Stingray Chaser

Free stingrays and remove harmful algae from the ocean. After removing enough debris from the stingrays, you will be asked to select the correct answer to continue.


Vocabulary Pinball Click on the red flipper buttons to keep the ball in play. Try to hit all of the letters with the ball to spell a word. Next, choose the correct definition for the word. A correct answer gives a free ball and an incorrect takes a ball away. Hold down and release the green button to launch the ball! Try all of the lists or register to make your own!

Word Find

Play the classic Word Search and find game.

Word Scramble - Words Only

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!

Word Scramble - Problems and Definitions

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!


Play hangman with your words. Guess letters to form words from the lists that are added by people just like you! Practice your classroom lists.

List Content

"A Day's Work"

  • slammed -- to throw or hit something with great force
  • motioned -- to make a movement to get someone to do something
  • shocked -- to cause to feel surprise, horror, or disgust
  • gardener -- someone employed to take care of a garden or lawn
  • shivered -- to shake with cold, fear, or excitement
  • excitement -- a condition of having strong, lively feelings about something
  • sadness -- unhappiness, sorrow

"A Symphony of Whales"

  • surrounded -- to shut something in on all sides; encircle; enclose
  • anxiously -- uneasily
  • channel -- a body of water joining two larger bodies of water
  • supplies -- the equipment necessary for an army exercise, camping trip, etc.
  • blizzards -- a blinding snowstorm with very strong, cold winds
  • melody -- a pleasing series of musical notes; tune
  • symphony -- a long musical composition for an orchestra
  • bay -- a part of a sea or lake partly surrounded by land
  • chipped -- to cut or break off a small thin piece of something


  • quarters -- a coin of the U.S. and Canada equal to 25 cents
  • dimes -- coins of the U.S. and Canada equal to 10 cents
  • nickels -- coins of the U.S. and Canada worth 5 cents
  • college -- where a person can study after high school
  • fine -- to make someone pay money as punishment for breaking a law or regulation
  • rich -- having a great deal of money, land, goods, or other property
  • downtown -- the main part or business part of a town or city

"America's Champion"

  • continued -- to go on
  • stirred -- to move something
  • celebrate -- to do something special in honor of a special person or day
  • medals -- a piece of metal given as a prize or award
  • drowned -- to die or cause to die under water because of lack of air to breathe
  • strokes -- a single complete movement made over & over again

"Elena's Serenade"

  • factory -- a building where people & machines make things
  • reply -- to answer someone by words
  • bursts -- to break open suddenly
  • puffs -- to swell up
  • burro -- a donkey
  • glassblower -- a person who shapes glass objects
  • tune -- a piece of music; melody

"Fly Eagle Fly!"

  • echoed -- to be heard again
  • scrambled -- to make your way, especially by climbing or crawling quickly
  • clutched -- grasped or held something tightly
  • reeds -- a kind of tall grass that grows in wet places
  • gully -- a ditch made by heavy rains or running water
  • valley -- a region of low land that lies between hills or mountains

"Good-Bye 382 Shin"

  • homesick -- very sad because you are far away from home
  • curious -- strange; odd; unusual
  • farewell -- parting; last
  • raindrops -- the water that falls in drops from the clouds
  • airport -- an area used by aircraft to land and take off
  • described -- to tell in words how someone looks, feels, or acts
  • memories -- people, things or events that you can remember
  • delicious -- very pleasing to the taste

"Happy Birthday Mr. Kang"

  • perches -- to come to rest on something; settles; sits
  • chilly -- cold; unpleasantly cool
  • narrow -- not wide
  • bows -- to bend the head or body in greeting, respect or worship
  • foreign -- outside your own country
  • recipe -- a set of written directions that show how to fix something to eat
  • foolish -- without any sense; unwise

"Hottest Coldest"

  • deserts -- dry, sandy regions without water & trees
  • tides -- the rise & fall of the ocean about every 12 hours
  • depth -- the distance from the top to the bottom
  • peak -- the pointed top of a mountain
  • average -- the quantity found by dividing the sum by the number of quantities
  • outrun -- to run faster than someone or something
  • waterfalls -- a stream of water that falls from a high place

"How My Family"

  • admire -- to look at with wonder
  • mention -- to speak about something
  • public -- of or for everyone
  • famous -- very well known
  • popular -- liked by most people
  • custom -- an old popular way of doing things
  • overnight -- during the night
  • twist -- a braid formed by weaving together 3 or more strands of hair, ribbon or yarn

"If You Made a Million"

  • check -- a written order directing a bank to pay money to the person named
  • interest -- the money paid for the use of someone else's money
  • value -- the real worth of something in money
  • amount -- the total sum
  • expensive -- costing a lot of money
  • thousand -- ten hundred; 1,000
  • earned -- to get money in return for work or service; be paid
  • million -- one thousand thousand; 1,000,000
  • worth -- equal in value to

"Jalapeno Bagels"

  • bakery -- a place where bread, pies, cakes & pastries are made or sold
  • braided -- woven or twined together
  • knead -- to press together dough or clay into a soft mass
  • boils -- to cause a liquid to bubble & give off steam by heating it
  • ingredients -- one of the parts of a mixture
  • batch -- a quantity of something made at the same time
  • dough -- a soft, thick mixture of flour, liquid & other things from which bread, biscuits, cake & pie crusts are made
  • mixture -- a mixed condition

"Me and Uncle Romie"

  • ruined -- destroyed or spoiled something
  • feast -- a big meal for a special occasion
  • pitcher -- a player on a baseball team
  • treasure -- any person or thing that is loved or valued a great deal
  • cardboard -- a stiff material made of layers of paper pulp pressed together
  • flights -- sets of stairs
  • stoops -- a porch or platform at the entrance of a house
  • fierce -- wild and frightening

"My Rows and Piles"

  • steady -- firmly fixed, not swaying
  • bundles -- a number of things tied or wrapped together
  • excitedly -- with strong, lively feelings
  • wobble -- to move unsteadily from side to side; shake; tremble
  • arranged -- put things in a certain order
  • errands -- short trips that you take to do something
  • unwrapped -- opened
  • dangerously -- not safely

"Night Letters"

  • budding -- to put forth small swellings on a plant that will grow into leaves
  • flutter -- to flap the wings
  • blade -- a leaf of grass
  • fireflies -- small insects that give off flashes of light when it flies at night
  • patch -- a small piece of ground that is different from what surrounds it
  • dew -- the moisture from the air that collects in small drops on cool surfaces during the night
  • notepad -- a small book of paper in which you write notes

"Penguin Chick"

  • cuddle -- to lie close and comfortably
  • hatch -- to come out of an egg
  • snuggle -- to lie closely and comfortably together; nestle; cuddle
  • frozen -- hardened with cold
  • preen -- to smooth or arrange the feathers with the beak
  • flippers -- one of the broad, flat body parts used for swimming by animals
  • pecks -- to strike wth the beak

"Prudy's Problem"

  • realize -- to understand something clearly
  • strain -- to draw tight; stretch too much
  • enormous -- very, very large; huge
  • shiny -- giving off or reflecting a bright light; bright
  • collection -- a group of things gathered from many places & belonging together
  • scattered -- to separate and go in different directions

"Pushing Up the Sky"

  • overhead -- over the head; above
  • antler -- a bony, branching growth on the head of a male deer, elk, or moose
  • narrator -- the person who tells the story
  • languages -- human speech, spoken or written
  • poke -- to push with force against someone or something; jab
  • imagine -- to make a picture or idea of something in your mind

"Rocks in His Head"

  • board -- a group of people managing something; a council
  • labeled -- to put or write a label on something
  • attic -- the space in a house just below the roof & above the other rooms
  • customer -- someone who buys goods or services
  • stamps -- a small piece of paper with glue on the back; postage stamp
  • chores -- small tasks or easy jobs that you have to do regularly
  • spare -- extra

"Statue of Liberty"

  • crown -- a head covering
  • symbol -- an object that stands for something else
  • unforgettable -- so wonderful that you cannot forget it
  • models -- small copies of something
  • torch -- a long stick with material that burns at one end of it
  • liberty -- freedom
  • tablet -- a small, flat surface with something written on it
  • unveiled -- uncovered; revealed

"Suki's Kimono"

  • pale -- not bright; dim
  • festival -- a program of entertainment
  • paces -- steps
  • snug -- fitting your body closely
  • cotton -- cloth made from soft, white fibers
  • handkerchief -- a soft cloth used for wiping your nose, face or hands
  • rhythm -- the natural strong beat that some music or poetry has
  • graceful -- beautiful in form or movement

"Talking Walls"

  • expression -- the act of putting into words or visual medium
  • settled -- to set up the first towns or farms in an area
  • encourages -- to give someone courage or confidence; to urge on
  • native -- belonging to someone because of that person's birth
  • support -- to help
  • local -- about a certain place nearby
  • social -- concerned with human beings as a group

"The Gardener"

  • bulbs -- a round, underground part from which certain plants grow
  • recognizing -- to identify
  • blooming -- to have flowers; open into flowers
  • humor -- the ability to see or show the funny or amusing side of things
  • sprouting -- to produce new leafs, shoots or buds
  • beauty -- the quality that pleases both the mind & the senses in art & nature
  • doze -- to sleep lightly
  • showers -- rain that lasts only a short time

"Tops and Bottoms"

  • clever -- bright, intelligent
  • partners -- a member of a company who shares the risks and profits of the business
  • cheated -- to deceive or trick someone
  • lazy -- not willling to work or move fast
  • bottom -- the lowest part
  • crops -- plants grown for food
  • wealth -- riches; many valuable possessions

"Two Bad Ants"

  • unaware -- not aware
  • crystal -- a small piece of a substance
  • goal -- something desired
  • scoop -- a tool used to dip up things
  • discovery -- something found out
  • joyful -- glad; happy
  • disappeared -- vanished completely
  • journey -- a long trip


  • chimney -- a tall, hollow column that carries away smoke from a fireplace
  • force -- power, strength
  • buried -- covered up; hidden
  • fireworks -- firecrackers & other things that make a loud noise or go up high in the air & burst in a shower of stars and sparks
  • volcanoes -- cone-shaped hills or mountains built up by lava & ash around an opening in the Earth's crust
  • earthquakes -- violent shaking of the ground
  • trembles -- to move witha quick shaking motion

"What About Me?"

  • carpenter -- someone whose work is building or repairing things made of wood
  • marketplace -- a place where people meet to buy and sell things
  • straying -- to lose your way; wander; roam
  • knowledge -- what you know
  • plenty -- a full supply; all that you need
  • carpetmaker -- a person who makes carpets and rugs for floors
  • merchant -- someone who buys and sells goods for a living
  • thread -- a very thin string

"William's House"

  • clearing -- an open space of land in a forest
  • steep -- having a sharp slope; almost straight up and down
  • cellar -- an underground room, usually under a building & often used for storage
  • spoil -- to become bad or not good to eat
  • barrels -- a container with a round, flat top and bottom & sides that curve out
  • pegs -- a pin or small bolt of wood or metal used to fasten parts together


  • swooping -- to come down fast on something
  • drifting -- to carry or be carried along by currents of air or water
  • giggle -- a silly or uncontrolled laugh
  • struggled -- tried hard; worked hard
  • attention -- careful thinking, looking, or listening
  • looping -- to form a line, path or motion shaped so that it crosses itself
  • complained -- to say that you are unhappy about something
  • glaring -- staring angrily

Boom Town

  • pick -- a tool with a heavy metal bar pointed at one or both ends, having a long wooden handle
  • coins -- flat, round pieces of metal used as money
  • mending -- sewing that repairs a hole or tear
  • spell -- a period or time of anything
  • business -- word done to earn a living
  • laundry -- a place where clothes or linens are washed and ironed
  • skillet -- a shallow pan with a handle,used for frying
  • boom -- having a rapid growth
  • fetched -- to sell for
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