Stingray Chaser

Free stingrays and remove harmful algae from the ocean. After removing enough debris from the stingrays, you will be asked to select the correct answer to continue.


Vocabulary Pinball Click on the red flipper buttons to keep the ball in play. Try to hit all of the letters with the ball to spell a word. Next, choose the correct definition for the word. A correct answer gives a free ball and an incorrect takes a ball away. Hold down and release the green button to launch the ball! Try all of the lists or register to make your own!

Word Find

Play the classic Word Search and find game.

Word Scramble - Words Only

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!

Word Scramble - Problems and Definitions

Solve the scrambled words by moving the tiles around. Use the vocabulary definition or math answers to provide you the hint you need!


Play hangman with your words. Guess letters to form words from the lists that are added by people just like you! Practice your classroom lists.

List Content

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin

  • sounds -- What do the Atlantic Spotted Dolphins use to communicate?
  • summer -- When do these mammals mate and calve?
  • twelve -- How many months is this dolphin's gestation period?
  • fifteen -- What is the amount of dolphins in a usual group?
  • spots -- What shows up on this dolphin along with age?
  • Atlantic -- Which Ocean are these dolphins live in?
  • shark -- What animal is the predator to the Atlantic Spotted Dolphin?
  • two hundred -- What is a grown Atlantic Spotted Dolphin's usual weight in pounds?
  • calves -- What are their babies called?
  • yes -- Do they travel in groups?
  • fishing nets -- Why are Atlantic Spotted Dolphins endangered?
  • fish -- What do these animals usually eat?
  • one -- How many offspring do the Atlantic Spotted Dolphins usually give birth to?
  • forty five -- How many years is the Atlantic Spotted Dolphin's usual life span?
  • yes -- Do they live in tropical waters?


  • pelt hunting -- Why are chinchilas endangered?
  • herbivores -- Chinchilas eat only plants which means they are ____________.
  • six feet -- How high can a chinchila jump?
  • nocturnal -- Chinchilas are most active at night which means they are ___________.
  • yes -- Do chinchilas live in reserves?
  • seeds and grass -- What do chinchilas mainly eat?
  • Andes Mtns. -- Where do chinchilas live?
  • fibre -- Chinchilas need a lot of ___________ to survive.
  • eight to ten -- In the wild chinchilas can live from ____________ to _____________ years.
  • prey -- Are chinchilas predators or prey?
  • ninety -- Have approximately how many hairs per follicle?
  • dust baths -- What do chinchilas need several times a week?
  • captivity -- Chinchilas are most common in _____________.
  • night -- Chinchilas have sensitive whiskers which help them at __________.
  • hearing -- Which of a chinchilas senses is it's greatest?

Gray Wolf

  • yes -- Can gray wolves have a different color fur then just gray?
  • alpha -- Wich pair of wolves usualy breed?
  • livestock -- Gray wolves are hunted for killing deer and _______?
  • forest -- What habitat do most gray wolves live in?
  • lupus -- The gray wolves binomial nomenclaturs is canis______?
  • no -- Are the parents the only ones that help raise the pups?
  • scavengers -- Gray wolves are usualy carnivores but are sometimes_____?
  • nine -- Gray wolves cary their pups for how many weeks?
  • fourteen -- Gray wolves can have up to how many pups?
  • fifteen -- What is usualy the most gray wolves in a pack?
  • timber -- The other name for the gray wolf is the ______ wolf?
  • both -- Are gray wolves being introduced to their natural habitat or nature reserves?
  • yes -- Could it be a bad idea to let gray wolves come into their natural habitat?
  • eight -- What is the oldest most gray wolves can get?
  • carnivores -- The gray wolves eat meat so they are__________?

great white shark

  • predators -- sharks are not prey but__________.
  • twelve-sixteen -- they grow on average about __________feet.
  • gray -- what is the main color of great whites?
  • fish -- sharks are consitered _______.
  • half -- how many shark attacks are on great whites?
  • month -- they start to develop in the first________.
  • making laws -- how are they tring to stop the extinction?
  • seas and oceans -- main habit of great whites
  • fifteen -- what age do great whites reach maturity?
  • carnivors -- sharks are what kind of eaters?
  • bones -- they are not made out of ______.
  • rich -- they prefer animals that have ____fat.
  • chew -- they do not _____ there food.
  • cartilaginous -- what category of fish r great whites listed under?
  • five to seven -- how many gill slits do sharks have?


  • fur -- Koalas were captured for their?
  • wildfires -- What is deliberatly done to clear forest?
  • twelve -- How many tree types do they eat?
  • six -- How long do koalas live in its mothers pouch?
  • herbivores -- Koalas eat only plants so they are?
  • sancturies -- What are flourished in Victoria and Queensland?
  • drink -- What don't they do?
  • two -- how many pounds of food do koalas eat?
  • Australia -- Where do they live?
  • back -- When koalas leave teir mothers pouch they cling to her..?
  • extinct -- They were recently?
  • eucalyptus -- what do koalas eat?
  • one -- how many children can a koala have?
  • shuffles -- How do Koalas walk?
  • trees -- Koalas live high in the tops of what?

Komodo Dragon

  • fifty -- how many different kinds of bacteria are in the komodo dragons salivia
  • ambushes -- do they hunt in ambushes or alone
  • short -- are komodo dragons good at short or long distances
  • eleven mph -- how fast can they run
  • indonesia -- where are komodo dragons from
  • smell -- do komodo dragons have better eyesight or smell
  • June July -- when is a komodo dragons breeding season
  • four km -- How far can a Komodo dragon smell his prey
  • anything caught -- what do komodo dragons eat
  • twelve -- how many eggs is laid
  • yes -- will a komodo dragon eat another komodo dragon for food
  • Komodeo -- the komodo dragon's binomial nomenclature is Varanus ______
  • when young -- can a komodo dragon climp trees
  • ten ft -- how long can komodo dragons grow up to be
  • six years -- when is a komodo dragon sexually mature


  • mammal -- What kind of animal is a manatee?
  • herbivores -- Manatee's eat plants so they are __________
  • calf -- What is a manatee's baby called?
  • paddles -- What do manatees tails look like?
  • young -- Manatees take care of their ______ for 12-18 months.
  • aquatic plants -- What do manatees eat?
  • migration -- Manatees move to warmer waters during the winter. This is called ______
  • yes -- Do manatees have flippers?
  • three -- How many kinds of manatees are there?
  • pollution -- We can help manatees by reducing water _________, too.
  • nomenclature -- Trichechuss manatuss is the manatee's binomial __________
  • Sea Cow -- What is the manatee's nickname?
  • supported -- Manatees have to live in water because without it they would not be __________
  • yes -- Do manatees have big snouts?
  • boat collisions -- What is one thing that manatees die from?

mississippi moundbuilders

  • temples -- where did their city officals live
  • war ,abondmet -- what happen to them
  • indians -- who were their ancesters
  • threethousandbc -- when did they inhabit the land
  • stone mounds -- what were their homes like
  • fish and deer -- what kind of food did they eat
  • animal skins -- what was their clothes made of
  • false -- they had a writing systom like we have true false
  • the mississippi -- where was this groop located
  • mississippi -- what were their fresh water sources near the groop
  • Illinois, Ohio -- where is their civilation in present day
  • the snake mound -- what is their most famous mound
  • park, mounments -- where are their mounds today
  • spirits -- what did they belive in
  • stockades -- what was their security like


  • highlands -- areas on the moon with high elevations
  • Apollo Eleven -- spacecraft that first landed on the moon in 1969
  • solar -- eclipse in which the moon's shadow falls on Earth
  • maria -- flat, dark areas on the moon; also known as "seas"
  • sixth -- gravity of the moon compared to earth
  • phases -- caused by the position and revolution of the moon
  • tides -- effect of gravitational pull of the moon on Earth's waters
  • lunar -- eclipse in which earth's shadow falls on the moon
  • craters -- pits on the moon; caused by meteor strikes
  • month -- time it takes the moon to revolve around the earth
  • eight -- number of phases the moon has
  • Armstrong -- first man to set foot on the moon

peregrine falcon

  • three ounces -- how much food do i need a day
  • eighty mph -- how fast can i fly ?
  • existing veg. -- what do they lay there eggs on
  • three years -- when are they full grown ?
  • falco peregrine -- what is the binomial nomenclature?
  • carnivore -- i eat rabbits and other birds what am i ?
  • eggs -- I go to the highest peak i can find to lay what
  • no -- do they make there own nest
  • seven lbs. -- how big can a falcon get?
  • north america -- where do find the peregrine falcon?
  • yes -- does a falcon have the same mate each year?
  • three to four -- how many eggs do i lay
  • spring -- when is their mattin season
  • pets -- why do people hunt falcons?
  • talons -- you call my nails what?

Solar System Quiz

  • Pluto -- What is the name of the dwarf planet?
  • one-sixth -- What fraction of Earth's gravity does the moon have?
  • Saturn -- Which planet has chunks of ice in its rings?
  • Mercury -- Which planet is closest to the sun?
  • Meteors -- What are the craters on the moon caused by?
  • Neptune -- Which planet has 11 moons?
  • The Core -- What is the center of the sun called?
  • Venus -- Which planet has clouds of sulfuric acid ?
  • Earth -- Which planet can sustain life?
  • eight -- How many moon phases are there?
  • Uranus -- Which planet rotates from top to bottom?
  • The Sun -- What is the center of the solar system?
  • Jupiter -- What is the largest planet?
  • Mars -- Which planet is called the red planet?
  • No -- From earth,can you see both sides of the moon?

tasmanan devil

  • pink ears -- turn purple when angry
  • scream -- to scare of other devils
  • lifespan -- they live for eight years
  • habitat -- is leaver logs and dens
  • facial tumor -- devils get a rare tumor in the face
  • prey -- snakes, birds, rodents,l izards,and lambs
  • hunting -- they almost were _______to extiontion
  • breeding -- happens at the males den for two weeks
  • goverment -- made a law outlawing hunting them
  • carnivoures -- only eat meat
  • babies -- can have up to fifty babies at a time
  • dingos -- wild dogs use to hunt them
  • babies -- are born blind and death
  • carrion -- eat dead animals
  • tasmanian -- home of the tasmanian devil

The endangered bald eagle

  • talons -- Bald eagles swoop down and use their ____________ to capture food.
  • day -- What time of day do bald eagles hunt?
  • eight feet -- How long can a bald eagle's nest be?
  • three months -- How long do the baby bald eagles stay with their parents?
  • seven to ten -- How many pounds can a bald eagle weigh?
  • forests -- Where do bald eagles live?
  • a ton -- How heavy can a bald eagle's nest be?
  • hatch -- It takes thirty five days for bald eagle eggs to ____________.
  • perch in trees -- How do bald eagles find food?
  • DDT -- What bug killing chemical made the bald eagle become endangered?
  • white -- The bald eagle is called "the bald eagle" because it has a black body with a ____________ head.
  • eight feet -- How long can a bald eagle's wingspan get?
  • two to three -- How many eggs do bald eagles lay each year?
  • carnivore -- What type of diet do bald eagles have?
  • sight -- Which sense is the bald eagles strongest sense?


  • both -- Do tigers live in warm or cold climates?
  • Asia -- Where do they live?
  • spring -- When does it breed?
  • five -- How many sub - species are there?
  • yes -- Can they eat rotton meat?
  • bengal -- What tiger is largest?
  • seven -- How many days does a female stay fertile?
  • sixty six -- how many pounds of meat can it eat at one time?
  • eleven -- After how many months can a cub hunt by themself?
  • eighty -- How many days can mates remain together?
  • large -- What size animals do tigers hunt?
  • laws -- What protects tigers from being hunted?
  • four -- How many cubs can a tiger give birth to?
  • yes -- Is it a good swimmer?
  • pets -- What do hunters catch tigers as?

Viceroy Butterfly

  • threat -- The loss of land is the viceroy's ____________.
  • eggs -- Adult viceroys lay ____________ on the poplar and willow trees' leaves.
  • swamps -- Another place viceroys live are in __________.
  • monarchs -- Birds don't eat viceroys after they have eaten _____________.
  • mimics -- The viceroy __________ something at every life stage.
  • no -- Is the viceroy poisonous?
  • zoos -- We are putting viceroys in ______________ to help them.
  • habitats -- Marshes are one of the __________ of the viceroy.
  • trees -- Viceroys live in the poplar and willow _____________.
  • September -- The viceroys migrate from April to ______________.
  • monarch -- What animal does the viceroy mimic?
  • leaves -- Viceroy caterpillers eat poplar and willow_________.
  • nectar -- What do adult viceroys eat?
  • meadows -- Another habitat of the viceroy butterfly are __________.
  • true -- True or false: The viceroy can only be found in southern Canada through northern Mexico.


  • precipitation -- rain, sleet, snow and hail are examples
  • point -- pollution source that can be easily identified
  • capillarity -- water's ability to travel through pores
  • lakes -- Most usable fresh water is found on the surface in rivers and this
  • pollution -- any substance that negatively affects water quality
  • one -- percent of usable fresh water on Earth
  • aquifer -- underground rock layer that holds water
  • expands -- water does this when it freezes
  • polar -- Water can dissolve many substance because it is this
  • conservation -- using water wisely
  • hydrogen -- one oxygen and two of these atoms make a water molecule
  • hardness -- measure of water quality that tells the amount of magnesium and calcium
  • surface tension -- creates a "skin" on water's surface
  • seven -- pH level of pure water
  • hydroeletric -- power source from moving water
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