, deep valley, usually worn away by water
  • stallion -- an adult male horse
  • herd -- a group of animals of a single kind
  • mustangs -- wild horses of the plains whose ancestors were horses brought from Spain
  • skittered -- moved lightly and quickly

Dear Mr. Henshaw

  • Submitted -- Offered one's work to someone who might publish it
  • Diary -- A daily record or journal
  • Prose -- Ordinary spoken or written language as opposed to poetry
  • Splendid -- Excellent
  • Experience -- Something that happens to someone; personal involvement in an event
  • Snoop -- Someone who tries to find out about other people doing things in a sneaky way
  • Understanding -- Knowledge of something; being aware of why something is the way it is
  • Disappointed -- Made unhappy by seeing one's hopes come to nothing
  • Rejected -- Turned down; did not accept


  • condolences -- expressions of sympathy for a death
  • rugged -- very rough and uneven
  • urgently -- in a manner that calls for immediate action
  • ravine -- a long, deep, narrow gully, a gorge
  • notorious -- well known for having a bad reputation
  • transformed -- changed in appearance
  • revolution -- overthrow of a government
  • dictator -- a ruler who has complete power over a country
  • sombreros -- Spanish hats with wide brims
  • wounds -- injuries in which the skin is broken

Eye of the Storm

  • Severe -- Serious or extreme in nature
  • Jagged -- Having sharp, pointed edges or outlines
  • Rotate -- To swirl in a circular motion
  • Tornadoes -- Rotating columns of air accompanied by whirling funnel shaped downspouts that can cause great destruction
  • Funnel Cloud -- Tornado cloud that is wide at the top and narrow where it touches the ground
  • Prairies -- Flat, open grasslands
  • Sizzling -- Crackling with intense heat
  • Collide -- To bump into another mass with force
  • Lightning -- The flash of light in the sky when electricity passes between clouds or between a cloud and the ground

Golden Lion

  • Humid -- Containing a large amount of water vapor
  • Reintroduction -- The process of returning animals to their natural habitat
  • Dilemma -- A situation in which one is given difficult choices to make
  • Habitat -- A natural environment for native creatures
  • Predators -- Animals that pray on others
  • Captive -- Captured; held against one's will
  • Genes -- Tiny pieces of matter in cells that carry the blueprint for characteristics
  • Observation -- The act of paying close attention
  • Canopy -- The high, sheltering branches of the rainforest trees
  • Extinction -- The condition of having died out

Katie's Trunk

  • Fierce -- Ferocious and intense
  • Peered -- Looked at with concentration
  • Skittish -- Nervous or jumpy
  • Arming -- Providing with weapons
  • Kin -- People who are related by blood or marriage
  • Skirmish -- A small, short fight between enemies
  • Green -- Grassy area usually located at the center of town
  • Just -- Honorable and fair
  • Rebels -- People who oppose or defy the government that exists
  • Drilling -- Doing exercises to become efficient soldiers

La Bamba

  • Applause -- The clapping of hands to show approval or agreement
  • Embarrassed -- Self-conscious or ill at ease
  • Pantomine -- Theatrical acting that is done in silence
  • Fortunately -- Luckily or having to do with good luck
  • Duo -- Two performers singing or playing together
  • Limelight -- Focus of public attention
  • Talent -- A special nature or acquired ability to do something
  • Debut -- First public performance
  • FortyFive Recor -- A small record with one song on each side
  • Rehearsal -- Practice for a public performance

Michelle Kwan

  • Technical -- Having to do with skill or technique
  • Audience -- The people gathered to see or hear a performance
  • Judges -- People who decide who wins a contest
  • Required -- Necessary or essential
  • Artistic -- Showing skill and beautiful taste
  • Elements -- The parts of which something is made up of
  • Pressure -- Urgent or forceful demand
  • Amateur -- Someone who engages in an athletic activity for fun rather than pay
  • Compete -- To take part in a contest
  • Presentation -- Performance or show

Mom's Best Friend

  • decorate -- to adorn; to make festive with beautiful things
  • obstacles -- things that get in one's way
  • honor -- to show respect for
  • suspects -- imagines that something secret or wrong is going on
  • braille -- a system of writing in raised dots used by people without sight
  • layout -- the arrangement of something
  • celebration -- a special activity that honors a person, event, or idea
  • obedience -- the condition of being ready to follow orders
  • festive -- joyful
  • spectators -- people who watch an event or performance
  • attachment -- a feeling of fond connection between two things
  • instinct -- a natural feeling that guides one to act in a certain way
  • amazingly -- in a way that causes surprise or wonder
  • memorizing -- learning by heart
  • detain -- to delay; to hold back
  • reluctant -- unwilling; slow to take necessary action
  • volunteered -- offered to do something of one's own free will
  • dog guide -- a dog especially trained to lead people who are blind
  • mature -- full-grown

Paul Revere

  • Sentries -- Soldiers who stand at watch for danger or for people without permission to pass
  • Coattails -- Loose rear flaps of a coat that hang below the waist
  • Express -- Fast, direct, often non-stop
  • Patriot -- A person who loves and defends his or her country; a colonist who was against British rule during the Revolutionary War
  • Revolutionary -- Of or tending to promote radical political or social change
  • Colonies -- Territories governed by a parent country; the name for the 13 territories that became the USA
  • Oppose -- To act against someone or something
  • Taxes -- Fees and support of government required to be paid by people and business
  • Cargo -- The freight carried by a vehicle
  • Liberty -- The right to act as one chooses; freedom from the control of others

Pioneer Girl

  • heifer -- a young cow
  • prairie -- a large area of flat or rolling grassland
  • claim -- a piece of land claimed by a settler
  • fertile -- rich in material needed to grow healthy plants
  • immigrants -- people who leave their native country to settle in another country
  • memoir -- an account of the personal experience of the author
  • discouraged -- in low spirits and without hope
  • homestead -- a farmhouse, its buildings, and the land it sits on
  • sod -- a chunk of grassy soil held together by matted roots
  • convinced -- caused to believe

The Fear Place

  • Immobile -- Unable to move your body
  • Unsure -- To feel uncertain about something or a situation
  • Concentrate -- To give one's full attention to something
  • Excitement -- A state of activity or aggravation
  • Terrified -- To be scared or frightened
  • Cautious -- Acting in a very careful manner
  • Dismayed -- To be troubled or distressed
  • Stamina -- The power to resist fatigue and keep going even when you are tired and want to stop
  • Ascending -- To be going upwards
  • Discomfort -- A feeling of uneasiness


  • Cinders -- Charred bits of rock; ashes
  • Eruption -- A volcanic explosion or large flow of lava
  • Molten -- Made liquid by heat
  • Crust -- The solid outer layer of the earth
  • Magma -- Hot melted rock underneath the earth's surface
  • Weathered -- Changed because of being exposed to weather
  • Crater -- A bowl-shaped depression
  • Lava -- Hot melted rock that flows from a volcano
  • Summit -- The top of a mountain

Yang the Second

  • heritage -- all the practices and beliefs passed down from earlier generations
  • opera -- a form of theater in which the dialogue is sung
  • demonstration -- a process through which someone shows and explains to others how something works
  • noble -- showing greatness of character by unselfish behavior
  • tradition -- the passing down of culture from one generation to the next
  • accompaniment -- a musical part that adds to the performance of a singer/musician
  • impressed -- had a strong, positive effect on someone's feelings
  • rhythmic -- having a strong beat with a pattern to it
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