MES 7 & 8

School:Symmes Junior High

Stingray Chaser

Free stingrays and remove harmful algae from the ocean. After removing enough debris from the stingrays, you will be asked to select the correct answer to continue.


Vocabulary Pinball Click on the red flipper buttons to keep the ball in play. Try to hit all of the letters with the ball to spell a word. Next, choose the correct definition for the word. A correct answer gives a free ball and an incorrect takes a ball away. Hold down and release the green button to launch the ball! Try all of the lists or register to make your own!

Word Find

Play the classic Word Search and find game.

Word Scramble - Words Only

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!

Word Scramble - Problems and Definitions

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!


Play hangman with your words. Guess letters to form words from the lists that are added by people just like you! Practice your classroom lists.

List Content

Among Hidden c.1-7

  • superstitious -- a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, or trust in magic
  • beseeching -- to beg for earnestly or anxiously
  • metaphor -- a figure of speech in which a word or phrase meaning one kind of object or idea is used in place of another to suggest a similarity between them
  • skittish -- lively or frisky in action; easily frightened
  • bellow -- to shout in a deep voice; similar to the haracteristic csound of a bull
  • stupefied -- made stupid, groggy, or insensible
  • harrumph -- to clear the throat in a pompous or disparaging way
  • science fiction -- a story based on scientific principles that may include space, aliens, or the future
  • resolutely -- boldly; marked by firm determination
  • simile -- a figure of speech comparing two unlike things that is often introduced by like or as

Maze Runner Vocab c.1-3

  • bombarded -- attacked
  • stale -- musty
  • devoid -- without
  • piercing -- gazing intensely
  • ascended -- rose; to rise
  • lurch -- swaying abruptly
  • consumed -- to absorb or use up

Maze Runner Vocab c.4-7

  • trepidation -- fear, alarm, or agitation
  • epiphany -- an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure
  • wince -- to shrink back involuntarily (as from pain); flinch
  • devoid -- lacking or absent of
  • mammoth -- immensely large, huge, or enormous
  • bombarded -- to attack forcefully or continuously
  • appendage -- a usually projecting part of an animal or plant body that is typically smaller and of less functional importance than the main part to which it is attached; especially : a limb
  • dilapidated -- decayed, deteriorated, or fallen into partial ruin especially through neglect or misuse
  • wedged -- packed or fixed tightly
  • suppress -- to keep in or stop
  • eradicate -- to do away with as completely as if by pulling up by the roots
  • bulbous -- resembling a bulb, especially in roundness
  • lurch -- a sudden sideways motion
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