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Stingray Chaser

Free stingrays and remove harmful algae from the ocean. After removing enough debris from the stingrays, you will be asked to select the correct answer to continue.


Vocabulary Pinball Click on the red flipper buttons to keep the ball in play. Try to hit all of the letters with the ball to spell a word. Next, choose the correct definition for the word. A correct answer gives a free ball and an incorrect takes a ball away. Hold down and release the green button to launch the ball! Try all of the lists or register to make your own!

Word Find

Play the classic Word Search and find game.

Word Scramble - Words Only

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!

Word Scramble - Problems and Definitions

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!


Play hangman with your words. Guess letters to form words from the lists that are added by people just like you! Practice your classroom lists.

List Content

African Princess

  • emerge -- To come into existence, arise; to become known for
  • ceremonial -- A formal act or series of acts performed in honor of an event or special occasion
  • mission -- A group of people sent to carry out an assignment
  • prosperity -- The condition of being successful, especially in money matters
  • divine -- Of, from, or like God or a god
  • erected -- To build, construct
  • pondered -- To think about carefully
  • depicted -- To represent in or as if in a painting or words
  • supportive -- Giving sympathy or encouragement
  • fragments -- A piece of or part broken off from a whole


  • supple -- Easily bent or folded
  • undulating -- To move in waves or with a smooth wavy motion
  • falter -- To loose confidence or purpose
  • engulf -- To swallow up or overwhelm by or as if by overflowing
  • frail -- Physically weak
  • taut -- Pulled tight
  • relishing -- To take pleasure in
  • careening -- To lurch or swerve while in motion
  • jostled -- To push and come into rough contact with while moving; bump
  • frayed -- Worn away or tattered

All Alone in the Universe

  • spiteful -- Filled with, caused by, or showing spite; cruel
  • eventually -- Occurring at an unspecified future time; at last
  • scrounged -- To obtain by rummaging or seaching
  • oracle -- A shrine in ancient Greece for the worship and consultation of a god who revealed knowledge or the future
  • blurted -- To say something suddenly without thinking
  • exhilaration -- To cause to feel happy
  • scrounged -- To obtain by rummaging or searching
  • blurted -- To say something suddenly without thinking
  • stable -- Not likely to change, change position, or change condition; firm
  • exhilaration -- To cause to feel happy
  • comprehension -- To act or fact of understanding
  • abrupt -- Unexpected; sudden
  • stable -- Not likely to change, change position, or change condition; firm and steady
  • comprehension -- The act of understanding
  • jeopardy -- Risk of loss of injury; danger
  • abrupt -- Unexpected; sudden
  • spiteful -- Filled with, caused by, or showing spite; cruel
  • eventually -- Occurring at an unspecified future time
  • oracle -- A shrine in ancient Greece for the worship and consultation of a god who revealed knowledge or revealed the future
  • jeopardy -- Risk of loss or injury; danger

Any Small Goodness

  • emulate -- to strive to equal or excel, especially through imitation
  • veered -- to turn aside from a course or direction
  • bland -- lacking distinctive character; dull; flat
  • fanatic -- a person who is excessively or unreasonably devoted to a cause
  • skeptical -- of, relating to, or characterized by a doubting attitude
  • anonymous -- nameless or unnamed
  • understatement -- lack of emphasis in expression, especially for rhetorical effect
  • motive -- an emotion or need that causes a person to act in a certain way
  • reception -- a social gathering, especially in honoring someone
  • aim -- purpose; goal

Bodies From the Ash

  • subjected -- To cause to undergo
  • opulent -- Having or showing great wealth
  • luxurious -- Costly; extravagant
  • dormant -- In an inactive state in which growth and development stop for a time
  • outlying -- Lying outside the limits or boundaries of a certain area
  • imprints -- A marked influence or effect
  • unaffected -- Not changed, modified
  • salvage -- To save endangered property from loss
  • tremors -- A shaking or vibrating movement
  • meager -- Lacking in quantity or richness; very little

Boy Who Saved baseball

  • gloat -- To feel or express great, often spiteful pleasure
  • berate -- To scold severely
  • phenomenal -- Extraordinary; outstanding
  • savor -- To taste or smell, especially with pleasure
  • flair -- Distinctive elegance or style
  • brainwashed -- To persuade by intense means, such as repeated suggestions
  • lingered -- To be slow in leaving
  • fundamental -- Of, relating to, or forming a foundation
  • reserve -- Kept back or saved for future use
  • showdown -- An event, especially a confrontation, that forces an issue to a conclusion

Children of the Midnight

  • cultural -- of or relating to the arts, beliefs, customs of human work over a time or place
  • altered -- to change or make different
  • heritage -- something passed down from preceding generations
  • abundance -- a great amount
  • teeming -- to be full of things, swarm, or abound
  • retains -- to keep possession of
  • lore -- accumulated facts, traditions, or beliefs
  • lush -- having thick plant growth
  • sophisticated -- elaborate, complex
  • concept -- a general idea or understanding

Do Knot Enter

  • observe -- To see and pay attention to; watch
  • zany -- Comical in an absurd or ridiculous way; like a clown
  • phony -- Not genuine; fake
  • correspond -- To be very similar
  • looms -- To come into view, often with a threatening appearance
  • impressive -- Making a strong, lasting impression
  • intriguing -- Catching the interest or arousing the curiousity of
  • raucous -- Wild; disorderly
  • gigantic -- Being like a giant in size, strength, or power
  • distinguish -- To recognize as being different; tell apart

First to Fly

  • instinct -- A natural talent or ability
  • vertical -- Being or situated at right angles to the horizon; upright
  • frustration -- To prevent from accomplishing something; to bring to nothing
  • decrepit -- Weakened, worn-out, or broken down because of old age or long use
  • arose -- To come into being; appear
  • elusive -- Tending to escape; difficult to define or describe
  • harsh -- Unpleasant, rough; extremely severe
  • conditions -- A state of being or existence; the existing circumstances
  • lurched -- To move suddenly and unsteadily; stagger
  • barren -- Lacking plants or crops; empty, bare

Harriet Tubman

  • inconsolable -- Not able to be helped with grief, loss, or trouble
  • retorted -- To reply; answer back sharply
  • gnarled -- Thick, twisted, and full of knots
  • destination -- A place to which someone is going or to which something is sent
  • intention -- An aim, purpose, or plan
  • hoarding -- To save and store away, often secretly or greedily
  • inexplicable -- Not able to be explained
  • guttural -- Throaty; low; unpleasant
  • legitimate -- Having rights or being legal under the law
  • motioned -- To signal or direct by a motion, such as a wave of the hand

Kensuke's Kingdom

  • rigid -- Not changing shape or bending
  • array -- An impressively large number or group
  • defy -- To oppose or resist openly or boldly
  • poised -- To balance or hold in equilibrium
  • sparsely -- In a way that is not dense or crowded
  • immaculately -- In a way that is perfectly clean
  • venture -- To brave the dangers of
  • consequences -- Something that follows from an action or condition; an effect
  • rudimentary -- Of or relating to the basic principles or facts
  • permeated -- To spread or flow throughout

Making of a Book

  • exploded -- To burst forth
  • appealing -- To be attractive or interesting
  • appropriate -- Suitable, as for a particular occasion; proper
  • painstaking -- Showing great care and effort
  • repetitive -- Characterized by saying or stating again
  • complement -- Something that completes or makes perfect
  • collaborate -- To work with another or others on a project
  • negotiations -- A discussion with another in order to reach an agreement
  • impaired -- To weaken in strength, quality, or quantity

Number the Stars

  • confronting -- To come face to face with, especially in opposition
  • warily -- On guard; watchful
  • intently -- In a way that shows concentration or firm prupose
  • occupying -- To seize possession of and maintain control over by force
  • strident -- Loud; harsh
  • exasperated -- To make angry or impatient; irritate greatly
  • subsided -- To became less agitated or active
  • contempt -- A feeling that a person or thing is inferior or worthless
  • implored -- To appeal to earnestly or anxiously; to plead or beg
  • scornfully -- Full of or expressing scorn or contempt


  • equivalent -- Equal in value and meaning
  • deduced -- To reach a conclusion by reasoning
  • expanse -- A wide and open extent
  • participants -- A person who joins with others in doing something
  • prime -- To make ready
  • culmination -- The highest point or degree, often just before the end; climax
  • frigid -- Extremely cold
  • durable -- Capable of withstanding wear and tear
  • affirmed -- To give approval; confirm
  • sacrificed -- To give up one thing for another considered to be of greater value


  • interaction -- To act on or affect each other
  • uncanny -- Arousing wonder and fear, as if supernatural
  • stimulus -- Something causing or regarded as causing a response
  • artificial -- Made by humans rather than occurring in nature
  • domestic -- Of or relating to the family or household
  • data -- Information; usually in numberical form, suitable for processing by computer
  • inaccessible -- Unable to approach
  • ultimate -- The greatest extreme; the maximum
  • sensors -- A device that responds to a particular type of change in its condition or environment
  • literally -- Really; actually

Science Friction

  • decomposition -- The process of rotting or decaying
  • shriveled -- Shrunken or wrinkled
  • detached --
  • equations --
  • compromise --
  • equations -- A mathematical statement asserting that two expressions are equal
  • complex -- Consisting of many connected parts; intricate
  • compromise -- A settlement of differences between opposing sides in which each side gives up some claim and agrees to some demands of the other
  • elegant --
  • specimens --
  • complex --
  • reluctant -- Unwilling
  • detached -- Marked by absence of emotional involvement
  • specimans -- A sample
  • principle --
  • decomposition --
  • reluctant --
  • principle -- A statement describing natural phenomena
  • shriveled --
  • elegant -- Marked by or showing refinement, grace, and beauty

Team Moon

  • ascent -- The act of moving, going, or growing uward
  • hovering -- To stay floating, suspended, or fluttering in the air
  • lunar -- Of or relating to the moon
  • random -- Having no specific pattern, purpose, or objective
  • likelihood -- The chance of a thing happening; probability
  • unpredictable -- The quality of being difficult to foretell of foresee
  • option -- The act of choosing; choice
  • perilous -- Full of danger; hazardous
  • impending -- To be about to occur
  • presumably -- In a way that can be taken for granted; by reasonable assumption

The Aces Phone

  • urgent -- Calling for immediate action or attention
  • accustomed -- Used to; in the habit of
  • clustered -- Gathered in groups
  • clamor -- A loud, continuous, and usually confused noise
  • torrent -- A swift flowing stream
  • swiveled -- To turn or rotate on or as if on a pivot
  • doleful -- Filled with or expressing grief
  • coaxed -- To persuade or try to persuade by gently urging
  • void -- An empty space
  • transmissions -- Something, such as a message, that is sent from one person, place, or thing to another

The Emperor's Silent Army

  • elaborate -- Having many details or parts
  • precede -- To come, exist, or occur before in time, order, position, or rank
  • excavate -- To make a hole in; hollow out
  • lustrous -- Having luster; shining; gleaming
  • temperament -- The manner of thinking, behaving, or reacting in a way that is characteristic of a specific person
  • replica -- A copy or reproduction of a work of art especially one made by an original artist
  • dignified -- Worthy of esteem or respect
  • mythical -- Of or existing only in myths; imaginary
  • archaelogist -- A person who is an expert in archaelogy
  • distinct -- Different from all others

The Great Fire

  • intense -- Existing in an extreme degree; very strong
  • proclaimed -- To announce publicly; declare
  • flared -- To burn with a sudden or unsteady flame
  • ambled -- To walk or move along at a slow pace
  • ornately -- Elaborately or excessively decorated
  • unrelenting -- Not softening or yielding; not letting up
  • stifling -- Smothering; lacking oxygen
  • smolder -- To burn slowly with smoke and no flame
  • hazards -- Something that may cause injury or harm
  • alleviate -- To relieve or make less

The Hero and the Minotaur

  • somber -- Dark; gloomy
  • labyrinth -- A maze; something complicated or confusing in design or construction
  • bitterly -- Showing or proceeding from strong dislike or animosity
  • massive -- Bulky; heavy, and solid
  • rash -- Too bold or hasty; reckless
  • embrace -- To take up willingly or eagerly
  • abandon -- To leave and not intend to return
  • steadfast -- Not moving, fixed, steady; firmly loyal or constant
  • fury -- Violent anger; rage
  • unravels -- To be separated, as thread; to separate, as a problem or mystery

The Myers Family

  • tendency -- A characteristic likelihood
  • welfare -- Health, happiness, and good fortune
  • credit -- Recognition for an act, ability, or quality
  • aspect -- The way in which something can be viewed by the mind
  • parallel -- Matching feature for feature
  • genuinely -- Not falsely; truly
  • innovation -- Something newly introduced
  • tension -- Unfriendliness or hostility between persons or groups
  • aptly -- In a way that is exactly suitable
  • predominantly -- Greater than all others in strength, authority, or importance

The Real Vikings

  • embodied -- To make part of a system or whole; give a bodily form
  • forge -- To give form or shape to, especially by means of careful effort
  • destiny -- The fortune or fate of a person or thing that is considered to be unavoidable
  • unearthed -- To bring up out of the earth; dig up
  • ancestral -- Of, relating to, or inherited from an ancestor
  • majestic -- Having or showing majesty
  • ruthless -- Showing no pity; cruel
  • artistry -- Aritistic in quality or workmanship
  • saga -- A long adventure story written during the Middle Ages that deals with historical or legendary heroes

Tripping Over the Lunch

  • principle -- A statement or set of statements describing natural phenomena or mechanical processes
  • reluctant -- Unwilling; averse
  • specimens -- A sample, as of blood, tissue, or urine, used for analysis
  • shriveled -- Shrunken or wrinkled
  • equations -- A mathematical statement asserting that two expressions are equal
  • decomposition -- The act or process of rotting or decaying
  • compromise -- A settlement of differences between opposing sides in which each side gives up some claims and agrees to some demands of the other
  • elegant -- Marked by or showing refinement,grace, and beauty in appearance or behavior
  • detached -- Marked by absence of emotional involvement
  • complex -- Consisting of many connected or interrelated parts or factors; intricate
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