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Stingray Chaser

Free stingrays and remove harmful algae from the ocean. After removing enough debris from the stingrays, you will be asked to select the correct answer to continue.


Vocabulary Pinball Click on the red flipper buttons to keep the ball in play. Try to hit all of the letters with the ball to spell a word. Next, choose the correct definition for the word. A correct answer gives a free ball and an incorrect takes a ball away. Hold down and release the green button to launch the ball! Try all of the lists or register to make your own!

Word Find

Play the classic Word Search and find game.

Word Scramble - Words Only

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!

Word Scramble - Problems and Definitions

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!


Play hangman with your words. Guess letters to form words from the lists that are added by people just like you! Practice your classroom lists.

List Content

Ultimate Vocab 5-1

  • agile -- able to move quickly and gracefully, well-coordinated; able to think quickly.
  • burly -- having a large body; strong.
  • consumer -- a living creature that eats other living creatures; someone who buys something.
  • accululate -- to steadily gather or build up.
  • blizzard -- a storm with heavy snow and strong winds.
  • condense -- to make into a more tightly packed form, such as water vapor becoming a liquid.
  • secular -- not related to religion.
  • amuse -- to entertain or cause to laugh.
  • climate -- the type of weather an area normally has, measured over time.
  • exaggerate -- to say that something is bigger, better, worse, or more extreme than it really is.

Ultimate Vocab List 1-1

  • conquer -- to take land by force
  • myth -- a traditional story often involving gods or monsters
  • survive -- to continue to live or exisr
  • council -- a group of people who give advice or make decisions
  • explore -- to travel for the purpose of finding new things
  • species -- a group of living creatures of the same kind
  • awkward -- clumsy; embarrassing because of a lack of manners
  • develop -- to grow; to get better at something
  • queasy -- having a sick feeling in the stomach
  • ancient -- very old; from the distant past

Ultimate Vocab List 1-2

  • navigate -- to plan out an path
  • colony -- a group of people who settle a new land
  • heritage -- something handed down from the past
  • monarch -- a ruling king or queen
  • ancestor -- someone who came before you in your family
  • frantic -- crazy, desperate or wild; distracted by strong emotions
  • migration -- large group of people or animals moving together
  • analyze -- to look at the small pieces of something in order to explain it
  • descendent -- someone who will come after you in your family
  • massacre -- to kill a large group of people for no reason

Ultimate Vocab List 1-3

  • adapt -- to change in order to fit different circumstances
  • cell -- a small room; one of the building blocks of a living creature
  • descend -- to go down
  • ascend -- to go up
  • camouflage -- to hide by blending in with the environment
  • competition -- a contest with a winner and a prize
  • population -- the number of people who live in a certain place
  • adapt -- to change in order to fit different circumstances
  • burrow -- a hole that a small animal lives in
  • community -- a group of people who live together
  • habitat -- the natural environment of a species

Ultimate Vocab List 1-4

  • calculate -- to count or figure out using math
  • livestock -- useful animals kept on a farm or ranch
  • technology -- the use of science to make tools
  • adventure -- an exciting or dangerous experience
  • barter -- to trade without using money
  • ignorance -- lack of knowledge, information, or education
  • scientist -- one who is an expert in science or uses the scientific method
  • agriculture -- farming; raising crops and livestock
  • captivity -- the state of being trapped or held
  • primitive -- in an early state; original or old-fashioned
  • adventure -- an exciting or dangerous experience

Ultimate Vocab List 2-1

  • theory -- a set of ideas that explain something about the natural world, have been tested, and can be used to make predictions
  • apathetic -- not caring, having no interest or enthusiasm
  • delusion -- a false opinion or belief
  • principle -- a personal belief or rule of behavior; a basic truth about how the world works
  • abolish -- to end or do away with
  • citizen -- someone who lives in an area and has legal rights there
  • hardship -- suffering or lack of comfort
  • abolish -- to end or do away with
  • atrocity -- an act that is evil or extremely cruel
  • endure -- to suffer patiently; to experience hardship without giving up

Ultimate Vocab List 2-2

  • communal -- shared by everyone in a community
  • quest -- a search or a struggle for a goal
  • tradition -- customs, holidays, and beliefs that are handed down from the past
  • antonym -- a word that means the opposite of another word
  • literature -- any written material that is creative or artistic
  • synonym -- a word that means the same or almost the same as another word
  • antique -- an object that is valuable because it is very old
  • compartment -- a small space for storage; a separate room
  • ritual -- the proper form of a religious ceremony; any action that is performed the exact same way every time
  • vague -- not clear; uncertain in meaning

Ultimate Vocab List 2-3

  • harsh -- rough, unpleasant, uncomfortable, or unkind
  • symbol -- something that is used to mean something else
  • century -- a period of one-hundred years
  • extinct -- gone, no longer in existence, having died out
  • persistence -- the act of continuing to try; continued existence
  • antiquated -- so old that it is no longer useful
  • decade -- a period of ten years
  • millenium -- a period of one-thousand years
  • tragedy -- an event that is very sad, usually involving great suffering or death
  • compassion -- a feeling of sadness for someone else’s suffering, combined with a desire to help

Ultimate Vocab List 2-4

  • communicate -- to share ideas or feelings
  • empathy -- the ability to identify with or share someone else’s feelings
  • manufacture -- to make, build, or produce
  • antagonize -- to make someone angry; to make someone your enemy
  • discipline -- training; self-control; a field of study
  • journey -- a trip; the act of traveling from one place to another
  • privilege -- a special benefit or advantage that only some people get
  • compromise -- a way of settling an disagreement where each side gives up something
  • independent -- free from outside control or influence; able to think or act without help
  • observe -- to watch carefully or pay attention to; to comment on or mention things that you notice

Ultimate Vocab List 3-1

  • benevolent -- kind, generous, doing good things for other people
  • deceit -- the act of lying or hiding the truth
  • unique -- not like anything else, the only one of its kind
  • absorb -- to take something in or soak it up
  • consequence -- the result of an action
  • hypothesis -- an idea that is given as a way of explaining something
  • wilderness -- land where no people live
  • conscience -- a feeling that lets you know whether an action is right or wrong
  • entrepreneur -- someone who starts a new business
  • visual -- having to do with seeing

Ultimate Vocab List 3-2

  • hierarchy -- a system where some people are considered to be in charge of or more important than others
  • acceptable -- good for a purpose, can be agreed upon or allowed
  • destructive -- causing damage
  • expedition -- a journey made for a specific purpose, such as war or exploration
  • metaphor -- an expression where you say that something is something else
  • commercial -- only done to make money
  • earthquake -- vibrations in the earth’s crust caused by a sudden movement
  • immigrant -- a person who has moved to another country to live
  • authentic -- real, not fake or copied
  • dogma -- a set of ideas that a group feels cannot be questioned

Ultimate Vocab List 3-3

  • accurate -- correct, exact, perfect; able to land in the right place
  • deposit -- to leave something
  • hostile -- not friendly, acting like an enemy
  • synthesize -- to make something by putting separate pieces together; to make artificially
  • culture -- a group of people’s way of life, including traditions, beliefs, art, language, and more
  • fragile -- easily broken
  • simile -- when you describe something by saying it is similar to something else
  • boycott -- to stop buying something as a protest against something you do not like
  • evolve -- to develop gradually; to adapt due to natural selection
  • moral -- right and good, agreeing with standards of behavior

Ultimate Vocab List 3-4

  • disaster -- a terrible event that causes a lot of death or destruction; a failure
  • fact -- something that can be proven to be true; something that is real
  • prejudice -- an opinion or feeling that is formed without reason and before any facts are known
  • character -- the traits possessed by a person; moral qualities; a person portrayed in writing
  • exploit -- to selfishly take advantage of someone; to make use of for personal gain
  • inspire -- to fill with a certain feeling; to influence or guide
  • appoint -- to assign a position to; to select or choose
  • equality -- the state of having the same rank, rights, or privileges
  • hoax -- a trick or practical joke, a lie
  • amateur -- someone who does something for enjoyment rather than as a job

Ultimate Vocab List 4-1

  • realistic -- similar to real life; representing things the way they really are; practical
  • disperse -- to send in different directions, to spread around
  • frivolous -- not serious, not important; silly, worthless, or petty
  • protaginist -- the main character of a story
  • comprehend -- to understand the meaning, to absorb into your mind
  • experiment -- a test to see if something is true or not
  • indigenous -- coming from or belonging to a certain place
  • cautious -- trying to avoid trouble, moving safely
  • equation -- an expression that says two things are equal
  • immoral -- going against what people believe to be right

Ultimate Vocab List 4-2

  • discriminate -- to treat differently; to choose favorites
  • glory -- great fame, praise, or admiration
  • precious -- very valuable
  • contemporary -- modern, belonging to the present; belonging to the same time as something else
  • foreign -- from someplace else
  • logic -- principles of correct reasoning
  • antagonist -- a character in a story who has a conflict with the protagonist
  • endanger -- to put in danger
  • inquisition -- harsh questioning
  • religion -- strong beliefs about the nature of the universe

Ultimate Vocab List 4-3

  • focus -- to make an image appear clear and sharply defined; to concentrate
  • vacuum -- an empty space, a sealed container with the air removed
  • appropriate -- good for a specific purpose
  • eclipse -- an event where one object in space blocks the light from reaching another object
  • galaxy -- a huge collection of stars in a group
  • acquire -- to get or gain
  • constellation -- a group of stars that seems to make a picture
  • foliage -- the leaves of plants
  • weather -- the current state of the atmosphere
  • atmosphere -- the air; a mood or environment

Ultimate Vocab List 4-4

  • cause -- the reason something happens; a principle or belief to which someone is dedicated
  • eager -- excited and really wanting to do something
  • fruitless -- useless, not producing success
  • accommodate -- to give someone what he or she needs, to adapt yourself for others
  • exclude -- to leave out
  • faciltate -- to make something easier or simpler
  • response -- an answer; a reaction
  • compel -- to force someone to do something
  • environment -- everything around you
  • guarantee -- a promise that a certain thing will happen

Ultimate Vocab List 5-2

  • mass -- a large group of something, a lump or gathering.
  • adept -- very skilled; a very skilled person.
  • demonstrate -- to explain with examples or experiments; to make your feelings known through public protest or other actions.
  • essence -- the basic nature of a thing.
  • peer -- someone who is equal to you in rank, status, or ability.
  • architect -- a person who designs buildings; a planner or creator.
  • dome -- a curved roof.
  • minor -- lesser, lower, or younger.
  • arch -- a curved structure structure that covers an opening; any similar shape.
  • distinguish -- to understand the difference between things; to recognize one thing as better than others.

Ultimate Vocab List 5-3

  • affect -- to change, influence, or act upon; to pretend; a feeling or display of emotion.
  • axis -- an imaginary line at the center of a spinning object.
  • lava -- rock that has been melted and comes out of the Earth.
  • stereotype -- a general belief about a group of people that is exaggerated, simplified, or insulting.
  • asteroid -- a large rock that orbits around the sun.
  • converse -- opposite, reversed, turned around; the opposite of something; to talk.
  • molten -- turned into a liquid by heat, melted.
  • annual -- happening once a year.
  • coast -- land near an ocean or sea.
  • major -- greater in size or number, serious, important.

Ultimate Vocab List 5-4

  • conclusion -- the last part of something, a final opinion that has been reached after much thought.
  • prey -- an animal that is hunted and eaten by another animal; to hunt or victimize.
  • translate -- to change something from one language to another.
  • bay -- a section of a sea or lake that is partly surrounded by land.
  • effect -- a result or consequence of something.
  • technique -- the procedure for doing something; skill at following this procedure.
  • astonish -- to fill with wonder and surprise.
  • decrease -- to become smaller, lesser, or fewer.
  • rainforest -- a thick forest that gets lots of rain.
  • arid -- very dry.
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